Violets Flower Types

Violets Flower Types, Varieties and Species Guides

chimera african violet

Chimera African Violet: Varieties, Care, Growing, Reviews

A flower of touching beauty and tenderness, once grown near African streams, it has been rapidly changing and improving for ...
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pink african violet

Pink African Violet: Varieties with Name and Photos (Top 10)

In the thousands of new varieties of violets, it is very difficult to choose a flower that suits your heart ...
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miniature violets

Miniature Violets (Mini, Semi African Violets) Care, Growing

At flower exhibitions, small rosettes of violets blooming with full-fledged flowers are often surprised. In the article, you will learn ...
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blue african violets with photos and names

Top 10 Blue African Violets with Photos and Names

Among the variety of violets, one can clearly distinguish varieties that have a beautiful blue color. The shade options are very different from light blue, close ...
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african violet color varieties

African Violet Color Varieties (Saintpaulias): All colores

This article will describe African violet color varieties with varying degrees of terry. The article will be relevant and useful ...
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history of african violets

All about History Of African Violets and Facts, Origin, Names

The indoor violet has rightfully won many window sills, and greenhouses. This small flower conquers with its compactness, aesthetics, and excellent flowering. But still, most ...
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