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african violet leaves curling upwards

African Violet Leaves Curling Upwards: Causes and Treatment

Violet requires careful care. You must take care of plant leaves regularly to prevent African violet leaves curling upward or ...
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powdery mildew on african violets

Powdery Mildew On African Violets: Causes and Treatment Methods at Home

All fungal diseases appear as a result of improper care of the violet. Poorly organized conditions of detention led to the death ...
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how to save an african violet from dying

How To Save An African Violet From Dying?

Regardless of the thoroughness of care and the number of specimens in the collection, there are cases where violets die ...
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african violet light requirements

African Violet Light Requirements: Growing Lights Setup Guide

The duration and intensity of light play an important role in the life cycle of the African violet. As a rule, ...
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how to prune an african violet

How To Prune An African Violet? (Complete Guide)

Forming a correct and even rosette is a serious task for all growers. Also, an important point in caring for ...
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how to make african violet soil mix

How To Make African Violet Soil Mix at Home? (Best Soil Mix)

Do you know which soil will suit your violets? Indeed, it depends on the correctly selected soil how well the plant will ...
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why are my african violet leaves turning brown with spots

Why Are My African Violet Leaves Turning Brown? ( Treatment)

As with other indoor plants, brown spots sometimes form African violet leaves turning brown with spots. Their appearance can be caused by various reasons, ...
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why are my african violet leaves drooping

Why African Violet Leaves Drooping? (Causes and Treatement)

The situation in which the leaves of a violet fall down occurs quite often. At the same time, the leaves ...
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rooting african violet leaves in water

Rooting African Violet Leaves In Water Step by Step Guide

Propagation of African violets by a leaf is the simplest and therefore very common method of rooting African violet leaves ...
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what kind of pot do african violets need

What Size Pot For African Violet? (Best size and material)

African violet grows quickly, bloom at an early age, throw out buds all year round or with short interruptions. If ...
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how often do you water an african violet

How Often Do You Water An African Violet? ( Watering Guide)

When caring for violets, one should not forget that these are African plants. Their roots are accustomed to a poor, but well-drained ...
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why are my african violet leaves turning yellow

African Violet Leaves Turning Yellow: Causes and Treatment

Indoor violet (African violet, Saintpaulia) pleases the eye and gives flowering comfort to the home interior. The most common problem ...
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how do i get my african violet to bloom again

Get African Violet To Bloom Again: Best Effective Methods

When buying a violet, everyone hopes that the beautiful flowering will be as long as possible. But in addition to ...
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wick watering system for african violets

How to make wick watering system for African violets? Step by Step Guide

There are times when your favorite flowers need to be left for a long period or there is simply not ...
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propagating violets by leaves

4 Methods for propagating African violets Step by Step Guide

Indoor African Violets add coziness, beauty to the interior of the apartment. They are absolutely harmless to others. They bloom ...
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african violet too many leaves

African violet too many leaves What to do?

Many people ask African violet too many leave whether it is possible to trim the leaves of violet is one ...
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can you repot african violets when they are blooming

Can You Repot African Violets When They Are Blooming

An undesirable, sometimes forced procedure, like transplant or repot African violet when blooming, baffles newcomers to flower growers to transplant or ...
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when to transplant african violets

When To Transplant African Violets?

All plants require transplanting, and the violet is no exception. This may be required both at a young age to ...
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transplanting african violets

Transplanting African Violets: Time, Methods, Pot, Care

Any indoor plant in the course of its life needs a transplant in order to replace the soil with a ...
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night violet flower

Night Violet Flower: Care, Propagation Indoor And Garden

A bright, intoxicating flower with its aroma adorns many flower beds and household plots. This plant is a "night violet flower". With ...
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