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cymbidium erythrostylum orchid

Cymbidium Erythrostylum (Red Column) Orchid: Care, Habitat

Types of Orchids

Cymbidium is a type of orchid, an epiphyte from tropical forests. More than sixty Cymbidium hybrids have been bred for …
white cymbidium orchid

4 White Cymbidium Orchid Varieties and Photos with Care

Types of Orchids

The White cymbidium orchid can be found in nature in Northern Australia, as well as subtropical and tropical zones of Asia. Natural forms …
yellow oncidium dancing lady orchid

9 Yellow Oncidium (Dancing Lady) Orchid Varieties with Photos

Types of Orchids

The content of oncidium orchids is very popular among flower growers. One of the most curious representatives of this genus is …
why is ficus benjamina not growing

ficus benjamina not growing: Causes and Soltuion at home

indoor Plant Tips

The process of breeding ficus does not cause much trouble. But if the tree is not well cared for, ficus Benjamina …
yellow cymbidium orchid

5 Yellow Cymbidium Orchid: Varieties, Care, Propagation

Types of Orchids

Yellow Cymbidium Orchid is an orchid. It grows wild in the subtropics. Home hybrid varieties, of which there are at least a …
how to get rid of scale on ficus tree

how to get rid of scale on ficus tree

indoor Plant Tips

Pests affect houseplants in the same way as garden ones, but it is more difficult to deal with them. Scale insects …
ascocentrum ampullaceum

Ascocentrum Ampullaceum Plant: Care, Habitat, Ultimate Guide

Types of Orchids

LATIN NAME: ASCOCENTRUM AMPULLACEUM Primary genus : Ascocentrum (epiphytic monopodial orchids) Growth Motherland Butane Laos Myanmar Nepal Thailand The soil Without soil or substrate …
Rhipsalis Varieties (15 Species List): Care, Propagation Guide

List of 15 Rhipsalis Varieties, Care, Propagation Expert Guide

Types of Cactus

The amazing bushy plant Rhipsalis is actually a thornless cactus that naturally hangs from tree trunks. In city apartments it grows …
peristeria elata dove orchid

Peristeria Elata (Holy Ghost, Dove Orchid): Care (Guide)

Types of Orchids

For the first time, the dove orchid was found in 1826 in the vicinity of Panama. The locals called it the …
how to make an orchid grow a new spike

how to make an orchid grow a new spike

Orchids Beginner Tips

Fortunately or sadly, in our time, not only traditional Phalaenopsis appeared in stores, but also many other tropical beauties. Sellers, as a rule, …
what is an orchid spike

What Is An Orchid Spike? What it looks like, How it Appears

Orchids Beginner Tips

The development of a spike on an orchid is an important stage for a plant. And sometimes the grower can wait a long time …
hb 101 for orchids

HB101 Fertilizer for orchids: Review, Uses, Composition ( Expert Explained)

Orchids Beginner Tips

The environmentally friendly preparation of HB-101 vitalizer for orchids has unique healing properties and acts as a powerful immunity activator …
green orchid flower

green orchid flower: Varieties, Natural Habitat, Care

Types of Orchids

Exotic plants attract attention with their unusual shape and color of flowers and foliage. The buds and petals of green color fascinate and …
purple orchid flower

purple orchid flower: Varieties, Images, Habitat (Guide)

Types of Orchids

The first mention of orchids was quite a long time ago. Over 3000 years ago. But the age of these plants is even more …
bat flower tacca chantrieri

Bat Flower Tacca Chantrieri: Care, Propagation, Facts, Guide

Types of Orchids

Tacca chantrieri is often referred to as “bat”, “black butterfly”, “devil’s flower”, and “black orchid“. The latter is not entirely correct. Despite …
vanda orchid

Vanda Orchid Flower: Varieties, Care, Propagation Guide

Types of Orchids

One of the most beautiful types of orchids is considered to be the Vanda orchid. This beautiful flower has over 50 …
best grow lights for orchids

What are Best Grow Lights For Orchids to Use at Home (Guide)

Orchids Beginner Tips

Some hundred years ago, few specialists could grow orchids. Now they are not uncommon for many flower growers. And every …
self watering pots for orchids

Self Watering Pots For Orchids: Pros, Cons, 5 Best Options

Orchids Potting Tools

To help flower growers, manufacturers offer new developments. An interesting and practical solution is self-watering orchid pots, which are becoming more …
growing orchids without medium

Growing Orchids Without Medium: Care, Pros, Cons (Best Ways)

Orchids Beginner Tips

Many flower growers are hesitant in growing orchids without medium or soil. But, as experts say, this is not difficult, the …
red orchid flower

Red Orchid Flower: Varieties, (Cattleya, Vanda, Cymbidium)

Types of Orchids

Orchid is an exotic, sophisticated, and majestic flower of the sultry vegetation of the tropics. This plant is called the queen …