Watering Money Plants: how often to water indoor money plant?

The fat woman is an easy-to-care indoor plant. But you need to know how to water the money plant correctly so as not to ruin it. No one will give a simple answer to the question of how often to water indoor money plant. And do not listen to advice from the forums. After all, the advisor can live in Krasnodar, where it is warm and dry, and the one who needs advice – in St. Petersburg, where there is little sun and damp. It is better to learn how to properly care for the fat woman and determine when the plant does not have enough water or, conversely, there is too much of it.

watering money plant

The fat woman is succulent, therefore it does not belong to moisture-loving plants. It develops so that in case of drought, it has water reserves in plump leaves. This will help hold out until the next watering.

In nature, during the rains, the plant accumulates water in the cells of the leaves. During drought, the cells slowly release moisture to nourish the entire plant. This mechanism allows it to flourish even in dry seasons. Therefore, the money plant can do without a lot of water.

From this conclusion – it is better to leave the succulent slightly dry than too wet. This does not mean that you can forget about the fat woman for a month and not water it. Water is essential for plant health.

how often to water indoor money plant?

Money Plant is a drought-tolerant plant with a low water requirement. But how often to water the money plant is the most difficult question since it is impossible to say for sure because everyone has different conditions of detention.

how often to water indoor money plant

The rate of evaporation of water is influenced by the size of the pot, the material from which it is made, the composition of the soil, and the humidity of the air at home. For example, if the ground is loose and the air is dry, then you need to water it more often – once a week or two. If the soil is water-absorbing and the humidity is high at home, then you can water it once every 2-3 weeks.

Watering a fat woman at home is carried out according to the following rule completely wet the entire earthen lump and let it dry well before the next procedure. It usually takes a week or more to dry.

When watering, water should flow out of the drainage holes. This prompts the plant to pull the roots down. The water that passes through the ground and pours into the sump must be drained. If you wet the soil only from above, the roots may begin to stretch upward. And it will not be clear whether Crassula needs water.

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Signs of water scarcity

If the flower is experiencing problems with the flow of water, the reservoir cells release moisture. When reserves are depleted, cells decrease in size. What is noticeable by the leaves. They become dull, withered, shriveled. This is a clear sign that the plant lacks water. The situation is fixable. After watering, the wrinkles will be smoothed out and the leaves will become plump and shiny again in just 2 days. Therefore, you need to watch the fat woman, and she herself will tell you what she wants to drink.

Some growers determine that it is time to water the Crassula when its lower leaves begin to wrinkle.

Signs of excess water

Excessive watering of the money plant is the most common cause of plant death. An excess of moisture leads to the fact that the reservoir cells overflow and burst. Damage to cellular structures results in the decay of leaves and roots. And since the roots have rotted, the plant has nothing to drink with which affects the state of the foliage.

The first signs of waterlogging:

  • The leaves become discolored and translucent.
  • The elasticity is lost, the leaves are soft, watery.
  • There are signs of necrosis on the leaves.

Such leaves will no longer recover and the plant will throw them off. Rescuing a fat woman in such a state is difficult.

What to do to overwatered money plant?

When external signs indicate an excess of moisture, it is necessary to start resuscitation of the plant from the roots.

If the trunk is tight and the plant has not dropped the leaves, then there are no signs of rotting. You need to stretch out the plant with a lump of earth and let it dry for 1-2 days. Nothing will happen if you need to get the fat girl out of the pot.

what to do to overwatered money plant

If rotten roots are found, you need to get rid of them. Do not be afraid to cut them off, the flower will grow new ones quickly enough. Then you need to transplant the fat woman into a new land and not water for a week so that the wounds on the roots heal and do not rot again.

Rot can spread from the roots to the trunk. It becomes soft, blackens. In this case, the fatty genus can be extended only by rooting a living shoot in order to get a new plant.

How to water Money Plant at different times of year?

How many times and how to water the fat woman correctly depends largely on the time of year. In spring, daylight hours increase, the temperature rises, and all life processes of the plant are activated. In summer, the bastard grows actively, increases the leaf mass, therefore it needs more water and feeding.

The fat woman belongs to the group of evergreens, which in the fall enter a state of shallow dormancy, when development slows down, but complete fading does not occur. Therefore, with the onset of autumn, the frequency of watering the money plant decreases, and feeding stops.

water a money plant in spring and summer

In spring and summer, watering the money plant at home should be abundant. At the same time, let the soil dry out, but not dry out for a long time.

In the warm season, when it is very hot, it is better to water the plant in the evening. Otherwise, the roots of the crassula will cook from the moist soil heated in the sun. It is also recommended to water the fat women in the evening for another reason. Photosynthesis for this representative of succulents lasts all daylight hours, but at lunchtime (12-15 hours) it slows down and it is not desirable for the earth to be wet during this interval. In the evening, metabolic processes are accelerated, therefore, it is better to water in the evening.

The danger for the fat woman in summer is a sharp increase in temperatures, especially in plants standing close to the windowpane. In summer, thermometer readings can rise to +45 degrees, and this despite the fact that even at +30, Crassula feels bad. Stagnation begins – growth slowdown. This is a protective reaction against high temperatures.

At this time, if the plant is watered abundantly, then it may refuse to drink water. The heat, humidity in the pot is nowhere higher – an ideal environment for the spread of rot. In such conditions, rot can destroy the bastard in a few days.

You will need to dry the roots to avoid rotting and change the wet soil to dry.

water money plant in autumn and winter

In winter, it is better to keep the fat woman at a temperature not higher than +14 degrees. If this is not possible, artificial lighting will be required. In apartments with working batteries, the temperature is rarely less than 24-25 degrees. For a fat woman, this is a call: “let’s grow faster.” For other indoor plants check out how often to water indoor plants in winter?

If you continue to water and feed Crassula in autumn and winter, unwanted branches will begin to grow, which will ruin the appearance of the plant. It will stretch out, and the leaves will remain underdeveloped. Therefore, during the dormant period, watering is gradually reduced to scanty, when only the top layer of the soil is wetted. The main goal is to prevent the roots from drying out completely. Therefore, Crassula in winter can be watered once every 3 weeks.

During the cold season, you should try to avoid watering with too warm water, so as not to stimulate the growth of the plant. In winter, it is better to water the fat woman in the morning so that the earth can dry out by night in case of sudden temperature changes.

Can i use tap water to water money plant

You can use tap water for watering at home. But be sure to let it settle for at least a day so that the chlorine compounds have time to evaporate. There are many salts of various elements in tap water. Regular watering shortens the life of the substrate faster, and the plant needs to be replanted more often.

The best option is to use water that has passed through a reverse osmosis filter. It should be slightly warmer than room temperature. Watering with cold water will do without consequences for the plant. One such procedure is enough for the crassula to stand without leaves in the morning and root decay begins.

Can we spray water on money plant leaves?

A common mistake when watering a fat woman is spraying water over the leaves. Wetting the plates leads to their decay they can rot or become covered with rust spots. In case of accidental ingress of water, it should be blotted with a napkin, but not rubbed.

For watering, it is better to use containers with a long spout: special watering cans or bottles with long nozzles.

recommendations in watering money plants

There are several recommendations when caring for a fat woman at home, which are important to follow:

recommendations in watering money plants
Recommendations Complications
Do not use cold water.Under such stress, Crassula will slow down growth, and in the cold season, it may die.
Do not water if the temperature in the room where the flower is kept is below +10 degrees.Will quickly decay.
Do not water poorly and often.A dry clod of earth is formed. Water flows down the walls of the pot and the roots do not receive moisture.
Do not leave water in the pan.The consequences are root decay, the appearance of mushroom mosquitoes. The death of the plant is possible.

little about the soil

A discussion on how to properly water a money plant will not be complete if the topic of soil is not touched upon. The fat woman needs soil that will ensure the rapid passage and outflow of water. In too damp soil, the roots rot quickly.

A ready-made mixture for cacti and succulents is suitable or prepared yourself. The main thing is that the soil is loose, conducts moisture well, and the pot has drainage holes.

There is a way to test the earth for a fat woman. You need to take a handful of the earth that you plan to use and moisten it with water. And then shrink. If you get a lump, this kind of land is not suitable. If the soil crumbles, Crassula can be planted.

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Is it possible to spray money plant

The fat woman tolerates spraying well. But there are a number of conditions the water must be warm, and the atomizer is finely dispersed so that the water particles are as small as fog. If you spray a money plant with large drops, this will not be beneficial, but rather harmful. Especially if the water stagnates in the depressions at the base of the leaves, then a favorable environment will be created for the appearance of rot.

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