How To Buy Orchids? (Best Buyers Guide For Orchid Lovers)

Often in flower shops, or nowadays at online stores like Amazon, eBay, there is such a wide selection of orchids that even an experienced collector can easily get confused. What can we say about novice lovers of beautiful flowers? After all, you need to take into account not only the color you like but also correctly determine the health of the plant. In our article, we will talk about How to buy orchids and what external signs it is important to pay attention to in order to acquire a high-quality orchid that will delight for many years.

How To Buy Orchids

Should I buy an orchid?

Before buying phalaenopsis, it is important to pay attention not only to its appearance but to make sure that suitable conditions can be created for it in your home. It depends on how the plant will feel and whether it can bloom.

Phalaenopsis belongs to epiphytes that need:

  • A lot of light, but not a scorching sun. Best of all is constantly openwork partial shade.
  • Free access to air, while the plants do not tolerate drafts and temperature drops.
  • Average humidity is within 70%, without sharp fluctuations in one direction or another.

If you are ready to create such conditions and are not afraid of the difficulties of leaving, then you can safely go for orchids.

How Do You Pick A Good Orchid

How do you pick a good orchid?

Having crossed the threshold of a flower shop, it is difficult not to admire the variety and beauty of phalaenopsis. It is this genus of orchids, or rather its varieties and hybrids, which are most often sold. The first thing the buyer will think about is the size of the flowers, their quantity, and color. Naturally, most of us want a lot of colors, they all differ in the greatest possible size and bright color. But, let’s see if this is so good.

When should I buy orchids?

Flowers are what they buy an orchid for. In nature, many botanical species can bloom continuously. In production greenhouses that grow plants for sale, conditions are created as close as possible to natural nature. That is why flowering phalaenopsis go on sale all year round without interruption.

To achieve a spectacular appearance, professionals resort to various growth stimulants. Not always large, chic flowers are a sign of the good condition of the plant. Sometimes excessively large, uncharacteristic features are obtained artificially. Such specimens are less adaptable at home. It is better to choose those that are closer to the average indicators, not too large, but not too small.

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What should I look for when buying an orchid?

When your favorite color has been chosen, you should carefully evaluate the general condition of the orchid. It must correspond to the following morphological characteristics.

 Morphological features of a plant are anatomical structure and shape, due to external features, as well as the historical development of a representative of the higher flora.

Root systemTypical for epiphytes. Roots do not need soil, they attach to the bark of trees and receive their gaseous food from the air. The substrate serves as a support for them, and the roots themselves are clearly visible through the transparent walls of a special pot. In a healthy phalaenopsis, they are dense, regular cylindrical, 0.5 – 0.7 cm wide in diameter. The color is bright green with sufficient moisture, or whitish when the substrate dries.The color of the roots should be uniform, without suspicious dots and spots. It is also important to make sure that all roots are intact and not rotted. If there are any, it means that the plant is infected with diseases or pests and is not worth buying.It is advisable to inspect the roots not only through the walls of the pot. Remove a few pieces of bark from the surface of the substrate and examine the exposed roots. Any suspicious signs will now be clearly visible.
Root collarThe rosette at the base must be clean, free from blotches and stains. Dense to the touch, not rotten. A sign of her good condition is the presence of a young, growing leaf. This indicates an intact growth point. The ground part of the phalaenopsis must be firmly fixed in the pot. It will not move if you shake it slightly.
LeavesEvergreen, leathery, juicy, and fleshy, from five to 30 cm long, depending on the species and variety. The color is bright green, closer to a dark shade. Plates are arranged in pairs. Most often, they are assembled in four to six pieces.
Particular attention should be paid to the sinuses. It is there that water accumulates with improper watering, and the leaves begin to rot at the base. At first glance, this is not visible, the leaves are tightly adjacent to the outlet and to each other. It is necessary to slightly bend the plate, this must be done very carefully so as not to break off the sheet.Tip # 1 . Note! Any dots, dashes, spots, islands on the surface of the leaves indicate a plant disease or the presence of pests. This phalaenopsis is not worth buying! 
FlowersThe size of the flower and its color must correspond to the characteristics of the variety or hybrid. Petals and buds should be clean, dense, free of plaque and painful spots.

In addition to the external signs of phalaenopsis, it is important to check what nutrient medium the plant is in.

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Do orchids need a special potting mix?

It is necessary to examine not only phalaenopsis but also the soil mixture in which it is sold. A properly planted orchid is planted in a mixture of pine bark (Best Bark For Orchids), sphagnum moss, fern roots, charcoal. All components are clearly visible through the transparent walls of the pot.

For phalaenopsis, bark and coal are crushed to three or five centimeters. The pieces must be whole, not rotten. They are freely positioned in the pot, without sealing. If signs of decomposition are found, then the substrate is old, or made from low-quality raw materials. This is not worth buying.

If phalaenopsis is not watered correctly in the store, this is immediately visible on the substrate:

  • Too dry, like a biscuit – there is clearly not enough moisture.
  • The bark is wet and there is water at the bottom of the pot. This is a favorable environment for the development of pathogenic pathogens.

In any case, it is better not to buy such plants. A normal substrate should be moist without stagnant water.

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where to buy orchids online?

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