Naked Man Orchid (Orchis Italica): Origin, Bloom, Properties

This rare orchid is very remarkable and unusual. Beautiful inflorescences are noticeable from afar, but it is worth getting closer, looking at how each petal makes you smile. The petals resemble a naked man in a headdress. The gender is easily determined – this is a man!

The flower is called “naked man orchid”. It cannot be called in another way.

These funny “little men” suggest that Mother Nature undoubtedly has a sense of humor. And she has already proved this more than once if you look at other rare species of orchids.

naked man orchid

Nature has tried very hard when creating orchids with unusual, bizarre shapes, petal colors. So different, unique, we can only admire or marvel at their beauty.

Another name Italian Orchid (Orchis Italica) refers to perennials, a rare plant.

In fact, this genus of orchids takes its name from ancient Greek and means egg, thanks to the tubers.

Orchis Italica refers to orchids that grow on the ground. In Italy, it is listed in the Red Book.

Origin naked man orchid

These rare orchid species are native to the Mediterranean. It grows in Italy, Spain, northern Cyprus, Serbia, Greece, Syria, Jordan, Turkey, Portugal, Malta, the Aegean Islands, and northern Africa.

At altitudes reaching 1300 meters, in very sunny areas.

The Italian orchis grows on fertile soils of forests and meadows, with a drainage layer.

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naked man orchid (Orchis italica) Description

Shallow in the ground are spherical tubers with small, thin roots. The tubers are the size of a quail egg, at a depth of 10-15 cm.

Thin, elongated leaves grow near the base of the stem. They sometimes have a pronounced spotting.

It is a plant with a thick stem and a fluffy inflorescence at the top of an oval or conical shape.

naked man orchid Bloom

The Italian orchis has a unique inflorescence that grows at the top of the stem. The stem reaches an average of 50 cm in height.

The petals are white to deep pink. Sometimes it is found with a bright purple, lilac hue.

It begins to bloom from March to May, among the tall grass, in large groups. Not every inflorescence shows bright stripes, spots. The petals are unusual and resemble a naked man in a hat.

Hence the name Naked Man Italian Orchid. And if you look closely, you can see the face, with pronounced eyes and mouth. Moreover, it can be seen that the “little man smiles” or, on the contrary, with an angry expression on his face, as well as frightened.

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Healing properties of Orchis italica

The plant is appreciated not only for its bizarre flowering but for the medicinal properties that tubers contain. There are two of them on one orchid.

It is used to make medicines for the treatment of male and female diseases, headaches, stomach diseases, etc.

Propagation and Repoduction of Orchis italica

propagation and repoduction of orchis italica

The Naked Man Orchid reproduces, like all orchis:

  • seeds;
  • tubers.

Seeds have a high percentage of germination, germinate without difficulty.


Orchis Italica is disease-resistant. However, if the soil is very waterlogged, then rot and fungi appear.

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The Italian orchid looks more like a living creature than a flower. Shrouded in many legends and magical properties.

According to one version, the petals do not just have this shape, but give a hint to solving health problems in men.

According to the other, it was used in ancient times to solve heart matters. The girls prepared a love potion from the powder of tubers, poured it into the drink to their beloved in order to get his attention.

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