HB101 Fertilizer for orchids: Review, Uses, Composition ( Expert Explained)

The environmentally friendly preparation of HB-101 vitalizer for orchids has unique healing properties and acts as a powerful immunity activator and orchid fertilizer. Completely natural components allow it to be used without harm to humans and plant culture.

In the article, we will study in more detail the HB-101 preparation, its composition, release forms, and the effect of exposure. We will find out in which cases it is advisable to use a remedy for orchids, how to choose the dosage in a given situation, and what application tactics to use. Let’s get acquainted with analogs similar in action and indicate the reviews of the experienced Orchid keepers.

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hb 101 for orchids

Description of HB-101 Fertilizer for orchids

HB-101 is a universal organic biostimulant that strengthens the immune system of plants and promotes their active growth and development.

HB-101 Composition and production

HB-101 was first developed in 1982 by Japanese agricultural chemists. Initially, the product was created for internal use with the aim of cultivating dwarf Japanese bonsai.

Over time, the drug conquered other foreign markets. It appeared on the territory of Russia about 25 years ago.

Manufacturers define HB-101 as a vitalizer, which literally means “carrying life”

HB-101 is based on a complex of natural organic and mineral components.

The composition of the drug includes a spectrum of plant extracts of coniferous and herbaceous crops, known for their vitality and longevity.

HB-101 includes hoods:

  • Himalayan cedar;
  • plantain;
  • cypress evergreen;
  • pine ordinary;
  • maple tree.

Such a mineral-protein complex is the basis of the longevity and health of decorative indoor plants and horticultural crops.

Chemical mineral components of HB-101, mg/l:

  • nitrogen – 97;
  • iron – 1.8;
  • sodium – 41;
  • magnesium – 3.3
  • silicon, 7.4;
  • calcium – 33.

Contains no cadmium or arsenic. The nutrients are in the form of potassium and phosphorus. Here is details on Seramis For Orchids.

HB101 Impact on the plant

A balanced set of volatile and nutrients has a positive effect on orchids and contributes to:

  • improving the survival rate of the epiphyte during stress – transplantation, transportation;
  • acceleration of the period of adaptation to new living conditions;
  • stimulation of the orchid’s defenses to the effects of pathogenic microorganisms and parasites;
  • improved nutrition, respiration, and photosynthesis;
  • activation of consumption and assimilation of useful nutritional components;
  • accelerate the growth of leaves, root mass, and peduncles;
  • prolongation of the budding period.

The use of an organic stimulant helps to increase the size of the buds and the saturation of their color.

Biologically active ingredients are able to act at the micro-level, penetrating into plant cell membranes

HB-101 Release form

The drug HB-101 is produced in two forms:

  1. liquid concentrate. Transparent dense solution with a bright saturated smell of needles. It is packaged in compact ampoules and bottles with a drip dispenser. The volume of packages is 6, 50, 100, 500 ml, and 1 liter.
  2. Granules. White or light yellow hard spherical grains with a diameter of 1-2 mm. Packed in PET bags or packages with a Zip-Lock lock weighing 10, 300 g, and 1 kg.

For growing orchids, small packages of 6 and 50 ml in liquid form, and 10 g in the form of granules are suitable.

When the use of HB-101 is effective for orchids

Treatment of orchids with the HB-101 vitalizer is necessary in the following cases:

  • transplanting a plant into a new flowerpot;
  • long-term transportation;
  • delayed or no growth;
  • keeping the plant in an uncomfortable microclimate – with a lack of lighting, an excess of moisture, dry air;
  • lack of budding;
  • reduced immunity with frequent lesions by parasites and diseases;
  • building up the missing root mass;
  • the need to awaken dormant kidneys.

Thanks to the action of the biostimulant, orchids can bloom almost all year round, forming a large number of bright buds.

The use of HB-101 requires compliance with dosages. Despite the natural component, the abuse of the drug is fraught with a negative reaction of the flower, up to the death of the orchid

Use of the granular of HB-101 preparation

Granules of the HB-101 vitalizer must be applied in a dry form directly into the nutrient substrate without deepening. The procedure should be carried out when transplanting the epiphyte into a new pot.

The granulated vitalizer should be laid out on the surface of the soil and watered

According to the instructions for use, the dosage of HB-101 for orchids in the form of granules is 4-5 peas per 1 liter of substrate

Thanks to the microparticles of volcanic ash contained in the granules, the active components dissolve in the soil for a long time. Such a prolonged action can last up to six months.

In indoor plant cultivation, a granular preparation can be used all year round, no more than 1 time in 6 months.

HB-101 for orchids: how to apply in drops

The HB-101 liquid vitalizer acts much faster and does not require additional time and watering, as is the case with the granular form.

Let’s take a closer look at how to properly use the HB-101 preparation in different situations: to strengthen orchids, transplant and resuscitate a plant.

Baby sprout transplant

With the growth of leaves and 3-4 young roots of 5 cm, it’s time to separate the baby from the mother bush. To stimulate further growth and minimize stress, young plants should be pre-soaked in HB-101 solution.

Guided by the instructions in the preparation of the working composition for orchids, it is necessary to dissolve 1 drop of the concentrate in 1 liter of water at a temperature of 30-35 ° C.

The baby should be immersed in the prepared solution by 1 cm and kept for 30 minutes after immediately planting the bush in a previously prepared container with a substrate

Transplanting an adult orchid

To treat the roots when transplanting an adult orchid, it is necessary to dilute the HB-101 concentrate at the rate of 1 drop per 1 liter of liquid.

The diluted working solution of HB-101 cannot be stored and must be used within 2 hours after preparation. The shelf life of the opened package of the concentrate is one season.

Procedure steps:

  1. Remove the plant from the container.
  2. Clean the roots of the remnants of the old soil.
  3. Rinse the root under warm running water.
  4. If necessary, remove rotten areas.
  5. Disinfect sections with hydrogen peroxide.
  6. Soak the orchid in HB-101 solution for 30 minutes.

After a while, plant the bush in a clean pot with soil mixture.

Strengthening the flower

You can strengthen the orchid by regular watering and wiping the leaves with a solution of HB-101. The dosage of the working composition is 1-2 drops of the drug per 1 liter of settled liquid.

Watering the orchid HB-101 is carried out during the entire growing season with an interval of 10-12 days, with the exception of the dormant period

The systematic use of the drug will ensure long-term flowering of the epiphyte. Watering can be periodically combined with rubbing the leaves.

Sheet processing is necessary if:

  • the orchid does not bloom for a long time;
  • the first “bells” of the appearance of parasites or diseases are noticeable.

Thanks to the preparation, the leaf plates are covered with a dense wax coating, which protects the bush from the penetration of pathogens.

It should be remembered! When an orchid is infected with insects and diseases, the composition of HB-101 is used as a prophylactic as an addition to the main drugs.

You can wipe the leaves of an orchid no more than 1 time in 2 weeks throughout the year.

If the plant has not been pre-treated with a dry preparation when changing the soil, then you can water the orchid with a stimulating composition immediately after transplantation. Complete guide on Phalaenopsis Keiki.

Resuscitator processing

If the orchid has lost most of its roots after a disease or insect attacks, then you can try to reanimate the plant using the HB-101 preparation.

To process the resuscitator, the concentration of the finished solution is 1 drop of the product per 1 liter of water.


  1. Prepare a solution.
  2. Fix the damaged orchid over the “healing” composition – the root collar cannot be buried in water.
  3. If there are several roots left, then install the plant in a container so that the roots touch the finished composition.

Periodically it is necessary to change the solution to a fresh one.

For the speedy restoration of turgor with a solution of HB-101, you can wipe dehydrated orchid leaves

HB-101 Risk of overdose

For those who have used other stimulants, it can be difficult to believe that a drop of the drug can have such a lasting effect. Often, harm the flower by exceeding the indicated dose.

HB-101 is a highly concentrated drug that is used in microdoses

Minor overdoses of the drug will not bring obvious harm. However, a significant excess of the permissible dose is fraught with a slowdown in growth, cessation of flowering, or even death of the orchid.

HB-101 Compatibility with top dressings and other drugs

It is acceptable to combine HB-101 with most organic and mineral fertilizers, but it is better to keep the time interval.

Treatment with a vitalizer should be carried out only 1-2 weeks after the main fertilizer was applied.

HB-101 is incompatible with such means:

  • nitrogen-containing fertilizers with a large amount of carbamide and urea;
  • preparations based on natural vegetable oils;
  • similar growth regulators.

You can mix HB-101 with bio preparations Ecoberin, Healthy Garden, and Radiance-1.

Alternatives of HB-101 that can be replaced

Vitalizer HB-101 has a unique set of components. Therefore, there are no complete analogs duplicating its composition.

Means similar in action:

  1. Ecosil is a Belarusian-made drug in the form of a concentrated emulsion. For indoor cultures, it is diluted at the rate of 10 drops per 1.5 liters of water. You can soak the roots and carry out foliar irrigation. The cost of 20 ml ranges from 215 rubles.
  2. Silk is a Russian highly effective plant growth regulator. For one treatment, it is enough to dilute 0.5 ml of the product in 1 liter of water. The price of 1.5 ml of the drug starts from 50 rubles.
  3. Novosil is an improved version of Silk. Natural immune stimulant with fungicidal action based on the extract of Siberian fir needles. For the treatment of roots and foliage, dilute at the rate of 10 drops per 1 liter of liquid. The cost of 15 ml is within 75 rubles.
  4. Zircon is an alcoholic Phyto preparation based on caffeic, chicory, and chlorhexidine acids. For irrigation and foliar nutrition, dilute at the rate of 1 ml of the drug per 10 liters of liquid. The cost of 1 ml is about 20 rubles.
  5. Siliplant is a silicon-containing biofertilizer with a complex of essential microelements. To obtain a working solution, dissolve 2-3 ml of the concentrate in 1 liter of water. For a bottle of 100 ml, you can pay about 120 rubles.

Such preparations do not contain hormonal components and have a delicate effect on flower development.

HB-101 Reviews of experienced

Among experienced orchid keepers, HB 101 is characterized by positive reviews and occupies a worthy place among stimulants.

Due to the concentrated composition, it is consumed very sparingly. One package is enough for a long period of time. Under the action of the vitalizer, the budding of the orchid becomes lush and bright with many large flowers, the leaves acquire a healthy glossy sheen.

However, we must not forget that the processing of HB-101 cannot fully replace complex fertilizers for orchids. In addition, the drug is able to minimize the chance of contracting insects or diseases, and not cure already infected bushes.

Overview of different growth stimulants, price comparison, and evaluation of their effectiveness:

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