How To Polish Orchid Leaves? 7 Homemade Orchid Shiner Spray

how to polish orchid leaves

It is possible to achieve an impeccable appearance of the orchid leaves only when the plant is healthy, and receives the necessary attention and care.

To give the orchid a special, radiant, shiny look, you need the finishing touch, beautiful, glossy leaves. Homemade methods and special plant polish or shiner can help with this.

Below is the article you will learn how to polish orchid leaves.

Can you put leaf shine on orchid leaves?

The leaf shine will cover the surface with a protective film and give the leaves shine and beauty. Its use does not exclude the care of the orchid, which is always visible from the condition of the leaves.

The skin of the leaf is a special integumentary tissue that protects the internal tissues from:

  • drying out;
  • Various damage;
  • Invasion of microorganisms. Orchid polish is often used to wipe the leaves.

Despite the fact that after treatment of leaves with wax or oil polishes, a film forms on the surface of the leaf blade, the composition of commercial polishes is chosen so as not to disturb gas exchange in leaf cells.

Important! Acting according to the instructions, you will not harm the plant.

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Precautions in using leaf shine on orchid leaves

There are precautions when using industrial leaf shines and homemade polishes:

  • Application is possible only for flowers that grow in diffused light or partial shade, as under the influence of direct sunlight, the leaves can get a chemical burn;
  • Before processing, contamination must be removed from the leaves;
  • Only hard and leathery leaves are treated with polishes, without villi and fluffiness;
  • Rub only the outer part of the sheet. The reverse side of the leaf, stem, and shoots are not rubbed, as they must breathe;
  • Do not apply polish to young, growing leaves, this can lead to their death.

Since the plant may react negatively to the polishing agent, its effect is checked first on several leaves. The time for observing a flower for industrial polishes is two to three days, for home formulations – one week.

How to apply polish on orchid leaves?

Before applying the polishing agent, the leaves are cleaned of dust with a damp cloth or sponge:

  • Cleaning is carried out in the morning or afternoon so that the leaves are completely dry before the evening;
  • The sheet is cleaned both from the top and the back;
  • If the foliage is washed in the shower, then the substrate should be carefully covered with plastic wrap;
  • In case of significant contamination, the use of foam from mild soaps or shampoos is allowed, then it is thoroughly washed off with clean water.

If the shine of the orchid leaves is not enough for you, then you can apply polishes the next day.

How do you keep Orchid leaves shiny?

Long before the discovery of plant shiners popular in our time, good housewives knew how to rub the leaves of indoor flowers to a shine.

At home, you must not forget to care for orchid leaves.

To do this, they used inexpensive natural ingredients and prepared the compositions on their own.

What can I use to make my orchid leaves shiny?

To make orchid leaves shiny you need to use homemade orchid shiners or you can buy from online or stores. Here before using a homemade orchid shiner you must check the pros and cons of these shiners.

The advantages of homemade orchid leaves shiners include:

  • Ease of preparation;
  • natural ingredients;
  • The shine of leaves after application of drugs.

But the disadvantages of home remedies, compared with industrial polishes, are much greater, as are the risks for plants. 

Disadvantages of homemade orchid leaves shiners include::

  • Low efficiency;
  • Unforeseen effects on the plant;
  • Polishing the leaves with homemade compounds takes a lot of time;
  • The selection of ratios of ingredients is a constant experiment.

Carefully! If home remedies are not rinsed off, applied too often or in excess, then they will form an environment favorable for the reproduction of microorganisms and pests.

You can polish the leaves no more than once a month.

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homemade Orchid leavers shiner spray

homemade orchid leavers shiner spray

Recipes for homemade leaf polishes have been known for a long time and have a large number of admirers:

use Sugar syrup and honey to make orchid leaves shiny

The leaves are rubbed with sweetened boiled water of the following composition:

  • four teaspoons of sugar or two teaspoons of honey dissolved in 200 g of water;

Use Lemon acid to polish orchid leaves

After spraying with hard water, limescale appears on the leaves the result of a large amount of salt in the water. It is easily removed with a solution of citric acid:

  • 1/3 tsp citric acid is diluted in one liter of water;
  • Instead of citric acid, you can dilute freshly squeezed pineapple or sour apple juice.

A solution from natural products is not stored for a long time, is subject to rapid oxidation, and darkens in a short time;


Non-alcoholic beer is diluted with settled water in a ratio of 1: 1, then the leaves are wiped with a soft cloth dipped in the solution. The composition of beer includes various minerals necessary for the plant, therefore:

  • Rubbing the leaves improves the appearance of the plant;
  • Strengthens immunity;
  • It will be an excellent prevention of infection with spider mites and scale insects.

Non-alcoholic beer in the composition of the polish does not leave a smell in the room;

Vegetable oil for orchid leaves

A drop of vegetable oil is applied to a rag and wiped on the surface of the leaves. It should be borne in mind that excess oil creates a film on the surface of the leaf blade, which:

  • Clogs pores on the leaves;
  • Violates respiration in cells;
  • Leaves with impaired cellular respiration quickly fall off. Leaves can be wiped with folk remedies. Therefore, it is worth deciding what is more important – a healthy plant or temporary beauty;

glycerin on orchid leaves

A good effect can be obtained by rubbing the surface of the leaves with glycerin. Shining leaves look elegant and beautiful;

clean orchid leaves with milk

The milk-based recipe gives a healthy glow to the leaves, its fat content does not matter. To do this, milk is diluted with water in a ratio of 1: 1, and the leaves are wiped with the finished composition:

  • The thinnest film gives the leaves shine;
  • Protects the flower from the invasion of pathogenic bacteria and fungi;
  • Fights aphids, as these insects cannot tolerate milk sugar.
  • Diluted milk creates a thin film around the pests, which leads to their death;

Alcohol and vodka

One hundred milliliters of alcohol is dissolved in 1 liter of water, 2 tbsp. l. glycerin and 0.5 tsp. citric acid, mix everything. The surface of the leaves treated with this composition is wiped dry.

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Buy Leaf Shiners for Orchid

buy leaf shiners for orchid

I wonder how to wipe the leaves so that they shine? Polishes to obtain gloss on the leaves are available in the form of:

  • liquids;
  • And aerosols.

According to their purpose, they are drugs of complex action with a wide spectrum of action.

Liquid leaf shine spray

Liquid leaf shine spray are used for manual polishing of large, leathery leaves, including orchid leaves.

Important! In order not to harm the leaves, industrial polishes for applying gloss to the leaves must be used strictly according to the instructions.

In specialized stores, liquid polishes are presented by manufacturers:

  • “Doctor Foley”;
  • And a clean slate.

Pros leaf shine spray:

  • Ease of use;
  • Obtaining a spectacular, flawless shine;
  • A protective barrier against pathogenic microorganisms and pests is created by a thin film on the surface of the leaves.
  • Often flower growers use liquid polishes.

Cons leaf shine spray:

the oily or waxy film that forms on the leaves, in the case of frequent use of the drug, disrupts the respiration of the leaves and can cause more damage to the flower than a thick layer of dust.

Aerosols leaf shine

Leaf gloss sprays and sprays are designed for flowers with small, openwork, or very dense foliage that is almost impossible to rub by hand.

Very effective products made on beeswax. They easily create a thin protective film that:

  • Gives gloss to leaves
  • Protects the plant from pathogens;
  • It will reduce the release of liquid by the leaves, which is important with low humidity in the room.

Spray the aerosol on the leaves from a distance of 30 cm.

However, such a spray has a big minus it clogs the pores of the leaves, which prevents their normal breathing. Therefore, it must be applied with caution and as little as possible, observing all the rules described in the instructions.

On the market, polishing aerosols are represented by firms:

  • Greenhouse;
  • And perfect plant.

Use of succinic acid for orchids

To maintain the beauty of the orchid, the leaves can be treated with a solution of succinic acid.

Without prejudice to the orchid, this can be done once a week.

Attention! You should also not wet the rag too much, an excess of succinic acid can cause a burn.

It is also necessary to ensure that residual liquid does not accumulate in the axils of the leaves.

It is impossible to wipe orchids with succinic acid daily, even the most useful procedures can be harmful if carried out too often.

Treatment of leaves with succinic acid:

  • Cellular metabolism is activated;
  • The synthesis of chlorophyll is stimulated, which has a positive effect on:
    • plant health;
    • The beauty and brilliance of the leaves.

How to use succinic acid for orchids?

Succinic acid is sold in the form of tablets and powder. This depends on how the solution is prepared:

  • One tablet is dissolved in 1 liter of water; Some flower growers rub orchid leaves with succinic acid.
  • 1 g of powdered acid is dissolved in 1 liter of water. In the absence of weights, acid taken at the tip of a knife is dissolved in one liter of water.

Important! The resulting solution is stored for no more than 3 days, after which you need to prepare a new one.

How can you wipe orchid leaves to protect against ticks?

In the fight against ticks, any home remedies are ineffective, therefore it is better to immediately start treatment with special preparations, for example, Fitoverm.

use of Vitamin cocktail for orchids

You can heal an orchid by spraying the leaves with a vitamin cocktail. Prepare it from a mixture of vitamins :

  • IN 1;
  • AT 6;
  • B12 (one ampoule of each);
  • dissolved in 1 liter of water.

It is enough to spray orchid leaves with this composition once or twice a month.


The main thing in the beauty of the orchid or polish orchid leaves and the brilliance of the leaves is care. Subject to the rules, the flower will bring joy to others with an unforgettable flowering for a long time .

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