4 Methods for propagating African violets Step by Step Guide

Indoor African Violets add coziness, beauty to the interior of the apartment. They are absolutely harmless to others. They bloom all year round. There are main four ways for the propagation of violets.

Today you can find a large number of shapes, colors. Easy care and reproduction make violets quite popular.

They can be found on many windowsills. Next, we will talk about how violets propagation.

propagating african violets

There are thousands of varieties of this popular plant. Breeders come up with more and more new ways of breeding violets, using different parts of the flower for this. Is it possible to plant violets at home or is it available only to specialists?

The main methods of propagating African violets indoors:

  • peduncle;
  • leaves;
  • propagation of violets by children.
  • seeds

There is no answer on how best to propagate violets; the owner of the plant himself chooses the method.

propagating violets by Leaves

The most common, habitual method is to propagate indoor violets using a leaf. This is the easiest method.

Reproduction of violets by cuttings is as follows:

  • an elastic, undamaged, brightly colored leaf from the middle tier of an adult healthy plant is cut with a sharp knife;

IMPORTANT! The leaves of a young plant are not suitable for rooting with this method. We propagate only by adult specimens, not infected with diseases or pests.

  • it is dried for several minutes, the tip is sprinkled with root powder, placed in a glass of clean water at room temperature;
  • after the roots appear, they are planted, using a plastic glass or a small pot with a suitable soil for this, they make a greenhouse.
propagating violets by leaves

Photo step by step how to propagate violets at home.

You can not use water, but immediately plant it in a glass with earth, but it will be impossible to monitor the germination process.

This method is suitable for those who want to know how to quickly propagate a violet since in this case, young plants do not experience stress during transplantation.

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propagation of violets by children

Options for propagating indoor violets in a vegetative way:

  • reproduction of violets by stepchildren;
  • cultivation with peduncles;
  • use of cuttings;
  • with the help of a whole leaves plate or part of it.

Adult Saintpaulia is very often bred with vegetative shoots. An overgrown shoot can have multiple roots when it is separated during transplantation, so it is simply planted in a sized pot for African violet with suitable soil.

propagation of violets by children

Photo how to share a violet at home step by step.

ATTENTION! Make sure the violet is healthy before you divide the bush!

When separating a shoot from a flower without roots, you can use methods as when breeding Saintpaulia with a leaf, taking a glass of water or earth.

When violets are propagated by rosettes, it is important that the middle of the young rosette does not come into contact with water and is not covered with earth.

propagation of violets by Peduncle

When the plant is young and the above methods are not suitable, you can use Saintpaulia flower stalks.

The method is not very different from the leaf cuttings method, but it is more complex. In this case, the reproduction of violets in water is impossible, they must be immediately planted in the ground.

How to propagate violets with peduncles:

  • take a peduncle with large stipules;
  • cut them off, leaving 2 mm to the base;
  • the tip is sprinkled with root powder, planted in a suitable soil;
  • the pot is placed in a greenhouse.


The most difficult way is to propagate violets by seeds at home. Getting seeds is a laborious, time-consuming process and requires some skills.

This method is used by experienced breeders to obtain new varieties of Saintpaulia.

Check out a guide on making African violet soil mix.

Care for african violet propagation

The greenhouse with the plant must be ventilated daily. Water it with warm, settled water strictly under the bush and without flooding the plant. When the flower grows up, it is gradually pulled out of the greenhouse and looked after as an adult violet.


If you know how it multiplies and how to properly breed violets, then increasing your home collection will not be difficult.

Even without breeding experience and a lack of special knowledge about how indoor violets are bred, you can easily get your own flowering bush.

In saintpaulia, roots germinate rather quickly, it grows and blooms quickly. However, you must have at least a general idea of ​​what you can get if you propagate a violet, otherwise, you may be disappointed.

On our website, you can read the most detailed information about violets: photos, all varieties and names, how to propagate them and much more.

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