10 Best Orchid Pots For Phalaenopsis | Some DIY Ideas at Home

Before every fan of phalaenopsis, there is the difficult task of choosing the right container and pots for growing. Incorrectly selected pots for orchids entail unpleasant consequences and even the death of indoor flowers. To choose the Best Orchid Pots for Phalaenopsis correctly, you need to understand what conditions a flower needs for full growth, roots growth, and flowering. The information below will help you choose the capacity even for the grower who first decided to grow these mysterious plants or wants to repot your orchid or at last, we have also a section about DIY orchid pots at home with your own hands.

10 Best Orchid Pots For Phalaenopsis

We also provide you with a list of top-rated 10 best orchid pots for phalaenopsis that are highly recommended by experts.

Best Orchid Pots For PhalaenopsisBenefitsCheck Price
1rePotme Slotted Clear Orchid Pot These pots have slots that are small enough to allow you to use your own growing medium without any of it falling out
The slots in the pots are large enough that you can keep an eye on your plant without having to move it around the room
The plastic is sturdy and not flimsy like most other plastic pots
This is a set of four different sizes of pots, ideal for those who grow orchids or tropical plants
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2Mkono Plastic Planter Potthese planters are double-planters, which means that they include both an outer pot and an inner pot, which can be used separately for two different plants, or together for one plant
the outer pot is white matte finished to resemble concrete, and the inner pot is transparent for more ventilation
the inner pot has a slotted side to allow roots to dry out
this set includes two of each planter
users report that orchids grow much better in these planters than in similar planters
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3TRENDSPOT 5IN Orchid Pot Taperit will be a little heavier, but it will keep your plant hydrated
it does catch water when it overflows, which can help protect your floors from water damage
the holes in the planter are large enough to allow the excess water to drain off
the pot can be submerged for watering, making it easy to care for the plant
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4rePotme 3.75 inch Carousel Orchid Potcan also be used for other types of plants
high quality pot
makes plants thrive
can be used as a potted plant, planter or vase
very affordable
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5Atri Ceramic Orchid Pot with HolesIt is the best choice for those who want to have a trendy or unique pot
Ceramic pots can be bought in different sizes, and you can even buy an extra large pot. This will make sure that your orchids grow in a larger area
The bottom of the pot can be used as a resting place for your potting soil
Ceramic pots are great because they last forever. They will not be easily damaged or chipped, and you will be able to use them in many years
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6FEIAA Plant Pots Indoor Planterthe decorative pot has a good drainage system
the decorative pot is also suitable for your orchid plant
the glazing is also safe for your orchid
you don’t have to worry about the potting medium
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7Eastland Glass Cylinder Vase Set of 3You must be careful what type of orchid you plant in it, and how you water it
you can easily see the roots, and can easily decide if the plant needs watering or not.
You can avoid root rotting
clay pellets will absorb excess water
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8Clear Orchid pots with Holes Plasticyou will save money as you won’t need to buy a new pot every time you repot
you can repot any time you want as you don’t need to change the pot. So, no need to wait for it to dry out
the pot is better because it keeps the roots from touching the soil
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9Sun Bulb 51720 Better GRO Octagon Cedar BasketThese baskets are ideal for displaying plants, but they also make great planters
you will need a liner to prevent soil or bark from falling out of the gaps
the baskets are very sturdy and should last a long time
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10Hanging Planter Basket with Coconut Lineryou can place it inside or outside
you can choose where you want to place it
you can choose to have more than one
you can plant it in hanging pots or baskets
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what kind of pots do orchids like?

Orchid pots do more than just a decorative role. While beautiful vases are popular with women, they must be suitable for the flower variety. 

To determine which pot you need for your orchid, it is important to consider the following factors:

  1. The flower needs warmth and light, and this can be given in the standard planting capacity. A small pot is recommended for a young flower.
  2. The pot must protect against hypothermia and overheating.
  3. The type of material for creating a vase is determined by the type of plant. For most colors, the power supply system requires observation, which is why it is preferable to pick up transparent objects. This is also required to determine the watering level. You can control the saturation of the root system by its color, and this is impossible without viewing. For example, glass pots are suitable for Wand orchids, Cattleya, and others – ceramic, with the presence of pseudobulbs.
  4. Possibility of through water penetration. During watering, the flower slowly absorbs moisture. The excess is necessarily removed. For this reason, orchid stands must be equipped with water drainage holes.

An important point is volume, the development of roots depends on it. The plant does not need free space. Which pot to transplant phalaenopsis into? When the orchid grows out of the old one, another one is selected, with a diameter 1 cm larger.

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types of orchid pots: Best Material for Orchid Pots

Initially, it is important to pay attention to the material of manufacture of the container. There are many transparent and translucent models. Of the most widespread, we will consider each type in more detail.

Main Selection Criteria Best Orchid Pots For Phalaenopsis

Glass Orchid Pots

Is it necessary to plant an orchid in a transparent pot? Those who are engaged in the cultivation of this plant will say yes. And this is actually so because flowers need special care. The glass bottom and walls allow you to fully assess the health of the phalaenopsis root system. However, transparent containers have certain disadvantages.

Glass flower pots have the following disadvantages:

  1. The glass prevents the penetration of air molecules. Some note that sometimes algae grows in such a pot. If orchids are not transplanted on time, this will certainly lead to damage to the grown plants.
  2. If there are not enough ventilation holes, it will be difficult to create new ones in the glass.

And yet, observing all the requirements for caring for a houseplant, you can plant an orchid in a glass container. Glass orchid pots are luxurious looking and provide an opportunity to provide the plant with the necessary care. When choosing, it is important to give preference to a product with a detailed hole system.

If you are confused about watering orchids after repotting.

Plastic Orchids Pots

Plastic containers must meet all required parameters. When choosing which pots to grow orchids in, connoisseurs stop at the plastic ones. The transparent viewing space allows you to take proper care of the flower. It is not difficult to pick up such an item. If the chosen option has an ill-conceived ventilated system, it will be easy to make additional holes in the pot. To do this, use an ordinary nail heated over a fire. You can use such a container as well as a regular one.

Sometimes flower growers find this problem: when transplanting an orchid, the roots went through the drainage holes. It is very difficult to get them without damage. In this case, the plastic pot has a big advantage. It can be cut and the roots are taken out, keeping their integrity.

The plastic pot has a couple of disadvantages. It is lightweight and unstable. Moreover, such containers do not have an attractive design. You can compensate for this by picking up a beautiful and weighty planter.

A clear plastic container is the right pot for an orchid, as it allows daylight to participate in fusion within the food system. And also plastic is a good heat insulator.

Decorative Orchids Pots

Decorative Orchids Pots 1

Before choosing an orchid pot, owners must take into account not only personal wishes, but also the requirements for growing this flower. Many decorative products do not have such advantages, especially if they are made by hand. While a homemade pot looks beautiful, it is often unsuitable for keeping phalaenopsis. Decorated areas act as light insulators. Can I plant an orchid in an opaque pot? It is possible, but then it will be difficult for her to provide the required care.

If you really want to beautifully decorate the planted flower, it is recommended to use two containers. In the first, transparent, with a drainage system, the orchid will grow. In the second, decorative part, the first item is installed. The outer one is recommended to use a slightly larger diameter. The orchid will look beautiful and at the same time grow in the right conditions.

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Clay Orchids Pots

Modern clay containers for phalaenopsis are made in the form of wicker baskets. The clay itself does not transmit light. But, the structure of the walls of the product allows for peripheral perception and the effect of light sources. Wicker clay is not a moisture insulator, but it conducts heat well. These baskets look beautiful and allow the flower to grow in good conditions.

In which object is it better to define an orchid? When choosing a good drainage option, it is not rational to opt for a product with glazed clay. In such a pot, the walls inside the container are rough, which can contribute to the ingrowth of the food system, followed by rotting.

Mostly large orchid pots with holes are also made of clay.

Among the many options used, it is recommended to choose containers of light colors. They do not attract the sun’s rays to avoid excessive overheating.

Ceramic Orchid Pots

The ceramics are opaque, which means that monitoring the moisture content of the substrate will not work. Such models are allowed, but not recommended.

Ceramic Orchid Pots

Which pots are suitable for an orchid:

  1. Heavy and weighty. If the flower is tall, then the size of the orchid pots should be appropriate. A plant planted in a ceramic pot will be protected from breakage or falls.
  2. Porous. The porous ceramic structure promotes air circulation. The roots receive enough oxygen, but there is a lack of light.

Before choosing the right orchids container, you should familiarize yourself with its shortcomings:

  1. There is a possibility of damage during transplantation.
  2. There is no way to monitor the state of the substrate and the root system.
  3. A root can grow into a ceramic object.

The ceramic surface retains salts and water impurities. In this state, the root requires periodic transplantation.

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Varieties of Orchid Pots For Phalaenopsis

The original pot can be made by hand. Why does an orchid need a purchased container, if you can make it yourself? Still, some industrial products are better than homemade ones. This is a double pot and product with a drainage system.

Orchid pots with holes: Do orchid pots need drainage holes?

Orchid Pots With Holes

The drainage container is recognized as the best for this flower. To provide the plant with regular, even watering, you can make slots in the orchid pot with your own hands, this is done with a heated nail or drill, depending on the material of the pot. Good drainage containers provide for the location of holes not only at the bottom but also on the walls. Thanks to these slots, the air is properly ventilated. Algae do not grow near the stem, microorganisms do not multiply.

Mesh Orchid Pots: Are mesh pots good for orchids?

The pot bottom can be double. Having such a foundation often saves busy people who do not have time for regular watering. Through the drainage holes, water enters the second bottom. It will be possible to drain the surplus in any free time. However, even in such a pot, the plant needs full care. You cannot leave water for a long time on the second day, as this will contribute to increased humidity and, accordingly, rotting of elements.

The practicality of such containers is better than usual. When choosing whether to stay on double models or not, you should consider:

  • appearance of products;
  • the availability of regular orchid care;
  • opportunity for flower growth.

Sometimes double bottom pots play a decorative role. The insert with drainage holes allows for proper watering, and the outer part, made of more beautiful and refined materials, serves as decor.

DIY Orchids Pots

Homemade flower containers are rarely used. And yet, many materials can be used to make a functional pot that allows you to properly care for the plant. Can be used:

  • plastic vases;
  • plastic bottles;
  • wicker baskets.

Any plastic product that is suitable in shape and number of cubic centimeters to accommodate a flower can be used to make a pot. A prerequisite is the creation of drainage holes. They are made with a pre-heated wire or nail. In this way, you can modify a plastic bottle, container, or glass. For beauty, it is advisable to come up with additional decorative elements or decorate the stand. Then it will look more original. You can use tree bark for decoration, wrap it around the pot and tie it with tape.

We recommend using wicker baskets only for a short time. While they look nice and are a good drainage option, it is possible for the roots to stick to the sides of a homemade container. In this case, in the process of transplanting, the stems will be damaged, which will negatively affect the condition of the flower.

If an old vase is used as a pot, it is advisable to take care of the drainage system. If it is not possible to make it, the vase is suitable only for short-term maintenance of the orchid. A vase without a drainage system can be used as a planter. In some materials the vases are made of, the drainage holes can be drilled with a drill.

Ideal Pot Size for Phalaenopsis Orchids

Having figured out why orchids are planted in transparent pots, you should pay attention to the number of cubic centimeters that can fit into the container. The growing stem of phalaenopsis is designed in such a way that it does not need large pots for proper growth. 

To choose the right model for transplantation, you should rely on a few simple rules:

  1. It is enough to look at the growing system. The volume of the new container must contain it completely. When transplanting, the phalaenopsis pot is determined by the diameter of the past with the addition of 1-2 cm.
  2. The height must be identical to the diameter. It is these proportions that will allow this system to develop correctly.
  3. An object with a narrowed top is prohibited. The formed power system cannot be transported.

Important! When planting two plants in one container, it is important to summarize the needs of both, and based on this, choose the required volume.

How to decorate phalaenopsis orchid pot?

How to decorate your chosen phalaenopsis orchid pot? Some opt for pots. Many pendants are made from glass, ceramic, clay, or plastic material. Orchid planters can be used as a permanent decoration of the place where a flower grows, or exclusively for photo sessions.

How To Decorate Phalaenopsis Orchid Pot 1

It is believed that the pots must necessarily let light through since the phalaenopsis root system badly needs it. But practice shows that these plants do well even in opaque containers. The choice is up to the florist. If you still want to pamper your plant with additional light, there are many options for beautiful transparent pots: openwork, colored, with images. Orchid planters can be anything because long-term flowering is not provided by it, but by a pot. But there is an important nuance, this is the size of the product. A finger should be placed between the wall of the planter and the pot.

The cache-pot can be installed in a different way: there are floor options, hanging, located on tables, and special stands for flowers. Models for planting flowers at the same time are considered especially popular. With the help of such pots, they create a beautiful gallery. Which option is more appropriate depends on the room or room.

how to make orchid pots at home?

You can make pots with your own hands using scrap materials. The most beautiful are those made from wicker baskets, and tree stumps. Below are three options for making this product yourself.

making orchid pots from stump

Use a cut of a log a stump. The parameter of the product depends on its future location and the required internal space:

  • for large structures, the floor version is recommended;
  • for one plant, a volume of 1 liter is enough.

Drill make in-depth outlines of the modified area. Then, with the help of carpentry tools, take out the indicated middle, align and remove the burrs. The depth of this cut should be appropriate to the needs of the flower feeding system. Then holes are made in the walls and bottom for ventilation.

It is recommended to install such a planter on a stand to avoid moisture on the floor. After carrying out all the stages, the container will be ready for use.

Diy orchid pots from bottle

Both vertical and horizontal pots are made from plastic bottles. In this case, the excess part of the product is cut off. It is not necessary to make an even cut. The plastic bends easily, which allows it to be beautifully cut. It is obligatory to make holes for the water outlet. They can be made with a fire-calcined round screwdriver. Whatever the location of the pots (vertical or horizontal), the holes should be located at the bottom.

From The Bottle

orchid pots from hanging planter

Any plastic item with a double bottom is suitable for making a hanging planter. This base provides good moisture insulation. Holes are made at the top of the outer pot, into which threads or braided wires are placed. There should be at least three hanging points – this will provide the plant with stability. Having planted a flower in pots, it is hung in the chosen place.

Properly selected packaging is an important component of the health and photosynthesis of phalaenopsis. A plant provided with care and a convenient location will delight with beautiful flowers for more than one year.


We have discussed in detail about Best Orchid Pots For Phalaenopsis and what are types of pots with the material they are made of. Choose the best and most suitable Phalaenopsis Orchid Pots.

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