Top 10 Blue African Violets with Photos and Names

Among the variety of violets, one can clearly distinguish varieties that have a beautiful blue color. The shade options are very different from light blue, close to blue, to dark, almost black.

Florists appreciate these varieties for the durability of external parameters. The blue African violet’s color is well transmitted during reproduction. The shape of the flowers and the rosette is so diverse that everyone can find a suitable bush for themselves.

blue african violets with photos and names

127 Blue violet flower name list

Not all varieties of blue violets gain popularity and many of them remain in the background. Among those that deserve attention, you can find a socket for every taste.

Attention! The breeder Fialkovod for those varieties that are very similar to others or, if uniqueness is not confirmed, does not give the variety a name, but only assigns a number.

Below you will see the name of violets with blue flowers, which have earned special respect from flower growers.

  1. Evening Splendor.
  2. Melodie Kimi.
  3. Rain Man.
  4. Rainbow’s Quiet Riot.
  5. Reigning Beauty.
  6. Royal Rage.
  7. Ruffled Skies.
  8. StarTrack.
  9. Josephine.
  10. RS-Khalifa.
  11. RS-Call of the Sea.
  12. RS-Richard.
  13. RS Major.
  14. RS-Deep Reef.
  15. RS-Tamerlane.
  16. LES Curls of Venus.
  17. Blue Bells.
  18. RS-Abyss.
  19. EK-Curls of Poseidon.
  20. AV Tenerife.
  21. AV-DiCaprio.
  22. AV-Through the Looking Glass.
  23. AB-Sea Devil.
  24. AV-Captain Nemo.
  25. AV-Amur Waves.
  26. EK-Evening in Paradise.
  27. EK-Merry Boatswain.
  28. RS-Marine Miracle.
  29. EK-Overseas Curiosity.
  30. EK-Sea Urchins.
  31. EK-Roses For Mermaids.
  32. EC-Brazilian Topaz.
  33. EK-Selfie.
  34. EC-Junior Lieutenant.
  35. EK-Sailor.
  36. EK-Barguzin.
  37. EK-Galanthus.
  38. EC-Rose of the Arctic.
  39. EK-Outlandish Stained Glass.
  40. EK-Sunny Italy.
  41. EK-Sapphire Beauty.
  42. EK-Sapphires from Tiffany.
  43. RS-Merry Fantasy.
  44. RS-Paradise Bay.
  45. RS-Aquarium.
  46. BR – Radiance.
  47. RS-Ocean Blue.
  48. RS-Jason.
  49. RS-Icarus.
  50. RS-Sea Cruise.
  51. RS-Monsignor.
  52. RS-World Ocean.
  53. RS-Amur.
  54. RS-Blue Eyes.
  55. RS-Aquarius.
  56. RS-Turquoise Bay.
  57. PC-Eternal Wanderer.
  58. RS-Sailor.
  59. RS-Queen of the Night.
  60. RS-Magic Forget-me-nots.
  61. RS-Antalya.
  62. EK-Blue-Blue Sea.
  63. EK-Blue Hoarfrost.
  64. K-Heavenly Blue.
  65. EK-Blue Velvet.
  66. Night Violet Flower.
  67. Summer Twilight.
  68. EK-Kumparsita.
  69. Blue bird african violets.
  70. EK-Portrait of a Stranger.
  71. EK-Currant Dessert.
  72. EK-Sensation.
  73. N-Avatar.
  74. Celebration of the Night.
  75. EK-Symphony of the Night.
  76. AV-Ruslan.
  77. RM-Peterhof .
  78. AV-Sergey Yesenin.
  79. AV Water Lily.
  80. AV is a Real Colonel.
  81. AV Nibelungen.
  82. AV-Othello.
  83. AB-Midnight.
  84. AB-Ferocious Bambra.
  85. AB-Hipster.
  86. AV Banderas.
  87. Rodeo Glory.
  88. Rodeo Hill Billi.
  89. Rodeo Roper.
  90. Rodeo Roundup.
  91. Royal Rage.
  92. Apache Magic.
  93. Buckley’s Spoon.
  94. Blue Triumph.
  95. Blue Beacon.
  96. Blue Nymph.
  97. Blue Tail Fly.
  98. Evening Splend.
  99. Concord.
  100. Dean’s Bunny Blue.
  101. Fool’s Gold.
  102. Geneva Wonder.
  103. Grape Glory.
  104. Heinz’s Harbor Lights.
  105. Heinz’s Little Nugget.
  106. Harmony’s Little Stinker.
  107. Humako Sharon.
  108. Humako Lianne.
  109. Honky Tonk Blues.
  110. RS-Andromeda.
  111. RS-Ariadne.
  112. RS-Ariel.
  113. DS-Shining Bell.
  114. NK-Blue Whale.
  115. EK-Blue-eyed King.
  116. EK-Blue Tiger Cub.
  117. EK-Scarab.
  118. Trinket Summer Skyes.
  119. Ramblin ‘Dots.
  120. Pixie Blue.
  121. My Smokey Trail.
  122. Ramblin` Lassie.
  123. Sundown Trail.
  124. Teeny Booper.
  125. The Martian.
  126. Yesterdays Child.
  127. Volga river.

10 popular blue african violets varieties

Below we present to your attention a photo and description of varieties that are among the top ten in our opinion. These varieties are very popular or simply have an unusual appearance.

Ramblin` Lassie

Ampel semi- miniature saintpaulia. The rosette is strongly branched, grows well and quickly, multiplying well by leaves and stepsons.

ramblin lassie

Girl-type leaves, rounded and wavy along the edge, have crown variegation, which manifests itself with proper care and only in young leaves.

The flower is large, blue with lavender tint, semi-double. The petals are slightly elongated and have a clear darkening towards the center of the flower. Many buds form on the peduncle, and as they bloom, they often branch out, forming new flowers.

They are planted in heavy pots, otherwise, the fast-growing bush will turn it over, it is better to place one baby in a flowerpot. It is important to pinch the plant, this stimulates the abundant branching.

Saintpaulia pusilla

A semi-miniature variety that branches well and forms a dense and beautiful bush. The leaves are elongated, with a pointed end and heart-shaped base. The color of the leaves is bright green, uniform.

saintpaulia pusilla

The flowers are semi-double, lavender-blue, with a slight darkening towards the center. Darker streaks can be observed along the petal.

The flowers are medium in size and the shape can sometimes resemble wasp-type flowers.

DS-Shining Bell

The rosette is correct, neat, standard size, usually even. The leaves are rounded, with an even edge, and a heart-shaped base, with a clear pattern of veins. The color of the leaves is dark green.

ds shining bell

The flowers are simple, bell-shaped, rather large with a wavy edge. The color of the petals is fancy, the main color is blue, rather dark, in the center is a white eye, which increases as the flower blooms and ages, there are also blotches of white. A white pencil border may appear along the edge.

Important! Several sports from this variety are registered: Dias-Fireworks, DS-Shining Bell Chimera, DS-Pink ( Chimera ).

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Humako sharon

It is an industrial variety, standard size, smooth, and does not need any additional help to form. The leaves are rounded, with an even edge and a clear pattern of veins.

humako sharon

The flowers are simple, rounded, slightly reminiscent of the shape of a cunt, but have a slight difference between the lower and upper petals. The color of the flowers is chimeric, the edges are white, and the line in the center is blue.

There are similar varieties from this company, for example, Humako Monique has a slightly lighter center and a milky blue edge..

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Harmony’s little stinker

Medium rosette, a green, leafy chimera. The leaves are rounded, have a slightly wavy edge, and have small teeth. The color of the leaves is non-standard variegated, the edges are green, the shade varies from medium to dark, and the center is light – silver, and differs not only in color but also in structure.

harmonys little stinker

The flowers are semi-double, blue with a white eye, the presence of which depends on the temperature (it does not appear in the heat). The flower stalks are strong and have many buds. Often blooms with a hat.

It is a very difficult variety in reproduction, therefore it is rare. Leaf propagation does not guarantee the repeatability of the features. And even reproduction by a stepson does not guarantee the result.

There is a tendency to change the color of the leaves at the age of the starter, young leaves grow just green.

Apache Magic

The rosette is medium and has a tendency to stretch upward. The leaves are slightly pointed, slightly spoon-shaped, with a jagged edge and slight waviness, the cuttings of the leaves are long but strong. The color of the leaves is variegated, light green with white pink.

apache magic

Flowers are semi-double, have a corrugated edge. The color of the petals is dark blue-purple, while the upper ones are darker, almost black, a pencil edging appears along the edge. The white border, like variegation, appears best in a cool place.

AV Water Lily

The rosette is horizontal, flat, symmetrical, medium size. The shape of the leaf plates is spoon-shaped, reminiscent of the leaves of water lilies, flat with a raised edge and a clear pattern of veins. The cuttings are powerful, short, rather juicy, and slightly brittle. The color of the leaves is variegated, rich green with white and yellow.

av water lily

The flowers are semi-double, slightly cupped, with a wavy edge. The color is uniformly blue, without blotches and inserts. The size of the flowers is average. 2-3 buds appear on the peduncle, which gradually opens.

The main beauty of the variety is the leaves, and the flowering is usually quite sparse.

K-Heavenly Blue

Variegated standard, smooth, symmetrical bush. The leaves are rounded, with small teeth along the edge and a slightly pointed end of the leaf. The color of the leaf is deep green with white pink. The pattern of veins is clearly visible on the plate, the leaf itself is juicy.

k heavenly blue

The flowers are simple stars with a wavy edge. The color of the petals is deep blue, with a white border. Blooms constantly, 3-5 buds are formed on each peduncle. K-Heavenly Blue grows very quickly and the first flowering can be as early as 8 months.

EK-Roses For Mermaid

The bush is sprawling, with leaves on long cuttings, which constantly strive to stretch upward. Leaves are dark green, with teeth along the edge, rounded.

ek roses for mermaid

The flower is terry, large, 2-3 on the peduncle, it is strong but long. The color of the flowers is blue, very deep, darker towards the center, and slightly lightened towards the edge. The edge of the petal has a white border with light corrugation.

LES-Curls of Venus

Very large rosette due to long cuttings on leaves. The leaves themselves are also large, rounded with small teeth along the edge. The vein pattern is very clear and slightly lighter than the main color of the plate. The color of the leaves is rich green, fading with aging.

les curls of venus

The flower is very double, medium-sized, but seems very small against the background of a large rosette. The color is very bright, blue with an unnatural green fringe. The hat does not work due to the gradual opening of the buds, but with the second flowering, there may be a semblance of a bouquet.

Blue African Violets by category

Among the blue violets, it is worth highlighting some categories in which most varieties can be attributed. Some do not fit any type, but there are those that immediately fit into several categories.

For example, a list of categories and several varieties for each of them:

  • dark blue violets:
    • Symphony of the Night;
    • RS-Khalifa;
    • Midnight;
    • Apache Magic;
    • AV-Sergey Yesenin.
  • bright blue violets:
    • Heavenly blue;
    • Ruslan;
    • Honky Tonk Blues;
    • Evening Splendor;
    • RS Major.
  • blue with white border:
    • Rain Man;
    • RS-Call of the Sea;
    • LE-Curls of Venus;
    • EC-Rose of the Arctic;
    • Rodeo Glory.
  • blue terry violets:
    • RS-Abyss;
    • EK-Curls of Poseidon;
    • EK-Evening in Paradise;
    • EK-Roses For Mermaid;
    • My Smokey Trail.


All varieties of Blue African Violets are simply mesmerizing with their depth, many of them look like a picture. Each of the varieties listed in the article is special in its own way and when buying them it is important to study all the nuances of caring for them.

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