Why are orchids so expensive? Simple and Explained Answer

The price of plants sold in stores is formed not only because of the demand and exchange rate, but because of the difficulties or peculiarities of growing, the age, and the size of the plant.

In order to propagate representatives of the Orchid family, their seeds must be infected with a mycorrhizal fungus, in which orchids are in symbiosis throughout their lives. Because of this, it is not recommended to use fungicides (antifungal agents) when treating roots, for example. from rot obtaining hybrids, the variety of the same colors of buds depends on their number, is obtained by cross-pollination and growing from the resulting seeds.

The seeds cannot germinate, and the fields can grow further without “their” fungus. Because of what the enterprise has to hire specialists, and this is money, plus the creation of laboratory conditions. Of course, some of the orchids are grown from children, but much more will turn out from the seeds of the specimens.

The size of the plant affects the price. The same mini-phalaenopsis are cheaper than their large counterparts. Bud size and peduncle length also affect pricing. Orchids have always been considered noble and, one might say, royal plants, so they cannot be cheap initially. 

After a simple above answer let discuss in detail why are orchids so expensive based on different reasons.

why are orchids so expensive?

why are orchids so expensive

collecting different types of orchids is expensive hobby

Passion for these beautiful flowers begins with small things: I went to a store saw an orchid … and disappeared. Now it is quite affordable since the price of Dutch phalaenopsis is low. And 10 years ago, orchids had to be admired from afar because of their cosmic value.

Collector types

Orchid collectors can be broadly categorized into several types:

He buys phalaenopsis in the store, cares for them with anxiety, and considers himself a collector. And it is right.

A person buys all types of orchids that are freely available. Looks through the bulletin board, acquiring there what is not in stores. And this is also true.

And this one went further: he found sites where orchid growers gather and begin to participate in joint orders.

Now the “expensive pleasure” begins. The orchid grower turns into an industry.

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Rare Varieties are not easily availbe and grown

Having amused himself with buying up all kinds of orchids on the principle of “like not like” the emerging collector, in the end, determines what is closest to him, with what flowers he is interested in tinkering and watching them.

But here, too, pitfalls can be expected.

Suppose you really like Cymbidiums, but there is no way to create a cold winter with maximum illumination.

Does it make sense to buy those tribes that will: grow – yes, bloom – no.

You have decided on the kind of orchids, but … you cannot embrace the immensity. Therefore, it is also necessary to decide on the type.

If these are Phalaenopsis, then you can collect:

  • Giant hybrids;
  • Violaceous;
  • Bellins and hybrids with their participation;
  • with blue flowers;
  • fragrant;
  • phalaenopsis of a certain breeder (hybridizer), etc.

If this is the Cattleya tribe, then you can take a view of the Lobiata and collect its varieties.

You can collect natures or hybrids, for example, taking Doviana as a basis.

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Why does pleasure become expensive? The cost of an adult flowering plant consisting of 5-6 tuber plants can be about 100 dollars. and this is not the limit. Rare or well-crossed specimens can run from $ 1000 or more.

And since the orchids are still alive, we do not always manage to come to an agreement with them.

The flower may simply not move the road to its new owner or contain a hidden infection that is activated by the stress of changing conditions of detention. And infect the entire collection.

Not every orchid grower agrees with such spending. Of course, I really want to see the blooming of a new beauty as early as possible, but common sense stops.

One way is to buy the baby or keiki multiple pseudobulbs.

And now you have to be patient and wait for flowering for several years.

And here a surprise can be expected, the blossoming orchid turns out to be not at all the one that was bought: instead of Lobiata Cerulea, the typical Lobiata blossomed.

So, as the saying goes: “Forewarned is forearmed.” Any hobby must be approached with intelligence and common sense. And the choice of collecting orchids should be treated as well. Calculate your strength, find free time to care for orchids, then they will always delight you with their beauty and bring only positive emotions.

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