Vietnam Orchids: Varieties, Care, Planting Bulb (Best Guide)

The secret Vietnamese orchid is very beautiful and delicate, and also requires careful attention. If you treat with negligence the process of growing the bulb, it can die, and the grower will never see the long-awaited flowering.

vietnam orchids

Vietnam orchids Growing conditions

Vietnam orchids have bulbs to grow and they can be grown at home. In order for the bulb to germinate, it needs :

  • Florist care;
  • And a specialized substrate.In Vietnam, you can buy an orchid bulb.

In the photo above, you can see what an orchid bulb from Vietnam looks like.

Also, do not forget that the room should contain :

  • Warmly;
  • Wet;
  • And there is a lot of diffused sunlight.

Failure to comply with these parameters will lead to the death of the bulb.

Do orchids grow in Vietnam?

Usually, orchids from Vietnam mean the species Paphiopedilum (Venus Slipper). The name of the species was given due to the fact that the lower petal resembles a shoe-in its shape. They are all divided into two types:

  1. Growing in trees, where they are attached with their root mass and hang down beautifully in a cascade of flowers;
  2. Growing on the ground, where there is woody debris and humus, where flowers rise from the grass in beautiful groups.

You also need to know that all these orchid plants are very different from each other both in the color of flowers and in the variety of inflorescences.

What do Vietnam orchids look like?

Orchids from Vietnam has:

  • Oval shape;
  • And light brown.
what do vietnam orchids look like

At the same time, light green should show through the brown color – this will indicate that the bulb is alive. In this case, the length of the oval will be 5-7 cm. On the bottom, where young roots will grow, there may be remnants of dried roots.

Vietnam orchids Varieties

Many Vietnam orchids or Paphiopedilum are common in this country. But the most common are:

  • Vietnamese – a large flower with a diameter of 10 cm with a coffee-lilac color of the petals;In Vietnam, you can find the Vietnamese orchid.
  • Siamese – lilac-green flowers with a brown lower petal;
  • Beautiful – the flowers are green-orange with a diameter of 15 cm. The petals have black spots and oblong stripes.

And there are also varieties of Vietnam orchids :

  • Helena;
  • Bearded;
  • Appleton;
  • And many others.

can we export orchid from Vietnam?

Many beginners ask the question: is it possible to export orchids from Vietnam? If a grower has purchased a small batch of orchid plant tubers, that is, up to 20 pieces, then there will be no problems with export.

For this purpose, purchased bulbs are transported in hand luggage in a plastic container. At the same time, it would be nice to have a document certifying the fact of purchase a shop receipt.

For large lots of bulbs, appropriate documents will be required.

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How to properly transport Vietnam orchids bulbs?

How to bring an orchid from Vietnam? As already mentioned, they are folded into a container and covered with a lid. This is all that is needed for transportation. In addition, you do not need to wrap the bulbs with paper. There is a small nuance. It is better to buy bulbs a couple of days before departure, so that they do not dry out in the hotel room, waiting for their departure home.

How do you plant orchid bulbs?

The bulb should be planted as quickly as possible so that it does not dry out in the air without soil. For it to sprout:

  • She is planted according to certain rules;
  • And they provide proper, complete care.

Potting mix

The substrate can be:

  • Purchase from a specialized store;
  • But you can also make it yourself.You can make your own orchid substrate.

But you cannot plant such a bulb in the soil from the garden, it will suffocate in it and die without giving the expected sprout. Components that are required when compiling the soil :

  • Pine bark without resinous deposits – 5 parts;
  • Charcoal – 1 part;
  • Peat – 1 part;
  • Perlite – 1 part.

You can also add fern roots and sphagnum moss to this mixture in an arbitrary amount, but not exceeding 1 part. The substrate is well mixed and disinfected. To do this, they put it in the freezer of the refrigerator for a day.

IMPORTANT! If you decide to prepare the soil with your own hands, you must remember to sterilize it.

Tools for planting

In order to plant an bulb, in addition to the substrate, you must have:

  • Large stones that will give stability and serve as drainage;
  • Small plastic pot ;
  • Wooden sticks to stabilize the bulb until it takes root.

How to plant vietnamese orchid?

Planting a Vietnamese orchid is carried out as follows:

  • Stones are laid at the bottom;
  • Prepared substrate is poured on top;
  • Soak the soil well with water and let it drain completely;
  • The bulb is laid out on the ground with the booty down, deepening by 1 cm. At the same time, so that it does not fall, it is fixed with sticks. You can use toothpicks or skewers.

Important! The container where the bulb will be planted must have drainage holes to drain the water.

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Vietnam orchid care

From the moment of planting to the flowering of such an orchid, a rather long period passes, 5-8 years, and it all depends on properly organized care.

vietnam orchid care

For further flowering, the orchid needs proper care.

These flowers are very whimsical and require careful attention to their content.

Conditions of Keeping orchid

One of the main conditions for keeping a plant is to maintain the required temperature in the room where the flower is cultivated. It should be between 18-25 degrees Celsius. A change in temperature to either side leads to the death of bulbous orchids. It happens:

  • Or from hypothermia of the bulb;
  • Or overheating.

For successful growth and flowering, the plant needs a temperature difference between day and night values ​​of 4-5 degrees.

Vietnam orchids Lighting

The planted bulbs are exposed where there is a lot of scattered sunlight. Do not put in the sun, since direct rays will dry the bulb and it will die.

With further care, in order to determine how much lighting it needs, you need to look at its leaves.

If they are bright green, then this species prefers a lot of diffused sunlight on the east and west windows.

If there are various natural blotches on the leaves, then northern windows are suitable for this specimen.

IMPORTANT! If the apartment has only south-facing windows, then this is not a problem. For the summer period, from the beginning of May, the flower is placed deep into the apartment, and in September it is returned to the windowsill.

Watering and feeding

It is not recommended to water the bulb immediately after planting, since the soil is already thoroughly moistened during planting. Excessive watering can lead to the death of the plant.

It must also be remembered that the bulb has the necessary supply of the substances it needs in order to survive the rest period, the main thing is not to prolong it. Therefore, the first watering is performed only at the moment when the bulb comes out of the dormant state. The grower will be informed about this by the spout of the leaf, which appeared from the top of the bulb.

When planting a bulb, do not water the flower immediately.

Topdressing begins only from the moment the bulb germinates and once a month. With the beginning of flowering, feeding is increased and carried out twice a month. In winter or after the end of the flowering period, the orchid bulb enters a state of dormancy and no longer needs feeding.

Important! Topdressing is carried out only with specialized fertilizer and only on wet roots. This is done in order not to burn the root system of the orchid plant.

Growing risks

Sometimes, even before the leaves appear in the ground, various pests are introduced. In this case, you need:

  • Isolate the plant;
  • And to carry out the treatment with chemicals.

And leave the bulb in the quarantine area until it is possible to make sure that it is free of pests. Also, the sleeping bulb does not need to be watered so that it does not start to rot.

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where to buy Vietnam orchids?

If the grower is provided with a trip to Vietnam, then there you can buy bulbs in Vung Tao. There are many different shops selling bulbs. Also in the nature park in Dalat or at the large Cho Dam market in Nha Trag, you can buy bulbs at a low price.

It is better to buy bulbs for yourself in different stores, remembering that 30% of purchased bulbs will not take root with a grower at home for various reasons.

When purchasing a bulb, you need to look so that it is not:

  • Mechanically damaged;
  • And overdried.

Our compatriot brought an orchid from Vietnam and is happy with the result.

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The Vietnamese bulb orchid is a very beautiful plant, but not even every experienced florist can grow it. But this is not a reason to refuse to buy at least one bulb.

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