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white heron orchid

Habenaria Radiata (White Egret Orchid Flower): Care, Growing

Orchids, Types of Orchids

There are many mysteries and legends in Japan that are associated with the White Egret Orchid Flower. People say that whoever …
Best Bark For Orchids

5 Best Barks For Orchids: Step By Step Preparation And Uses

Orchids, Orchids Beginner Tips

Among all indoor plants, orchids are distinguished by their exactingness to the nutrient medium. For good growth and abundant flowering, they do not …
sunburn on orchid leaves

Sunburn on orchid leaves: Causes, Syptoms, Treatment, prevention (Guide)

Orchids Problems

Have you noticed changes in the leaves of an orchid and suspected that it could be a sunburn, but do …
blue orchid

Blue Orchids Flower: 7 Varieties, Transplanting, Care, Guide

Types of Orchids

In 2011 Florida Exotic Plant Show unveiled the world’s first blue orchids flower. This miracle was created by the American company …
orchid leaf diseases

All Orchid Leaf Diseases: Identify, Treatment, Care

Orchids Problems

Orchids are characterized by strong adaptability and due to this, in most cases, they turn out to be hardy and not …
Shade Loving House Plants

27 Shade Loving House Plants for Low light Home or Dark Room

Best indoor Plant

Many people dream of planting a garden in their apartment, but not everyone has the opportunity to provide houseplants with …
orchid leaves turning red

Why Orchid Leaves Turning Red? Causes And Treatment (Guide)

Orchids Problems

A healthy orchid is characterized by light green leaves, which may have a slight red tint. If there is not enough …
orchid sticky leaves

Causes of Orchid Sticky Leaves and Treatment (Expert Care)

Orchids Problems

Having found sticky leaves on an orchid, clean, like a tear of a florist breaking his head, conceal the danger …
why my orchid lost all leaves

Why My Orchid Lost All Leaves? Is it Dead

Orchids Problems

Sometimes, for various reasons, orchid lost all leaves. This may be due to natural leaf aging or disease. When this happens, you …
orchid leaves wrinkled and limp

Orchid Leaves Wrinkled And Limp: Causes and Fix (Pro Guide)

Orchids Problems

Orchids are quite capricious plants, care for them should be carried out according to the recommendations that experts have developed. …
why do orchids die

Why Do Orchids Die? Save Over watered, Rotten, Sick, Damaged

Orchids, Orchids Problems

Orchid is an amazing plant. She combines a capricious character and amazing vitality. In the process of growing, growers face many problems. Many …
orchid leaves turning black

Orchid Leaves Turning Black: Symptoms, Causes, Treatments

Orchids Problems

Signs and symptoms of orchid leaves turning black and dark spots indicate that the flower is exposed to the disease and requires treatment. If …
orchid stopped growing leaves

Orchid Stopped Growing Leaves: 5 Reasons & 4 Treatments

Orchids Problems

When the flowering phase passes, the dormant phase begins and the plant is left with only leaves that can grow normally, or …
orchid leaves curling

Why Do Orchid Leaves Curling? Reasons, Fix, Prevention Guide

Orchids Problems

In order for an orchid to grow beautiful, it needs proper care. But what if, despite the care, new plant lovers face …
orchid leaves splitting down in the middle

why do orchid leaves splitting down the middle?

Orchids Problems

Phalaenopsis is the oldest family that arose in the late Cretaceous era. Spitting orchid leaves at home is the main problem faced …
orchid drying out

Why Orchid Drying Out Indoor? All Causes, Reasons, Prevention

Orchids Problems

The topic of orchid drying out is very relevant, mainly for beginner gardeners and orchid owners. Understanding the essence of the problem, …
orchid fusarium treatment

Orchid Fusarium Treatment Methods (Home Remedies, Chemicals)

Orchids Problems

Orchids are beautiful inhabitants of the tropics who have conquered many hearts. When grown in urban apartments, they often become capricious. It …
home remedy for mealybugs on orchids

Home Remedy For Mealybugs On Orchids Treatment | 5 Best Ways

Orchids Problems

With improperly organized care, a harmful insect, a mealybug, may well appear on the orchid. He, feeding on the juice of the …
rhaphidophora shingle plant indoor types care grow guide

Rhaphidophora (Shingle Plant) Indoor Types Care & Grow Guide

Plants Specifications

Amateur flower growers, wanting to green up the home interior, often breed exotic plants that are unlike those that we …
burgundy cymbidium atropurpureum orchid

Burgundy Cymbidium (Atropurpureum) Orchid Flower Care Guide

Types of Orchids

LATIN NAME: CYMBIDIUM ATROPURPUREUM Primary genus: Cymbidium motherland MalaysiaPhilippinesThailandBorneo The soil Sour, crumbly. The use of ready-made soil for orchids is recommended. The …