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Types of Orchids

Amazing and beautiful plants – orchids are rightfully allocated to a special group. They are called frozen butterflies, daughters of air, symbols of perfection. The family includes hundreds of genera and tens of thousands of species. These plants have adapted to life in the tropics, savannas, forests, and plains. They learned how to grow on the ground, attach themselves to trees and rocks, and extract water from the atmosphere. Today, many types of orchids can be grown at home, although caring for them is often difficult. But the blossoming buds of phalaenopsis, papiopedilum, cymbidium, cattleya, oncidia and other “indoor orchids” amaze with their extraordinary shape, colors and wonderful aromas. Before you buy orchids, you need to decide on their future location. They feel best on the windowsills of windows facing west and east. Flowers need fresh air and cannot stand drafts. Plants also need long daylight hours, but direct sunlight is a serious threat to them. In summer, the air temperature should be + 20-24 ° C. In winter, a decrease to + 17 ° C is permissible. Orchid care most often involves keeping them in conditions of high humidity. Soft warm water is used for irrigation. It is very important to be careful. A few drops of liquid on the petals can cause the flower to rot. Orchid transplantation is rarely carried out, carefully preserving the earthen lump.