Christmas cactus pros and cons (Signs and superstitions)

There is a well-known saying: “My home is my fortress.” People from time immemorial have been very jealous of their home, its content, and its condition. And this is quite justified: all the kindest, sincere, touching the soul events take place within the walls of the home … It is there that the closest and dearest people live, it is there that they rush to share their joy or grief.

It is very important that the house is filled with positive energy, comfort, warmth, and love. House flowers play an important role in creating a favorable atmosphere. Their selection should not be taken irresponsibly, because every living organism, including a plant, has its own energy, its own character, capable of exerting both positive and negative effects on all household members.

christmas cactus pros and cons

This article is dedicated to a well-known flower that has several names: Christmas Cactus, Zygocactus, Schlumberger, Christmas. It will be possible to find answers to the most common questions that worry flower growers: is the Christmas Cactus pros and cons, is it dangerous, is it possible to keep a flower at home, what useful properties does it have? The most famous signs and superstitions associated with the growth, condition, and even death of a flower will also be listed here.

Signs and superstitions associated with Christmas Cactus

The Christmas Cactus is a “family” flower, and all the signs associated with it concern both the family as a whole and each of its members separately. Thanks to the plant, you can foresee what event, joyful or sad, will happen in the near future.

  • If the zygocactus bloomed on time , it means that the family will live in peace and prosperity throughout the coming year.
  • In case the flower has blossomed prematurely , you should prepare for a wedding or replenishment in the family.
  • A Christmas tree is an indicator of family relations: if it has not bloomed for several years , then, most likely, an unfavorable psychological atmosphere reigns in the family. The plant tells its owners that it is necessary to take certain measures to stabilize the situation in the family.
  • This flower is also sensitive to family ill-wishers. If the flower is sick, wasting away before our eyes, then all family members need to analyze whether the “deterioration of health” of the Christmas Cactusis connected with the appearance of a certain guest in the house. It is believed that in this way the plant helps the owners to see the insincere and negative person in their environment.
  • Many people are afraid to start a Christmas Cactus in the house due to the fact that he is a “prophet” of death: if the plant is unreasonably sick and died , then soon one should wait for the death of one of the household members, the flower will take him with him to the other world.
  • Another unpleasant sign: the girl whose room this plant decorates will never marry, and if she does, she will be deeply unhappy in marriage.

Is it possible to keep Christmas Cactus in apartment?

The Christmas Cactus gets along well in houses and apartments, flower growers love him very much for his bright and lush flowering and unpretentious care. This plant is able to create a special coziness on cold winter evenings, add a festive mood on the eve of the New Year and Christmas.

Despite the fact that the Christmas Cactus belongs to the cactus family, the absence of thorns and the smooth bending of its shoots contribute to the emission of soft and positive energy.

  1. It is believed that Schlumberger is ideal for apartments with negative energy, in which it acts as a kind of filter.
  2. The plant also plays a positive role when it is located near a sleeping place: a person who falls asleep next to him will wake up in the morning in an excellent mood, as the plant will “draw out” all negative emotions and thoughts from him.
  3. Zygocactus has the ability to soften the harsh temper of people-dictators, transforming their domineering and rough energy into positive emotions. It also has a beneficial effect on egoists, forcing them to reckon with other people’s opinions and encouraging them to take altruistic actions.
  4. It is also suitable for those owners who do not like to receive guests within the walls of their home. The presence of the flower will make them more hospitable and welcoming.

The Christmas Cactus has the ability to establish close psychological contact with all family members, responding to their mood swings. Also, the plant is able to improve relationships within the family, if they are a little wrong.

Friendship, mutual understanding, respect – these are the feelings that the flower “develops” in the inhabitants of the house by its mere presence. Thanks to the influence of the Christmas Cactus, many family problems are easily solved – the flower adjusts its owners to find the right solution, to change their attitude to the problem.

Where to put the Christmas Cactus?

The Christmas Cactus will perfectly fit into the interior of any room in the house, but experts advise placing him in the place where the whole family most often gathers. This is usually a kitchen or living room. Sitting over a cup of tea, relatives will be sincere and open with each other, and the sincere atmosphere will have a beneficial effect on the inner state of each family member.

The plant can be easily placed in the nursery: its kind energy will not harm the baby, but will help to become more patient, benevolent, merciful. It is especially recommended to do this in those families in which only one child is brought up: the Christmas Cactus will not give him the opportunity to “turn” into an egoist and self-lover.

Pros: Useful properties of Christmas Cactus (Schlumberger) as a houseplant

The Christmas Cactus, like any houseplant, cleans the air of the room from harmful substances emitted by synthetic and plastic interior items, contributes to the saturation of the air space with oxygen.

Since the Christmas tree is a forest cactus, it is able, like its closest “relatives”, to reduce the ionization of the air in the room, thereby absorbing negative electromagnetic radiation from electrical appliances.

Cons: How can a forest zygocactus be dangerous: is it poisonous or not?

Zygocactus is one of the most popular flowers in educational and healthcare settings. It is absolutely non-toxic for adults, children, pets, and the plant is also not capable of causing allergic reactions.

However, German scientists, as a result of a series of studies, concluded that zygocactus can cause breathing difficulties in asthmatics if there are several specimens of the flower indoors. Pets that chew on the leaves can cause stomach upset and laryngeal edema.

Application of Christmas Cactus in medicine

There are not so many useful properties of the Christmas Cactus as in other plants. There is an opinion that it has a beneficial effect on the condition of the kidneys and bladder, the musculoskeletal system of the household, preventing the appearance of diseases.

But in official and folk medicine, Schlumberger is not used for medicinal purposes, the pharmacological properties of the plant have not yet been studied.


So to start or not to start a Christmas Cactus in the house? Everyone is free to make their own decisions. But it must be remembered that zygocactus is a living organism that needs adequate care. It is not worth attributing to him any supernatural abilities, and the mystic is not to blame for the death of a flower from an elementary drought, but only careless owners.

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