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Indoor plants and flowers decorate the interior and delight the eye. And if at the same time indoor flowers that bloom all year and are unpretentious in care, then you will not find a better decor. Learn about growing room flowers blooming all year.

Indoor Flowers That Bloom All Year

indoor flowers that bloom all year

Here we have discussed in detail list of indoor flowers that bloom all year. You can name such common unpretentious indoor plants that bloom for a long time:


This unpretentious violet blooms almost all the time, periodically retiring for a couple of weeks. Florists call this indoor flower “queen”. Violet flowers are not large in size, differ in bright colors. They come in different shades, as well as variegated, simple and terry, with even and wavy petals.

Violet care includes the following points:

  • maintaining the temperature regime within 18–26 ° С;
  • frequent, but not plentiful watering;
  • shading from the scorching sun;
  • maintaining low humidity in the room.

Do not spray the plant; water through the pan. Propagate by cuttings or dividing the bush.

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Want to decorate your windowsill? Choose blooming indoor flowers. One of them is light and moisture-loving balsam, which blooms for a very long time.

However, he does not like other indoor plants to grow next to him: in crowded conditions, he will shed leaves. In order for the flower to continue to bloom abundantly in winter, it is necessary to turn on artificial lighting for it.

Caring for balsam is easy. The main thing:

  • temperature from 15 to 25 ° C;
  • abundant watering, and in hot weather – frequent spraying;
  • transplanting and pruning is necessary at the age of four.


Chinese roses (also called hibiscus) are common home flowers. They are formed by a tree or bush.

His flowers are large – simple or double, red, lilac, purple, white or yellow – appear in early spring. With proper care and constant feeding, the plant blooms constantly.


Hibiscus care includes:

  • location on the bright side, but not in the bright sun;
  • moderate watering;
  • regular fertilizing with fertilizers with a high content of copper and iron (in summer phosphorus);
  • content at a temperature of 18–24 ° С (withstands cold weather up to +10 ° С).

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Unlike classical geranium, pelargonium has larger inflorescences and leaves smell less. In order for these indoor flowers to delight with beautiful flowers throughout the year, they are pruned in the spring and fed regularly. In the summer, take the flowerpots with pelargonium outside – this will strengthen the plant.


Flowers are not only attractive, but also disinfect the air in the room. To make the bush look lush, plant three plants in one pot.

Flower care is simple. Provide the following conditions:

  • content temperature – + 8-25 ° С;
  • abundant light and even bright sun;
  • watering is not plentiful, but do not allow the earthen coma to dry out;
  • without spraying.


The flowering varieties of Kalanchoe are favorite indoor flowers for beginners. Hybrids of this common succulent bloom almost constantly. The size of the flowers is not large, but they are collected in lush and bright rosettes.

The care rules are as follows:

  • temperature in winter – not lower than +15 ° С and not higher than +20 ° С, in summer – not more than +25 ° С;
  • do not spray;
  • water abundantly, but not often;
  • feed twice a month with fertilizers intended for succulents;
  • cut off the faded branches.

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It is also called indoor maple. Abundant flowering – from spring to autumn. To ensure year-round bloom, feed with compound fertilizers (superphosphate and ammonium nitrate) and add lighting with a lamp. Flowers, similar in shape to lanterns, have different colors.

Provide the following conditions of detention:

  • temperature 18–26 ° С;
  • regular watering;
  • spring pruning by a third of the length of the branches.


Pleasing with year-round flowering, herbaceous shrub does not tolerate drafts and dry air. Leaves fall from this. The flowers are not large, pink or lilac in color, they live for one day, but the plant is constantly strewn with them.

Provide the following conditions of detention:

  • temperature 20-24 ° С all year round;
  • watering – regular and abundant;
  • high humidity – place the flowerpots in trays with damp pebbles or moss, spray often.

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Indoor roses

Hybrid roses specially bred for indoor cultivation are an excellent solution for decorating a windowsill.

They like a lot of light, but hate overheating, so place them on a window, but not over a battery. By dislocation, an east or west window is better suited, and in summer, a balcony is an ideal place for keeping.

To make the rose delight with flowers, provide it with the required care:

  • do not forget to water, and if the air is dry, then spray. Reduce watering a little in winter;
  • feed the flowering fertilizer twice a month;
  • ensure the temperature regime is 20–25 ° С;
  • regularly remove faded peduncles and dry branches.


This luxurious houseplant with large heart-shaped red (cream, yellow, burgundy and other shades) flowers and glossy leaves will not leave anyone indifferent. In order for the plant to bloom all year round, it must be fed with organic matter and observe the temperature regime.

Anthurium: indoor flower that bloom all year

Conditions for a flower are as follows:

  • in winter, the temperature should not be lower than +15 ° С, and in summer – above +27 ° С;
  • frequent spraying with well-purified water is required (it is advisable to stand for drinking for two days);
  • the soil should always be moist;
  • best placed on the south or west side.

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Pachystachys lutea

This is an amazingly bright and festive flower. Its candle-shaped flowers have different colors: yellow, orange, red, white and even two-color. For the plant to grow as a bush, cut off the tops that are too long.

Pachystachys Lutea

Adhere to containment conditions such as:

  • temperature – 20–26 ° С, when it rises, it stretches strongly, and when it decreases, it drops leaves;
  • abundant watering, do not allow the soil to dry out;
  • high humidity, spraying is required;
  • diffused light;
  • Provide fresh air, but avoid drafts.

How to extend the flowering period of indoor plants that bloom all year round

Plant flowering can be prolonged with proper care. Among the ever-flowering indoor plants, there are no shade-loving ones. Blooming is caused by the sun, more often scattered rays.

It is recommended to remove faded buds for all plants. Pests grow in them. The plant will not waste energy on wilted flowers, but will direct energy to young ones. It is necessary to regularly fertilize flowering plants. Apply home dressing.

There are flowers that require a special approach. For example, when growing an orchid, you must follow a number of rules:

  • Do not move the flowerpot to another place when the buds are blooming.
  • Spray the tip of the peduncle.
  • Do a warm shower once every 7 days.
  • Do not overfeed with fertilizers.
  • Reduce watering and maintain a cool temperature during flowering.

Violet agricultural technology also has its own subtleties:

  • The plant needs a constant temperature to avoid falling buds. Above 24 degrees, the leaves turn yellow, the flowers wither.
  • Doesn’t like drafts.
  • Watering is done from a pallet.
  • During flowering, the space around the violets is sprayed.

Extends the flowering of bulbous plants by keeping them cool (no higher than 15 degrees) and good lighting.

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When choosing flowers and plants for your home, remember even those that indoor flowers that bloom all year have a short break. Therefore, purchase several varieties.

Take care of them according to their preferences and feed them with fertilizers. Then the flowers will delight you constantly. Enjoy natural beauty!

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