10 Best Plants For Bathroom Window Sill (High Humidity, Moisture)

We are used to putting plants in rooms, but there are also best plants for bathroom window sill, which are not afraid of any temperature drops and high humidity. Also, these plants will not be afraid of the dark if you do not have windows in the bathroom. Even a little green friend will make the bathroom interior more pleasant and cozy.

best plants for bathroom window sill

Best Plants For Bathroom Window Sill

Let discuss all plants for bathroom window sill with properties and pros and cons.


Ivy is the first in our listing of the best plants for bathroom window sill. This unpretentious plant will grow like no others in the bathroom. He just really likes the humidity and a little light. He can spread his processes on the upper shelves of the room and beautifully decorate your bathroom with greenery, but he needs very little space for roots, so he will calmly grow in a small pot.

curly ivy


Also tolerates dark places and a lot of moisture. Unpretentious, just do not forget to water. You can grow a small flower, but generally grows quite large, so it will eventually move to the floor. It will be inconvenient for small bathrooms.

bamboo palm give oxygen 24 hours

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A beautiful green plant with interesting leaves. It grows just magnificently in the dark and will calmly treat those who like to take hot baths, he is not afraid of the temperature. Loves water and humidity. Overall the bathroom is definitely for him. You can even put it in the darkest corner, the light is not important to him.

Spathiphyllum Best Plants For Bathroom Window Sill

Another very beautiful plant. Many people like its flowers, so you can often meet this flower at someone’s home. Not very whimsical, so it will feel quite good in the bathroom. True, it is better for him to organize some kind of lighting so that he does not stand at all for a long time in the dark. Well, or, if you have your own house and have a window in the bathroom, then putting the spathiphyllum closer to it will be the best solution.

moss terrarium

Are you thinking of making repairs to the bathroom and adding beautiful greenery to the interior? Then you can make a moss wall or a small moss terrarium and cover the window sill with moss. It looks just great! And how unpretentious the moss is, you will forget that you have it. Watering only it is still sometimes worth it, about once or twice a week.

sphagnum moss drainage for houseplants

Begonia Rex

This plant is a little moody. Water it carefully only when the soil is completely dry. Loves humidity. but does not tolerate spraying. Therefore, he will like just standing in the bathroom. He is not picky about the light.

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Fern is the best plant for bathroom window sill. A plant that definitely loves moisture and shaded areas. It will not tolerate heat and dry air, so you shouldn’t put it near batteries at all. The bathroom will feel great. He needs to be watered often, and he also loves oxidized soil. This will help the lemon juice added to the irrigation water.


Mini palm tree for your home. Grows well in a damp, dark room. Checked personally 🙂 He first stood in our bedroom in a dark corner, but the leaves began to turn brown, moved to the bathroom and it just blossomed. The leaves have become lush and rich green. Watering it is worth every two to three days.



My favorite flower for the most unpretentious behavior and beautiful resilient leaves. In the bathroom, it can be found often, and indeed it grows beautifully in almost any conditions. Only drought will not survive. If it stands in a humid environment, then it is not at all necessary to spray, but in a regular room it is better to pamper it with additional moisture.

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I don’t really like this flower, because I’m just too lazy to take care of it as much as it requires. But they say it will grow well in the bathroom in a corner with additional lighting or on the windowsill if there is a window.



These best plants for bathroom window sill are specially selected for the conditions in the bathroom: humidity, temperature fluctuations, and darkening. But do not forget that, like any plant, they love fresh air. If your bathroom is constantly stuffy, then the flowers should sometimes be taken out of there so that mold does not appear or the plants do not get sick. If it was interesting, then put your thumbs up and share the article on social networks 🙂

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