Can I Plant Sprouted Garlic? Winter and Spring Garlic Guide

There are two opposite opinions about sprouted garlic: some say that such plants should not be planted before winter, in any case, other gardeners say that it is possible, and even with success.

can i plant sprouted garlic

can I plant sprouted garlic

In nature, there is no one to dig out the garlic. Bulbules and teeth hibernate rooted and even sprouted if the autumn was long and warm. The formation of a full-fledged bulb and arrow begins only at the beginning of summer when the day lasts more than 10 hours.

It turns out that sprouted garlic winters well and can be planted. However, you need to choose a suitable type. There are two types of garlic, which differ in care, planting, and storage:

  • winter;
  • spring.

Winter garlic

Winter garlic:

  • larger and sharper;
  • has teeth arranged in one row around the center;
  • has a dense head with tightly fitting covering scales; Winter garlic has a dense, purple-tinted bulb and a thick, multi-layered wrap.
  • garlic with a blue or yellow tint;
  • poorly stored in winter.

Planting sprouted winter garlic

Sprouted winter garlic can be planted, but only when the night frosts begin. The main thing is not to damage the tender young roots this will greatly weaken the plant, the bulb will grow much smaller.

Before planting, it is better to store it in the refrigerator at a low positive temperature of 0..+ 4 o C.

planting winter garlic step by step:

  1. The bottom of the bed is covered with fine sand.
  2. Gently spread the roots, trying to spread them on the sand and not break.
  3. Sprinkle with fine soil, kneading large lumps in your hands.
  4. Be sure to water a little so that the earth settles around the roots.
  5. Branches are placed on top for snow retention and protection from the wind.

If the sprouts are more than 3-4 cm, then it is no longer worth planting, the weakened bulb will not overwinter.

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Spring garlic

How to distinguish spring garlic:

  • the teeth are smaller and arranged in a spiral around the center;
  • stored for a long time, does not fade;
  • the head is loose, rounded, white; In spring garlic, the head is white, loose, the cloves are small, irregular in shape
  • almost no covering scales;
  • during germination, the leaves grow very quickly, the clove dries immediately.

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Spring garlic does not tolerate cold, it is planted only in spring. Sprouted spring garlic is best planted in a pot on the windowsill, very tightly, clove to clove. In a couple of weeks, there will be early spicy greens.

Of course, planting sprouted garlic is a risk, it may not work the first time. You need to be very patient, straightening the tender roots and filling them. You should not regret the overgrown teeth with tangled roots, you will only waste your time on them.

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