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How To Revive An Orchid Without Leaves

How To Revive An Orchid Without Leaves? Beginners Guide

Orchids, Orchids Beginner Tips

Orchid is a beautiful but whimsical flower. Therefore, at the slightest deviation from optimal conditions, it begins to hurt. One of the …
Unhealthy Orchid Roots

Unhealthy Orchid Roots: Diseases, Treatment, Prevention

Orchids, Orchids Problems

If the roots of orchids begin to blacken, then the owner of the plant needs to take urgent measures to …
How To Care For Orchids When Flowers Die

How To Care For Orchids When Flowers Die?

Orchids, Orchids Problems

An orchid cannot be called an unpretentious plant. But all the difficulties of care are more than offset by its beauty during …
Yellow Christmas Cactus

Where to buy Yellow Christmas Cactus? Varieties, Care, Photos

Cactus, Types of Cactus

Schlumberger is a plant widely known as the name Christmas cactus, Decembrist, and thanksgiving. It can be found in almost every …
What Is Orchid Keiki Paste

What is Orchid Keiki Paste? An effective remedy for orchid growers

Orchids, Orchids Beginner Tips

Orchids are loved by many flower growers for their bright, showy flowers. But in order to achieve flowering from a capricious …
Yellow Oncidium Orchid Care

Yellow Oncidium Orchid Care: Watering, Temperature, Potting

Orchids, Orchids Beginner Tips

The small yellow oncidium hybrid is famous for its rapid growth and abundant flowering. Graceful erect peduncles rise above the lanceolate …
Oncidium Orchid Varieties

15 Oncidium Orchid Varieties: Identification With Photo And Description

Orchids, Types of Orchids

The Oncidium Orchid is a herbaceous perennial from South and Central America. Belongs to the Orchid family, which includes epiphytes and lithophytes. There are …
How Do Orchids Reproduce

How Do Orchids Reproduce? Complete Reproduction Of Orchids At Home

Orchids, Orchids Beginner Tips

Many people are happy to breed epiphytes both for themselves and for sale. We bring to your attention step-by-step instructions …
How Long Do Phalaenopsis Orchids Live

How Long Do Phalaenopsis Orchids Live? How To Restore An Old Plant? Flower Care In Different Periods

Orchids, Orchids Beginner Tips

Phalaenopsis often becomes the first orchid of a novice grower. Thanks to breeders, it has become the most unpretentious flower from the …
What Is The Best Fertilizer For Orchids

Best Fertilizers For Orchid? Natural, Complex, NPK (Feeds)

Orchids, Orchids Beginner Tips

For annual, abundant flowering, orchids need correct and timely feeding. At the same time, it is very important to observe the …
White Sticky On Orchids

How To Get Rid Of White Sticky On Orchids?

Orchids, Orchids Problems

An orchid is a beautiful plant, but at the same time capricious and expensive. That is why the happy owners of …
Why Are My Orchid Leaves Cracking

Why Are My Orchid Leaves Cracking? Proper Care After Fixing

Orchids, Orchids Problems

Often beginners ask experienced plant growers why orchid leaves are cracking. Prevention against diseases and knowledge of ways to restore the …
Best Growing Medium For Orchids

Best Growing Medium for orchids: Buy or Make your self

Orchids, Orchids Beginner Tips

Need to choose the potting medium for Orchids as carefully as possible. Even a slight deviation from the recommended composition can …
Orchid Roots Dry Shriveled

Why are orchid roots dry shriveled? Proper care after Fixing

Orchids, Orchids Problems

Orchids have one interesting feature that is not known to all lovers of exotic beauties. The condition of the underground organs …
Why Do Miltonia Orchid Leaves Turning Yellow

Why do Miltonia Orchid leaves turning yellow?

Orchids, Orchids Problems

Caring for Miltonia orchid at home: Why do Miltonia Orchid leaves turning yellow, how to restore, how to maintain at …
What Is Miltoniopsis Orchids

What is Miltoniopsis Orchids, Species, Care and Problems

Orchids, Types of Orchids

The soil Lightweight, breathable with the addition of sphagnum and perlite or orchid substrate. The size from 40 to 60 …
Growing Phalaenopsis Orchids Under Lights

Growing Phalaenopsis Orchids under Lights

Orchids, Orchids Beginner Tips

If earlier only experienced flower growers were engaged in the cultivation of orchids, then over the past few years the …
Best Orchid Pots For Phalaenopsis

10 Best Orchid Pots For Phalaenopsis | Some DIY Ideas at Home

Orchids, Orchids Potting Tools

Before every fan of phalaenopsis, there is the difficult task of choosing the right container and pots for growing. Incorrectly selected …
Methods For Propagating Orchids From Aerial Roots And Regular Roots

How to Propagate Orchids From Aerial Roots? (Best Methods)

Orchids, Orchids Beginner Tips

The orchid is bright and beautiful, so many growers are trying to grow orchids at home. But you should know that …