African Violet Color Varieties (Saintpaulias): All colores

This article will describe African violet color varieties with varying degrees of terry.

The article will be relevant and useful for all gardeners and lovers of Saintpaulias who want to collect as many different Gesneriaceae in their flower garden as possible.

african violet color varieties

African violet color varieties

Most often, when the name “violet” is mentioned, plants with blue, blue, or purple flowers are remembered. In fact, the color palette of African Violet is much wider.

Such different colors of violets are considered quite common, such as:

  • white;
  • red;
  • burgundy;
  • pink.

But among the huge variety of what colors a violet flower is, there are also rare shades. For example:

  • yellow;
  • green;
  • black.


Among the white African violet, there are several of the most popular varieties. For example, the White Queen stands out among others with large double flowers with comb-shaped petals.

The variety of Green apples is very similar in flowering. It differs from the White Queen by the presence of a thin green edging along the edge of the petals.

Unlike the previous two types, the Wonderful Angel variety is semi-double, snow-white with a yellow center, and has fan-shaped petals.

Another species is called Sugar Rose. It has multilevel flowering. It blooms with double flowers with a scallop type of flowering.

The Aquamarine variety is also considered an excellent representative of the white palette. The flowers of this plant are white, but the petals, closer to the core, acquire a purple color. The flowers of the plant are similar to large roses.

CAREFULLY! In the case of snow-white varieties, prophylaxis against pests should be carried out twice as often as for other plants of classical colors, since many manifestations of flower disease are simply not visible on the white petals.


Delicate double or semi-double pink African violet will adorn the greenhouse of every grower. And the more there are, the softer the collection as a whole will look.

The most unusual and interesting specimens are:

  • Apache Primrose;
  • Apache Victory
  • Dumpling;
  • Moskva river;
  • Antidepressant as well as other varieties.

All the varieties of pink Saintpaulias described above have double or semi-double flowers with scallop blooms.

When buying a particular Saintpaulia variety, regardless of species and color, the breeder should know if the variety is natural, selective, or a sport from one of the varieties.

ATTENTION!  In the care of sports, it is necessary to accurately follow all recommendations for care and transplantation. Otherwise, the color of the flower will be disturbed.

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From the subgroup of yellow African Violet, the following varieties are most often distinguished:

  • Mellow Yellow;
  • Lemon kiss;
  • Sunkissed Rose;
  • Warm Sunshine;
  • Majesty as well as other varieties.

Most of them are double or semi-double with scallop undulating blooms. In some plants, flowers are in the form of double roses.


Among blue African Violet, the  most popular varieties are:

  • Faded Denim;
  • Blue Dragon;
  • Blue lotus;
  • Blue diamond;
  • Blue pools and some other varieties.


The most interesting and popular blue saintpaulias are:

  • Blue chiffon;
  • moire beauty with bright vertical blue streaks – Ma’s Toxic Spill;
  • large semi-double – Romeo;
  • Optimara Annabelle;
  • Moonlight;
  • Heavenly Lace, as well as some others.


Bright representatives of the purple palette are:

  • Rodeo Glory;
  • Velvet Frost;
  • Louisiana Lulubay;
  • Currant dessert, as well as many other varied colors with the inclusion of purple.


When it comes to black African violet, one of the most popular and requested varieties is most often recalled.

Among others, these are:

  • Black Pearl;
  • Black fire;
  • Mac’s Black Pearl;
  • Black Swan;
  • Black Prince;
  • Black fakir.

The color of the petals of these plants is so dark that they can really be mistaken for black flowers. The rest of the varieties are just numerous variations on the theme of black violets with inclusions of dark burgundy blotches.


Red African violets are quite an extravagant and bright choice for every collection. The most successful choice for lovers of this style and this color scheme will be Saintpaulias:

  • Ataman;
  • Bullfight;
  • Gladiator;
  • Magenta;
  • Frosty cherry;
  • Fire moths, as well as many other members of the bright red palette.


Green African violets are considered a rather rare category. These include varieties:

  • Irish winter;
  • Green moss;
  • Green Dragon;
  • Green lagoon;
  • Green Atoll, as well as many other similar varieties.


The most spectacular and popular burgundy African violets are:

  • Magic of Love;
  • Goddess of beauty;
  • Macho;
  • Southern Springtime;
  • Pauline Viardot and many others.

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Lilac African violets are probably one of the most common and common. In particular, the most interesting and unusual varieties of this palette can be considered:

  • Lilac Lovely;
  • Lilac tenderness;
  • Ward Brown;
  • Fisher’s Leon;
  • Dixie Doris and others.


Summing up, I would like to emphasize that in addition to a huge number of natural varieties, many breeding varieties have appeared recently, as well as sports from well-known varieties, so that African Violet lovers have an immense field to expand the boundaries of the flower collection.

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