13 Fast Growing Climbing Plants For Fences For 2023

fast growing climbing plants for fences

Have you ever wondered how to disguise the imperfections of the old fence, decorate a fence made of corrugated board, or transform a regular picket fence? It turns out that this can be done inexpensively, quickly, and with your own hands using fast growing climbing plants for fences

Surely you paid attention to fences, gazebos, or walls, on which luxurious vines of climbing plants adorned in the category of best indoor plants.

After looking at photos of fast growing climbing plants for fences that do an excellent job with their decorative function, you are highly likely to decide to plant at least one of them on your site.

Types Of Fast Growing Climbing Plants For Fences

When choosing a type of weaving fence, it is important to take into account not only the winter hardiness of the plant, but also the characteristics of the site where the planting is planned (shade, humidity, etc.).

The advantage of fast-growing perennial plants is that they will delight the eye for years, requiring minimal maintenance.

Annual climbing plants allow you to enjoy the floristic diversity by planting a different species each year.

List Of Fast Growing Climbing Plants For Fences

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For the northern regions, winter-hardy species are suitable, which are quite unpretentious in care and will firmly endure even the most severe frosts. Let’s take a closer look at the best fast-growing climbing plants.

Fast-Growing Perennial Climbing Plants For Fences

  • Ivy
  • Clematis
  • Hop
  • Curly grapes
  • Honeysuckle
  • Wisteria


ivy fast growing climbing plant for fence

Ivy is first in our listing of fast growing climbing plants for fences. The most famous and sought-after climbing shrub. It grows both in summer and winter. Unpretentious to the landing site feels great both in the sun and in the shade. In the first year, you will have to take good care of it, but in the future, the plant will conquer you with its luxurious appearance.

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Clematis Is Beautiful Fast Growing Climbing Plant For Fence


Large flowers, which can be of different colors, adorn this liana-like plant. Clematis lives up to 20 years and will become the pearl of your site as it blooms until frost. It can travel up to 5 meters in height, watering is rare, but abundant, prefers well-lit areas and may not survive in the northern territories.

Hops Plant

hop 1

Many treat hops with disdain and consider it a weed. However, it is worth taking a closer look at this evergreen: it does not require attention and care, and its fragrant flowers and large leaves will perfectly mask the imperfections of the fence or make a shady gazebo. Hops grow very quickly and will occupy the entire free territory.

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Curly Grapes

This decorative grape variety is very tenacious and in a short time will curl not only a fence or a gazebo, but also any arch or terrace, creating coolness there. You should only cut the vine in time.

Honeysuckle Plant For Fence

This fast-growing shrub has poisonous fruits, which should be taken into account by families with children. The flowering plant exudes a magnificent scent that is felt from afar.

Honeysuckle is moisture-loving, so until autumn it needs to be watered daily in the evenings, pruning the plant leads to a more lush flowering.


She is the famous ava tree from the movie “Avatar”. Light purple brushes hanging from the branches deservedly make wisteria the main attraction of the summer cottage. But it will begin to bloom no earlier than 5 years after planting.

As for care, it is required to allocate a slightly shaded, windless area for wisteria, where it can fully develop the root system, tie up young shoots and the soil cannot be waterlogged.

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Fast Growing Annuals Climbing Plants For Fences

For annuals, a general rule is characteristic: supports should be installed immediately upon planting. Since plants live for one season, they have an intense growth rate.

  • Nasturtium
  • Ornamental beans
  • Sweet pea


nasturtium 2

This fast-growing beauty does not have tenacious antennae, so it will not work to decorate walls with it, but it will decorate gazebos, balconies, terraces or fences with dignity. It blooms for about three months, the main thing is to plant it in the sun.

Ornamental Beans

The beans will not pleased with flowering, but their lush, spreading greenery and rapid growth will entwine the landing site in a short time. Beans are unpretentious, but you need to provide them with light, warmth, and abundant nutrition.

Ornamental beans is not a capricious annual, it blooms profusely from July until the first frost, and loves sunny or partial shade areas and abundant watering. Propagated by both cuttings and seeds.

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Sweet Pea

A low curly annual (1-2 meters), perfectly decorate a staircase or a low fence. There are enough temporary supports for peas, but they are necessary for the plant to acquire vertical growth, otherwise, it will get confused along the bottom.

It can be planted in mid-spring, loves care and attention, feeding twice a season, does not require moisture (watering once every one and a half weeks), but it is necessary to carry out pinching and drainage of the soil.

Fast Growing Winter Hardy Climbing Plants For Fences

  • Climbing rose
  • Euonymus
  • Campsis
  • Lemongrass Chinese

Climbing Rose Is Best Fast Growing Climbing Plants For Fence

climbing rose Fast growing winter hardy climbing plants for fences

The climbing queen of flowers, despite its external fragility and sophistication, endures frost. But you need to be prepared for the fact that a luxurious shrub requires special care. Neatly tied up shoots will allow the plant to grow up to 5 meters in height.


A plant with poisonous fruits, but the bright green color of large leaves looks very impressive. Needs shaping and regular pruning, frost can withstand up to -35 degrees. Euonymus prefers moisture and shady places.

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Sprawling liana with orange oblong flowers without shelter can withstand frost down to -20 degrees. Kampsis grows equally quickly both in the sun and in the shade, flowering begins in the third year after planting, its duration from mid-summer to the end of October.

It is not recommended to decorate the walls with Kampsis; it is better to give preference to arches, gazebos, terraces.

Virginia Creeper

virginia creeper

Virginia creeper, although sometimes mistaken for ivy, has many benefits when it comes to covering walls and arbors.

Care is very simple, and the decorative effect is impressive.

Virginia liana is best planted in spring or autumn when it is not frosty.

Water regularly for 1 year after planting.

  • You must first tie the plant to the trellis, as it cannot attach itself yet.
  • In a year or two, your Virginia creeper will begin climbing itself to cover your wall.

Let your Virginian creeper climb the way he wants to, then he will be the most beautiful.

If it covers too much space or doesn’t cover windows and roots, you can trim it at any time.

The advantage of this tree climber is that it grows quickly and creates real walls of color from the very beginning of autumn with bright shades of red, yellow and orange.

Just like ivy, its hooks won’t damage old walls, so it’s no problem if you let it climb right up the wall.

Natural fencing is the ideal eco-friendly solution for creating an aesthetic appearance for a gazebo, hedge or terrace.


Even northern residents can afford to grow a luxurious hedge without worrying about how the right plant will survive the cold season. As for the inhabitants of regions with a milder climate, they can change plants every year or give preference to one-year-old fast growing climbing plants for fences.

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