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is rice water good for plants

is rice water good for plants?

indoor Plant Tips

Rice water is the liquid left over after soaking or boiling rice. It has been used for centuries as a …
fast growing climbing plants for fences

13 Fast Growing Climbing Plants For Fences For 2023

Best indoor Plant

Have you ever wondered how to disguise the imperfections of the old fence, decorate a fence made of corrugated board, …
Care Of Orchid Leaves

Complete Orchid Leaves Care: Get Healthy Rules and Tips 2023

Orchids, Orchids Beginner Tips

The tropical plant orchid has become a frequent guest in our apartments and in order for it to grow well, first of …
vietnam orchids

Vietnam Orchids: Varieties, Care, Planting Bulb (Best Guide)

Orchids, Types of Orchids

The secret Vietnamese orchid is very beautiful and delicate, and also requires careful attention. If you treat with negligence the process of growing the bulb, it …
best low maintenance plants for bedroom

21 Best Low Maintenance Plants For Bedroom (Buyer Guide)

Best indoor Plant, Indoor Plants

A person spends a third of his life in a dream. In order for the rest to be complete and pleasant, …
laelia orchid

Laelia Orchid: Varieties, Origin, Growing, Care

Orchids, Types of Orchids

The genus Laelia is described in 1831. The name comes from the ancient Greek female name Lelia, sister of Zeus. Refers to …
orchid selection

Orchid Selection: What should I look for when buying an orchid?

Orchids, Orchids Beginner Tips

Today, the orchid has become one of the most popular flowers among florists. But it often happens that a plant that, when purchased, is pleased …
how are orchids pollinated

How Are Orchids Pollinated In Nature and at Home For Seeds?

Orchids, Orchids Beginner Tips

The pinnacle of the art of keeping orchids in indoor culture is the successful cultivation of tropical beauties from seeds. Experienced flower growers, with the …
are orchids edible

Are Orchids Edible: Which orchid flowers are edible?

Orchids, Orchids Beginner Tips

Orchids are plants with extraordinarily beautiful and fragrant flowers. And among them there is a species that produces edible fruits. With proper …
low growing perennial border plants

14 Low Growing Perennial Border Plants For Lawns, Gardens

Best indoor Plant, Indoor Plants

Low-growing flowers will not only be a beautiful filling of various flower beds, but also a charming border that delightfully …
colored orchids how many colors do orchids come in

14 Orchid Flower Colors: How Many Colors Do Orchids Come In

Orchids, Types of Orchids

In nature, there are about 30 thousand natural orchid colors. There are red, white, light pink, yellow, and maroon flowers. At home, you can try …
fragrant orchid what do orchids smell like

Fragrant Orchid Varieties: What Do Orchids Smell Like

Orchids, Types of Orchids

People, of course, are not animals. Their sense of smell is much weaker. But it is not pleasant to wake up in …
how cold can orchids tolerate

How Cold Can Orchids Tolerate? (Recover Orchid From Cold)

Orchids, Orchids Beginner Tips

Plants, depending on the species, have their own preferences and limits of the conditions in which they normally exist and develop. Orchids are …
best varieties winter hardy roses and frost hardy

20 Best Varieties Winter-Hardy Roses And Frost-Hardy

Best indoor Plant, Indoor Plants

The rose is called the “queen” of flowers. It is a favorite planting of many flower growers because of its beautiful, …
can i plant sprouted garlic

Can I Plant Sprouted Garlic? Winter and Spring Garlic Guide

indoor Plant Tips, Indoor Plants

There are two opposite opinions about sprouted garlic: some say that such plants should not be planted before winter, in …
orchid leaves shriveling

Why Are Orchid Leaves Shriveling? Reasons and Fix (Guide)

Orchids Problems

Orchid leaf plates are mostly hard and leathery. However, they can also shrivel. Often this signal arrives too late. There can be …
how to polish orchid leaves

How To Polish Orchid Leaves? 7 Homemade Orchid Shiner Spray

Orchids Problems

It is possible to achieve an impeccable appearance of the orchid leaves only when the plant is healthy, and receives the …
mulch types advantages disadvantages

Mulch Types Advantages And Disadvantages

indoor Plant Tips, Indoor Plants

Mulch is not only beautiful. In a flower garden, it retains moisture in the soil, a loose non-caking layer even 3–5 cm …
african violet leaves curling upwards

African Violet Leaves Curling Upwards: Causes and Treatment

Violets Beginner Guide

Violet requires careful care. You must take care of plant leaves regularly to prevent African violet leaves curling upward or any other problem. …
powdery mildew on african violets

Powdery Mildew On African Violets: Causes and Treatment Methods at Home

Violets Beginner Guide

All fungal diseases appear as a result of improper care of the violet. Poorly organized conditions of detention led to the death …
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