Cactus Plant

Cactus is one of the best houseplants. For centuries, grown in semi-deserts and rainforests, cacti have successfully adapted to existence in apartments and offices around the world. Although the fashion for them remained in the last century, nevertheless, these representatives of the flora are still included in the list of the most popular indoor plants. It is believed that in addition to aesthetic appeal, cultivated cacti also have unique abilities.

For example, they prevent conflicts and neutralize radiation from household appliances. As a rule, the cactus has no leaves. In the process of evolution, they have successfully evolved into bristles, needles, and hairs. The fulfillment of the functions of the leaves had to be taken over by thickened, waxy bloom stems: spherical, elongated, ribbed, depending on the species. Even the most indifferent to plants, buying a blooming cactus changes dramatically. 

Small, large, a whole group of buds or a single flower conquer with a variety of shades, and some also with aromas. Some plants bloom annually, others every few years. Flowering lasts both several months and less than an hour. Seeds emerge from the fruits, suitable for growing young plants. Despite the fact that cacti have fully adapted to the rather harsh natural living conditions, they require care and attention as indoor plants. They need to be watered and fed in a timely manner, an optimal temperature regime should be created, and transplanted on time, and proper conditions for winter recreation should be provided.

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