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are orchids parasites or epiphytes

Are Orchids Parasites Or Epiphytes?

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Novice flower growers, not understanding the situation and structure of the orchid, believe that this plant is a parasite, but this …
do orchids produce oil

Do Orchids Produce Oil? Orchid Oil Benefits

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Today, not only the orchid flower is very popular, but also the product that is produced from it. Let’s find out more …
why are orchids so expensive

Why are orchids so expensive? Simple and Explained Answer

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The price of plants sold in stores is formed not only because of the demand and exchange rate, but because …
how to revive orchid phalaenopsis

How To Revive Orchid Phalaenopsis? Step By Step Guide

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There are usually no problems with the rejuvenation of sympodial orchids (Cattleya, Miltonia, Dendrobium, etc.). They do it on their own …
feed orchids

Feed Orchids: When What And How To Fertilize Indoor Orchid

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Growing an orchid is not an easy task: caring for this tropical flower involves observing many conditions and nuances. And one …
life span of orchid

Life Span Of Orchid: How Long Do Orchids Live Indoors?

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When an orchid appears in an apartment and takes root there, the florist asks how to determine the age of tropical beauty and how …
Dendrobium Orchid Potting Medium

How to Make Dendrobium Orchid Potting Medium Yourself

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All indoor orchids are beautiful! But some growers prefer dendrobiums. They are loved not only for their exquisite decorativeness but also for …
How To Transplant An Orchid Baby

How To Transplant An Orchid Baby? | Conditions, Caring, and Tips

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The practice of exchanging orchids babies is very common among orchid lovers. Many owners of large collections of abundantly aborted orchids …
Caring For Cattleya Orchids

Caring For Cattleya Orchids | Temperature, Humidity, lighting, and other conditions

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Cattleya is considered to be a spectacular decoration of any orchid collection. But in content, it is not the easiest one. Any …
How Do You Get An Orchid To Bloom Again

How do you get an orchid to bloom again indoor at Home

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Phalaenopsis is one of the most flexible orchids, capable of blooming almost uninterruptedly. However, novice orchid growers often observe long pauses …
When To Transplant Phalaenopsis Orchids

When To Transplant Phalaenopsis Orchids indoor At Home

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Among the many types of orchids among flower growers, the phalaenopsis or butterfly orchid is especially fond of. The flower is …
Vermiculite For Orchids

Using Vermiculite for Orchids

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Vermiculite is a modern agro material that helps plant breeders to solve many problems. In indoor floriculture and orchids lovers, it …
Sphagnum Moss For Orchids

Sphagnum Moss For Orchids And Other Types Of Moss For Orchids

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Moss is one of the most popular orchid substrate ingredients. Flower growers most often use sphagnum moss for orchids. There are many …
How To Pollinate Orchids

how to pollinate orchids to get seeds at home

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Seed propagation of orchids is interesting but painstaking work that requires patience and professional skills from the grower. Nevertheless, nothing is …
How To Buy Orchids

How To Buy Orchids? (Best Buyers Guide For Orchid Lovers)

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Often in flower shops, or nowadays at online stores like Amazon, eBay, there is such a wide selection of orchids …
Dendrobium Orchid Care After Flowering 1

Complete Dendrobium Orchid Care After Flowering at Home

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Blooming dendrobiums look very impressive. However, this genus of orchids has a pronounced change in development phases, and they need a …
Dying Orchids Blue

Methods for dying orchids blue at home and Dyed Orchid Care

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Blue or blue orchids do not exist in nature. Plants of the orchid family lack the gene encoding the synthesis of …
How To Build An Orchid Greenhouse

How To Build An Orchid Greenhouse? Building A Greenhouse For Indoor Orchids

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When growing indoor orchids, situations may arise when a plant needs to be placed in greenhouse conditions. This usually happens in …
Humidity For Phalaenopsis Orchids

The ideal humidity for phalaenopsis orchids at home

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The natural habitat of most orchid species in tropical latitudes. Sufficient light intensity, warmth, and high humidity are the determining conditions …
Growing Orchids In Water Beads

Step By Step growing orchids in water beads, Planting, Care

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More recently, flower growers, especially orchids growers could not even imagine that indoor plants can be grown without a traditional …