Home Remedy For Mealybugs On Orchids Treatment | 5 Best Ways

With improperly organized care, a harmful insect, a mealybug, may well appear on the orchid.

He, feeding on the juice of the plant, methodically destroys the leaves and roots of the plant. If urgent action is not taken, then the flower may die.

Below we will tell you in detail about home remedy For mealybugs on orchids. But first, let’s find out what kind of pest it is.

home remedy for mealybugs on orchids

Harms of Mealybugs On Orchids

Under the conditions necessary for it, the mealybug quickly spreads through the orchid. If the disease is detected in the initial stage, then the treatment will be faster and more effective. Feeding, a harmful insect  harms the plant:

  • Deprives the nutritious juice necessary for uniform development;
  • The plant is stunted; Because of the mealybug, orchid leaves begin to turn yellow.
  • Foliage damaged by bites acquires a yellow tint;
  • The plaque left by the mealybug attracts fungal and bacterial diseases.

It is necessary to take timely measures for treatment so as not to lose the plant.

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Where can you find a mealy bug?

Prefers to accumulate in the axils and on the back of the leaves. When they multiply in large numbers, they spread throughout the orchid bush, evenly covering the surface of the leaf completely. There are also some species that feed on the roots of the plant. Then they completely fill the entire substrate.

You need to periodically inspect your collection for the presence of a pest.

how do orchids get mealybugs?

how do orchid get mealybugs

signs of mealybugs on orchids

To determine which pest an orchid is affected, it is necessary to correctly diagnose it, and for this, you need to know the signs of damage to the plant.

The mealybugs on orchids gather in groups in the axils of the leaf blades and their reverse side.

The worm can be seen with the naked eye, as the length of its body is quite noticeable. First of all, these are cotton bags where parasite females put their clutches. The plant is as if covered with cotton pellets.

Where did my mealybugs come from?

You can bring in a pest :

  • By purchasing an already infected copy of the plant in the store;
  • Or bring larvae from contact with infected flowers.

Therefore, newly purchased flowers are always put in a quarantine zone to be sure that they are free of pests.

cause of mealybugs on orchids

Probable reasons why mealybugs on orchids occurs:

  • Permanent plant bays; Mealybugs often appear due to overflow or low temperatures.
  • Low temperatures;
  • When the dead parts of the plant are removed at the wrong time.

IMPORTANT! In order for the plant not to be invaded by the pest, it is necessary to organize proper care for it.

Where do mealybugs live on orchids?

At first, the mealybugs on orchids are located only in the axils of the leaves. But in the process of its reproduction, it spreads very quickly throughout the plant, covering with a cottony coating:

  • Flowers;
  • Stem;
  • Leaves;
  • Then its larvae fall into the ground and proceed to the destruction of the root mass.

The infected flower is evenly covered with cotton pellets, in which pests grow.

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Home Remedy For Mealybugs On Orchids Treatments

Home remedies for pest control measures can be used. If the infection is in the initial stage, then you can use Home Remedy For Mealybugs On Orchids, without using chemicals.

remove mealybugs from orchids by hand

How to cure an orchid in a physical way? To remove the parasite from the leaf mass, you need:

  • Cotton pad;
  • Or a soft toothbrush.

They are moistened in soapy water and the orchid is gently washed from cotton pellets. In hard-to-reach places, you can use cotton swabs, since before processing you must carefully get rid of all insects.

hot shower to kill mealybugs on orchids

There are different ways to remove the mealybug on the buds. One of them is watering the orchid with a hot shower.

Water temperature comfortable for orchids should not exceed 30 degrees. This is easy to determine by substituting your hand under the stream of water. If for a person the water is pleasant in terms of heat, then the orchid will also like it. But the thermometer, nevertheless, is more accurate

The shower is poured over the flowers placed in the bath. The action continues for 15 minutes. After that, it is necessary to completely remove with a paper towel all the moisture that has accumulated in the axils of the plant. Because, leaving it there, can cause rotting of the base of the sheet.

IMPORTANT! Such a shower is very useful and recommended during the cultivation of orchids, but it can only be done in the warm season.

using Garlic to get rid of mealybugs on orchids

Some flower growers believe that an infusion of garlic helps to get rid of the pest invasion.

Garlic helps fight pests.

To make an infusion, you need to mix the following ingredients :

  • Minced 5 large cloves of garlic;
  • Liter of hot water (60 degrees).

All this is insisted for a day and filtered through gauze. The infusion is ready for use.

Soap-alcohol solution

All ingredients must be thoroughly mixed and wiped with a cotton pad leaves and other parts of the plant. The plant is thoroughly washed to remove all worm deposits.

Composition of Soap-alcohol solution to kill mealybugs on orchids:

  • 20 gr. laundry soap 72%;
  • 1 liter of warm water;
  • 1 tablespoon alcohol.

Infusion of horsetail for killing mealybugs

To spray the plant, you can apply a solution made on the basis of horsetail. A solution of the herb can be purchased at a pharmacy and diluted 1:1 with water.

The infusion is sprayed with a plant with pests.

Spray the affected orchid immediately after cooking.

Mealybug on orchid roots: control methods

To get rid of the mealybug that settled on the root system (Unhealthy Orchid Roots) and at the same time not start the process of  decay, you must:

  1. Pull the plant out of the pot and shake off the substrate completely;
  2. Dilute the drug according to the instructions and soak the plant in it for the specified time. If not indicated on the package, then 20 minutes is enough;
  3. The treatment is carried out 2-3 times, and in order not to plant a flower in the substrate, its roots are simply put into a new or clean pot without bark.

IMPORTANT! After the required number of treatments, the orchid is planted in the bark and placed in a quarantine zone to make sure that the mealybug is no longer on it.

how to prevent mealybugs on orchids?

To prevent the plant from becoming infected with harmful insects, preventive measures must be observed. For this:

  • The purchased plant is placed in a quarantine zone for 2 weeks to make sure it is healthy;
  • Inspect your collection for the presence of a pest at least once every 2 weeks. Since if the colony of parasites is small, it is easier to get rid of it;
  • Create the right conditions so that the flower grows healthy and strong. Harmful insects do not sit on such a plant, they infect the weak.


Sometimes various pests and diseases from them appear in the collection, but you should not panic in using home remedies for Mealybugs on orchids. It is necessary to isolate diseased plants and begin treatment.

One or two treatments may not help, since in the larval stage the pest can hide and survive even chemical treatment, and therefore you should not rush to send flowers to their brethren to a permanent habitat, it is better to leave it in a quarantine zone.

You can get rid of any pest, you just need to put some effort into it. After all, if you do not help the orchid, it will die from the attack of a harmful insect.

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