Indoor Plants Specifications

In this section, you will get knowledge of different houseplants and other plant species, varieties, and types.

Different HousePlants Specifications and Identification

peperomia obtusifolia

Peperomia Obtusifolia (blunt leaf): Care, Habitat, Propagation

Plants of the Peperomia family are great for beginner flower growers. All members of the family are unpretentious in care, ...
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calathea varieties

26 Calathea Varieties: Best as Indoor Plant Foe Very Home

Based on the data of the encyclopedic Internet resource The Plant List, the genus Calathea has 286 species. Each of ...
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scindapsus varieties

8 Scindapsus Varieties For Indoor Plant with Care at Home

Scindapsus is one of the most common home-grown vines. This plant fell in love with flower growers for its unpretentiousness, ...
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peperomia ferreyrae

Peperomia Ferreyrae Plant (Happy Bean): Care, Propagation

Peperomia Ferreyrae is a succulent plant with unusual light green leaves. It is unpretentious in care, therefore it is suitable ...
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aglaonema pictum tricolor

Aglaonema Pictum Tricolor: Care, Propagation, Potting (Guide)

Aglaonema pictum tricolor is well known and popular among lovers of decorative leafy indoor plants. Novice flower growers can take it ...
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