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miniature violets

Miniature Violets (Mini, Semi African Violets) Care, Growing

Violets Types

At flower exhibitions, small rosettes of violets blooming with full-fledged flowers are often surprised. In the article, you will learn how miniature violets (mini and semi-mini …
how to save an african violet from dying

How To Save An African Violet From Dying?

Violets Beginner Guide

Regardless of the thoroughness of care and the number of specimens in the collection, there are cases where violets die. Damage by pests and diseases or care errors …
african violet light requirements

African Violet Light Requirements: Growing Lights Setup Guide

Violets Beginner Guide

The duration and intensity of light play an important role in the life cycle of the African violet. As a rule, …
how do i get my african violet to bloom again

Get African Violet To Bloom Again: Best Effective Methods

Violets Beginner Guide

When buying a violet, everyone hopes that the beautiful flowering will be as long as possible. But in addition to the periods of rest, …
why does plant leaves dry and crispy

Why Does Plant Leaves Dry And Crispy? Prevention and Fixes

indoor Plant Tips, Indoor Plants

Everyone can make mistakes in caring for indoor plants. In order to understand why the plant leaves dry and crispy, despite …
orchid stem dried out

Why Orchid Stem Dried Out? (Flower Spike) Causes, Fix Guide

Orchids Problems

The problem of orchid stem dried out, as well as how to solve it, is one of the most important …
miltonia orchid

Miltonia Orchid: Care, Bloom, Difference From Miltoniopsis

Orchids, Types of Orchids

The genus Miltonia was first discovered and described by the English botanist John Lindley in 1837. It was based on Miltonia …
african violet leaves curling down

African Violet Leaves Curling Down: Reasons and Solutions

Violets Beginner Guide

Violets are flowers that do not leave indifferent not only female flower growers but also men very often cultivate this flower. But …
history of african violets

All about History Of African Violets and Facts, Origin, Names

Violets Types

The indoor violet has rightfully won many window sills, and greenhouses. This small flower conquers with its compactness, aesthetics, and excellent flowering. But still, most …
is christmas cactus a succulent

Is Christmas Cactus A Succulent? (Cactus vs Succulent Difference)


Often we, and many information sources, substitute two concepts for each other: cactus and succulent. This statement is erroneous because cacti and …
white christmas cactus

White Christmas Cactus: Varieties, Care, Where to Buy

Types of Cactus

The Christmas Cactus or Schlumbergera (Zygocactus) plant comes from the family of epiphytic forest cacti found in the tropical rainforests …
Phalaenopsis Stuartiana (Moth Orchid)

Phalaenopsis Stuartiana (Moth Orchid) Care, Color Varieties

Types of Orchids

Phalaenopsis stuartiana is often called the sibling of f. Schiller for the amazing resemblance and origin. Phalaenopsis Stuartiana is known as the Moth …
How To Keep Orchids Alive After They Bloom

How To Keep Orchids Alive After They Bloom? Beginners Guide

Orchids, Orchids Beginner Tips

Orchids have faded and many are lost but what to do next? How To Keep Orchids Alive After They Bloom? and we …
How Often Do Phalaenopsis Orchids Bloom

How often do Phalaenopsis Orchids Bloom? lifespan, Keep-Alive

Orchids, Orchids Beginner Tips

By purchasing such a beautiful, but very capricious plant like an orchid, every florist hopes that it will delight him …
Garlic Water For Orchids

How To Make Garlic Water For Orchids? 5 Best Recipes

Orchids, Orchids Beginner Tips

Phalaenopsis is especially susceptible to natural antiseptics, orchids can often be found on home windowsills. Many people ask how to make garlic water …
Spots on orchid leaves

11 Spots On Orchid Leaves: Symptoms, Causes, And Treatment

Orchids Problems

Leaves are an indicator of the health of a plant organism. Tissue destruction, puffiness, atrophy, and spots on orchid leaves occur …
Can I Put Two Orchids In One Pot

Can I Put Two Orchids In One Pot? More Than One Orchid

Orchids, Orchids Beginner Tips

A lush bouquet of orchids looks very impressive. An armful of inflorescences in a flowerpot makes a vivid impression and exquisitely decorates the …
orchid seed germination

Orchid Seed Germination: How To Grow Orchids From Seed

Orchids, Orchids Beginner Tips

There were always enough people who wanted to grow an orchid from seeds. In the old days, adult orchids were very expensive, and many wanted to have a …
orchid growing new leaves but not flowers

Why Orchid Growing New Leaves But Not Flowers? Best Solution

Orchids, Orchids Problems

Growing orchids is fun. The plant looks especially beautiful during the flowering period. For the sake of this spectacle, this decorative culture …
christmas cactus leaves turning red

Christmas Cactus Leaves Turning Red (5 Reasons And Solutions)


Christmas Cactus (Schlumberger) got its second name due to the abundant flowering in December. How beautiful a flowering plant looks on the …