will bell pepper plants grow indoors and How to grow

Pepper is a healthy product with unsurpassed taste. The fruit contains active substances necessary for the full life of the human body. There are a huge number of species and hybrids of this plant in the world. An unpretentious bush is loved by gardeners all over the world.

One of the most popular and delicious varieties of plants, I consider bell pepper. It can be grown not only outdoors, but also on a balcony or on a windowsill. It is not difficult to grow bell peppers at home. In return, he will give delicious and aromatic fruits.

Most people want to know will bell pepper plants grow indoors. How to grow bell peppers at home will be prompted by certain rules, guided by which, the plant will begin to bear fruit abundantly.

will bell pepper plants grow indoors

benefits of bell pepper

Pepper fruits have a sweet taste, this is due to the presence in their composition, a large amount of vitamin C. The vegetable contains vitamin P, which has a positive effect on the work of human internal organs. The constant consumption of bell pepper in food, makes the vessels strong and elastic. In order for the grown fruit to have a beneficial effect on the body, a person needs to eat 1 vegetable of this plant per day. Also, the fruit contains a fairly large amount: potassium, iron, iodine, and silicon.

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Eating a vegetable can help reduce your risk of stroke.

Experiments have shown that pepper is able to reduce the occurrence of cancerous tumors of any localization. The vitamins that make up the fruit effectively fight various viral diseases and protect the body from stress and overwork.

The deciduous bush is so not whimsical that it can be grown by everyone who does not have a certain experience in the field of gardening.

How bell pepper plants grow indoors?

Lack of a vegetable garden is not a reason to give up growing a delicious vegetable. Seedlings will actively grow, both indoors and on the balcony. In order for the planted seeds to germinate and fully develop, it is necessary to carry out a certain preparation of the place where the seedlings will grow.

First of all, shelves or racks are installed on the balcony. By visiting a gardening store, everyone can purchase special greenhouses that will help grow fruiting plants. The main advantage of such structures is the saving of space on the balcony.

Important: the balcony on which the seedlings are grown must be well ventilated.

Prepare seeds for sowing

Carrying out a full preparation of seeds for sowing will accelerate the appearance of seedlings. In order to weed out unusable seeds, they must be soaked in a weak solution of manganese. Seeds that have fallen to the bottom are suitable for planting.

By completing certain steps step by step, growing peppers on the balcony will become a favorite hobby. Most gardeners recommend soaking the seeds in a growth promoter that will speed up the emergence of the seedlings.

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bell pepper seedlings

Not every lover of a fragrant vegetable knows how to grow bell peppers at home. Seeds are planted at the end of March. To do this, use plastic cups, at the bottom of which a small hole is made.

Next, the temporary pots are filled with soil. Seeds are placed in small holes, watering them abundantly with warm water. After the actions taken, the container is wrapped with cling film, without removing it until the first sprouts appear.

Important! Before seed germination, it is not recommended to remove the film from the container. Such actions can significantly slow down the growth of seedlings.

bell Pepper transplant or repot

It is necessary to transplant seedlings at the age of three weeks if there are three leaves on the sprout.

Bulgarian pepper will grow actively in wooden or plastic boxes. A drainage layer is poured at the bottom of the selected container, then the box is filled with soil. It is possible to put containers with seedlings on the balcony only after the air temperature outside reaches 18C.

Important! Before transplanting seedlings into permanent soil, the sprouts are dived.

care for bushes

Growing such a fruit plant as pepper on the balcony will allow you to get delicious vegetables as quickly as possible. In order for the bush to form correctly, you must:

  • Remove the lower leaves on the stem of the plant.
  • Form a bush of two shoots.
  • Remove the first, unblown flowers.
  • Pinch the top of the plant after compacting its trunk.
bell pepper transplant or repot

Important! Tall plant varieties need additional support. Therefore, pegs are installed in the container, to which the trunk of the bush is tied.  

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Bell Pepper plant care indoor

Balcony varieties of bell peppers need proper care and constant watering.

Pepper is a moisture-loving plant. The lack of full watering makes the bush weak, and its fruits are savory. During every day, the bush should receive at least 1 liter of water. At elevated air temperatures, the plant can be watered 2 times a day – in the morning and in the evening.

Important! Pepper has a positive attitude towards spraying. The leaves of the plant can be moistened several times a day.

It is necessary to feed the plant after one week, after transplanting the plant to a permanent place of growth, and during the flowering of the plant.

Important! The plant is fed only with a special fertilizer intended for vegetable crops. Such actions will allow the plant to grow actively and bear fruit abundantly.  

In the fall, containers with plants can be brought indoors, but you should be prepared for the fact that in the winter months, the grown shrubs will not bloom. Watering the pepper should be done less frequently, as in the cold months of the year, the plants fall into a kind of “hibernation”.

Observing certain rules, everyone can grow beautiful, fruiting plants. Pepper is an aesthetically pleasing plant that can transform any balcony.

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