Planting Lemon Seeds: Can You Plant Lemon Seeds At Home

A lemon tree with bright dark green leaves and large fruits can perfectly decorate an apartment. You can buy an already grown and fruiting plant at a high price in a store, or you can plant lemon seeds at home from a stone yourself. We warn you right away that the process is not fast and a beautiful bush with fruits will turn out in five years.

can you plant lemon seeds at home

Planting lemon: can you plant lemon seeds at home

Yes, you can plant lemon seeds at home. When asked how to grow a lemon tree from a lemon seed, you cannot tell in a nutshell. First, the seed must be planted in a small pot and the seedlings must be grown. The bush is transplanted into a large pot only when it grows up.

In addition, lemon at home must be properly looked after and must be shaped. We have written about all this in detail in the article. But first of all, read the rules for choosing and planting lemon seeds.

Selection and Preparing lemon seeds for planting

We obtain planting material from absolutely any kind of lemon, which was bought in order to drink tea with it. For planting, we take only large, fat bones.

Preparing lemon seeds for planting:

  1. Peel the seed carefully.
  2. Wrap in toilet paper, moisten and put in a small closed jar.
  3. We keep the paper wet and wait for the seed to sprout.
  4. Can be soaked with a wet cloth or napkin until a sprout appears.
  5. To stimulate germination, use growth stimulants: Potassium humate or Epin.

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Planting in a pot or glass

We purchase the soil special for citrus fruits or prepare it ourselves from leafy soil, humus and turf in equal proportions.

For planting, we need a shallow pot with a volume of about two liters.

We plant the seeds in moist soil to a depth of two centimeters. We make a hole with a stick or pen, lower the bone and bury it. We put the pot in a plastic bag and wait for the shoots to appear.

You can plant the seeds separately in two hundred-gram cups.

We periodically check and, if necessary, water the lemons with warm, settled water. Don’t make the soil too wet or dry out.

Sometimes the lemon sprouts in two weeks, but more often it happens after thirty to forty days.

If you planted lemons in one container, then it is advisable to plant them a month after germination. After another three months, we change the pot to one in which the tree will grow constantly and place the strongest seedling there. The pot must have drainage holes and stand in a pan.

An unusual way of planting lemon in an eggshell at Home

planting lemon in an eggshell

You can use eggshells to grow a lemon tree seedling. The advantages of this planting method:

  1. Eggshells do not need to be specially purchased. It can be accumulated and planted in one seed each. In this case, you can be sure that a lemon sprout will definitely appear from some seed.
  2. When transplanting from a small container into a large pot, the roots are often injured. This negatively affects the rooting of the seedling. It is enough to gently crush the egg shell and plant a citrus bush in a pot.

The planting process is simple:

  • break the upper part of the egg, make a hole in the lower with a nail;
  • we fall asleep with earth by a third, make a depression and insert the hatched root of the bone into it;
  • Sprinkle with soil and periodically water from a spray bottle.

When the lemon sprouts, squeeze the shell and transplant it into a pot.

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How to care for Lemon seed grown?

The following activities are included in the care of the seedling first, and then the lemon tree at home:

  • providing good lighting for at least 12 hours a day without direct sunlight;
  • timely watering and feeding;
  • the obligatory formation of a lemon tree (otherwise the fruit will not be very long);
  • winter care.

Watering and air humidity

Spray the plant daily. Water as needed, without waterlogging or overdrying the soil.

If possible, once a month, wipe the dust off the leaves with a damp cloth.

Top dressing

You can start fertilizing lemon seedlings only three months after germination. Up to this point, the sprout receives nutrients from the seed. You can feed it with a non-concentrated solution of chicken manure or manure, but in the apartment, this air will not ozonize.

In a residential area, it is better to use mineral fertilizers for citrus fruits.

Lemon loves frequent, but not very plentiful feeding and watering. From the beginning of March to October, we apply fertilizers every two to three weeks.

At the beginning of growth and in the spring for a large lemon tree, select fertilizers with a nitrogen content twice as much as phosphorus and potassium. Before flowering and when the lemon begins to gain color, feed with a fertilizer that is low in nitrogen and high in other nutrients. But it’s best to use store food specifically for citrus plants.

If the leaves lose their shine, curl, and the fruits fall off, this means that the lemon is starving. But do not overdo it, abundant feeding can harm the plant.


For winter, remove the lemon pot from the windowsill. Warm air from a radiator and cold air from a window have a negative effect on the plant. Move the tree to a well-lit place and, if possible, lower the temperature.

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Pinching and shaping homemade lemon

In order for a lemon in a pot to have a beautiful shape and start bearing fruit as early as possible, it is necessary to form a bush. To do this, it is enough just to pinch the leaf that begins to appear in the place where we want to divide the shoots in two.

You can start forming a bush after the appearance of the fifth leaf on the trunk. Each subsequent branching occurs in at least the third bud.

If the flexible branch is tied up so that it grows parallel to the ground, then it will give an additional bud with a vertical shoot. Be sure to change the direction of growth in the way described above for branches growing straight up.

Lemon develops unevenly, the frequency between growth and dormancy can be three months.Once every ten days, turn the pot a few degrees towards the main light source so that it makes a full circle at least once in a year.

Lemon fruiting begins only on the branches, which are formed after the fifth separation of the branches. If you do not fulfill this condition, then you may not wait for the fruits even after twenty years.

Following these simple tips, you can grow a beautiful tropical lemon plant in your home in a pot. If desired, the lemon tree can be easily shaped into Japanese ikebana. Enjoy its beauty and eat organic fruits

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