African Violet Leaves Curling Down: Reasons and Solutions

Violets are flowers that do not leave indifferent not only female flower growers but also men very often cultivate this flower.

But when cultivation is disturbed, sometimes the African violet leaves curling down. What leads to this and does it threaten the death of the plant?

african violet leaves curling down

which african violet variety leaves curl down

There are certain varieties of violets in which the downward curl of the leaves is a varietal trait. In this case, this feature must be described in the description of the variety, otherwise, it may be a sign of a disease that must be eliminated so as not to destroy the plant.

African violet varieties with leaves that curl downward:

  • Ming Dinasty;
  • Rosie Ruffles.

why african violet leaves curling down?

The problem of leaf curling is if the violet grew with even leaves, and then they began to curl down. This will indicate that trouble has happened to the plant and it is necessary to look for the reason for this behavior of the violet.

First of all, we must put it in the quarantine zone and carefully examine it with a magnifying glass.

IMPORTANT! In case of illness, quarantine will help prevent an epidemic that can spread to the entire collection of Saintpaulias.

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Main reasons african violet leaves curling down

To determine why the leaves are curling down, you need to carefully consider how the florist made a plan for caring for his pet and find the factor that affects the improper development of the leaf.

Excessive watering

Too abundant watering is one of the root causes for which the structure of the leaf changes. Too wet soil disrupts the metabolic processes in the plant at the cellular level, and this leads to rotting of the roots, and then the leaves in the outlet.

Watering should be organized in such a way that between the water supply the soil dries out to 2/3 of the container where the violet is planted.

Also, decay is caused by the fact that the plant is planted in a too-large pot, and the soil that is not used by the root system sour from constant moisture.

Properly organized watering will guarantee a well-developed rosette of leaves.

Excess nitrogenous fertilizer

If the grower believes that it is necessary to water the fertilizer every watering, then this will lead to overfeeding of the violets and, as a result, the leaves will be bent down. This is due to the fact that the plant is fed up with nitrogen, which is included in the top dressing.

Also, the wrong soil intended for planting decorative leafy flowers, used for planting violets, will lead to curling of the foliage due to the high content of nitrogen substances in its composition.

Cyclamen mite

This mite is small in size and it is very difficult to notice it, therefore, it is necessary to examine the wrong side of the sheet with a magnifying glass and very carefully. The surface of the wrong side of the sheet is covered with dust, which is not washed off or wiped off; this is one of the manifestations of the tick’s vital activity.

If a pest is found, the plant is treated with Aktellik.

Having discovered one of these reasons, it is necessary to take measures to eliminate them so that the violet bounces back and continues its flowering.

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how to prevent african violet leaves curling down?

If the leaves are curling down -what to do? First of all, it is necessary to put the plant in the quarantine zone and begin to find out, or, better to say, to clarify the reason for this behavior of the leaf.

First of all, you need to think about how often the plant is watered and how much water is used? Does the soil have time to dry out between waterings? If the soil is constantly wet, the irrigation schedule should be revised.

If, with each watering, the florist also adds fertilizer, even in a half dose, then overfeeding of the plant may occur, that is, it will be oversaturated with minerals. You also need to carefully examine the proportion of nitrogen in the fertilizer. It should not exceed calcium and phosphorus.

how to prevent african violet leaves curling down

If a tick is found, you must immediately take measures to eliminate it.

eliminate excess moisture

If the overflow was not systematic, but accidental, then you can eliminate the consequences by performing a small measure to eliminate excess moisture:

  • Gently remove the plant from the pot, being careful not to destroy the clod of earth, and place it on a disposable paper towel rolled in several layers. Sometimes it has to be changed due to the large amount of water in the ground;
  • When the excess moisture is gone, put the clod of earth with the plant back into the pot and do not water until the plant is 2/3 of the pot dry.

IMPORTANT! It is necessary to rearrange the removed wet lump of earth, clasping it with both hands.

With systematic flooding, the roots begin to rot and the plant must be rooted by cutting with a leaf or cutting off the head of the rosette.

Minimizing the effects of nitrogen overfeeding

If the plant is planted in the wrong soil, it should be transplanted into soil specialized for Saintpaulias or other flowering plants.

If the soil was purchased with the correct marking, and the fertilizer was used incorrectly, then the violet is not fed for a month with any top dressing at all. At the same time, old deformed leaves may not take on a healthy form, but new young leaves will grow correctly.

Getting rid of parasites

To get rid of parasites, the plant is treated with chemicals that can be purchased at specialized flower centers.

Therefore, at the first signs of infection, it is necessary to start treatment:

  • All diseased leaves are removed completely;
  • After that, the violet is treated with the drug offered in the store.

IMPORTANT! The flower is returned to a permanent place only when the grower is fully convinced of the health of the plant.

Impact of improper transplant

If the flower was transplanted according to all the rules, and after that, the foliage began to deform, then most likely this may be due to the wrong chemical composition of the soil that was used during the transplant.

Therefore, it is necessary to re-transplant into a good substrate, and at the same time try to root the cutting in a separate container so as not to lose your varietal flower.

If the leaves curl after transplanting, then it must be repeated.

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Too much Lighting

The leaf plates can be curled up on flower shelves where artificial light is appliedThis will indicate that there is too much of it or the lamps are located too close to growing outlets.

To correct the situation, it is necessary to reduce the intensity of the received light.


When growing saintpaulias, one must carefully consider its requirements for successful cultivation. If all points are met, then the plant will develop in the correct mode, which will affect the correct formation of foliage and abundant flowering.

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