Pink African Violet: Varieties with Name and Photos (Top 10)

In the thousands of new varieties of violets, it is very difficult to choose a flower that suits your heart. In this article, you can learn about the best and most popular Saintpaulias and see photos, descriptions of Pink African Violet varieties.

We sorted them out according to the most popular requests pale, two-color, with specks, prints, and borders, and also made a rating of the TOP-10 of the best Pink African Violet of all times and people.

pink african violet

Pink African Violet: varieties with names

The name of the violet with pink flowers and a light edge means “Festive Umbrella”.

Attention! There are many varieties of Pink African Violet and it is a daunting task to describe them in one article.

With white, green, purple, crimson and dark borders

Photo of violet with a pink border called Angelica. Lush crimson stars with a brighter dotted edge.

Rose of Wind. Peach spiral roses with a yellow or brick openwork rim.

Lienz Pirates Treasure. Simple, but very graceful, rounded inflorescences with a purple border.

King’s Ransom (LLG / D. Herringshaw). The name of a pink-violet with a white border translates as Big Score. Huge up to 10 cm double stars with purple fantasy dusting.

Austins smile. The delicate salmon shade of petals with a crimson border along a wavy edge.

Maria. Roses with purple prints and greenish fringed edges.

Ming dynasty. Porcelain petals with notched edges and delicate light green highlights.

With pink leaves and variegated

Rob’s Inner Orbit. The rosette is a real decoration even without flowers – a magnificent pinkish-milky pattern, which is brighter towards the top and crowned with flowers of the same tone.

Ellie Gardner. Lemon-patterned leaves form a chic dense rosette framing a lilac bouquet.

Royal Rage Rebel’s Two Cents. Curly rosette with lemon prints and attractive carved flowers.

Edee’s Rosebud Trail. Violet variegated with pink flowers. The edges of the leaves are “powdered” with snow-white specks and strokes.

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Pale shades

Marshmallow. Airy terry petals with a pronounced stripe from the center to the edges.

Lituanica. Delicate pink and white violet with rose flowers with many simple petals.

Almonds. Thin buds almost transparent in the sun, soft carmine shade.

LE-Crème-Brule. Simple or slightly double petals with a light strawberry tinge.

Magnolia. Delicate semi-double and double flowers against a background of black-green foliage with a red underside.


Peacock. Bright and colorful, like an exotic bird, with a variety of rays and prints from lilac to crimson.

Ice rose. Purple heads of cabbage that do not open to the end, with a white border.

Kiss. A pure snow-white star, as if rosy from the rays of the sun.

And also varieties:

  • Pink Queen;
  • EK-White Queen;
  • DEO Queen Elizabeth;
  • RS Cinderella;
  • Willodene;
  • CM-Shepherdess ;
  • RS-Kuzina (Repkina).

Pink Violet in purple speck

LE-Marzipan Rose. A velvet semi-double violet, all with purple dots.

Rosemary. It has lush flowers of an original tricolor color with purple strokes.

B-man’s Comiso. Simple flowers with abundant purple fantasy and corrugated border.

Jan-Tornado. Semi-double and double crimson flowers with fantasy purple and white wavy edge.

And also varieties:

  • Olesya ;
  • Wedding ;
  • LE-Victoria;
  • LE-Wuxi-Pusi.

Terry Pink Violet

Below are pink terry violets, photos and the names of these varieties will help you find the right flower.

VaT-Masha. Classic semi-double star-shaped Saintpaulia, corrugated petals with a light edge.

Dumpling. Dense double pink two-tone flowers.

  • EK Pink Carnation;
  • Lyubasha.

10 popular Pink African Violet varieties

Pink Panther Violet

A luxurious bouquet of delicate, pink-cream flowers. The edges of the petals are corrugated, with a wide white border, the color is brighter in the middle. In the center of the flower, the shade is more intense. The flower is very double, printed. The petals are arranged in a graceful spiral from the center of the bud.

pink panther violet

The outlet is a compact, flat, rich green.

EK-Goddess of Beauty

Spectacular, very intense fuchsia violet with a slight lilac tint. The petals are wavy, very elegant, festive.

ek goddess of beauty 1

Large flowers can be up to 7 cm in diameter. They are very heavy and droop slightly and can be laid on leaves. Many buds open at once – up to ten.

majesty african violet

An even, pale crimson color of a cold pure shade gives the violet Your Majesty a royal sophistication and shine. Lush buds look like a ballerina’s pack, the petals are smooth and very laconic in shape, without unnecessary curls, 5 cm in diameter.

majesty african violet

The rosette is large, neat, and even formed.

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Lush ruffled inflorescences with delicate watercolor tints on the petals at the edges the color dissolves into a milky shade, and closer to the middle it approaches crimson or peach.


Variety Aelita is prone to cap flowering. A compact bush with embossed leaves.

LES-Peach Shine

Warm, caramelized peach bouquet. The flowers are very large, 6-7 cm. Just one row of lace petals is decorated with crimson rays radiating from the center of the inflorescence. Bright yellow stamens are well expressed and pleasantly set off the saturation of the bud.

les peach shine

Standard rosette leaves with long petioles.

winter smiles african violet

The incredible variety Zima smiles is not like the others – as if the snow sparkles in the sun, and around the edges there is a lemon or lettuce openwork edge. The flowers are medium in size about 5 cm.

winter smiles african violet

Blooms long and profusely. The underside of the leaf is purple.

fairy pink african violet

A pale pink-violet with star-shaped flowers and small purple dots and stripes. Lace fringed edges, round buds, like cotton candy balls.

fairy pink african violet

A fabulous lush bouquet of ten flowers is a common thing for this variety. Standard dense rosette of large leaves.

Buckeye colossal

This violet looks more like an outlandish orchid than a cute bush from grandma’s windowsill. Lilac star-shaped flower, semi-double. Scarlet or purple sparkles are scattered around the edges of the wavy leaves. The buds are medium in size, about 5 cm.

buckeye colossal

cm pink pearl african violet

Mother-of-pearl terry inflorescences with light tints on the petals from peach to cold pink. In the center of the petal, the shades become brighter. Diameter up to 6 cm.

cm pink pearl african violet

The socket is standard, flat, does not require shaping. Flowers stay fresh for a very long time.

RS-Pink Paradise

A lush hat of delicate, very decorative crimson flowers with splashes of fuchsia around the edges. The core of the bud is almost white.

rs pink paradise african violet

Pointed lettuce leaves emphasize the freshness of the elegant bouquet. The flowers are simple or slightly double, the edges are slightly wavy, but very beautifully “stitched”.

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simplest and most common pink african violet

Simple, straightforward homemade violets are very common among flower lovers. Often they can be borrowed for free from friends or acquaintances. The names of such varieties are practically unknown, but here is the Pink Amiss variety, which reminds everyone of the familiar grandmother’s violets.

Most often, simple indoor violets are painted closer to lilac or burgundy tones, and a pink tint occurs in young or weakened plants.

Important! The pronounced color of the suckling pig is still an achievement of modern breeding.


If your violet shade does not match the advertising brochures, there are three options:

  • you are comparing with a picture processed in a photo editor, where the colors are unnatural. Often, in natural light and lamp light, the same plant looks completely different ;
  • the conditions of detention affect the severity of varietal traits and do not allow the violet to show all its advantages. Reread the plant care guidelines and try to achieve the right temperature and lighting. Perhaps, by the next flowering, the violet will already show itself in all its glory;
  • you rooted a leaf from a beautiful varietal violet , but the baby did not inherit the color and shape of the flower it means that you have grown up a sport from the variety . In violets, this is a frequent occurrence, you need to try to root a few more cuttings, wait for flowering and choose the one that looks like the mother plant.

The choice of indoor pink Saintpaulias is extremely diverse and increases every day. In addition, many varieties produce babies with unpredictable results – the varietal characteristics of such plants are very variable.

Each violet is unique in its own way and somewhat different from the others. In good conditions, even very simple Saintpaulias are pleasing to the eye, and thoroughbred specimens become a real treasure.

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