7 Best Flowers For Small Indoor Pots (Small Space Houseplants)

Any houseplant needs an individual approach with regard to the conditions of detention. Some require a lot of space to grow and develop, while others require a small capacity. best flowers for small indoor pots are very popular because they do not take up much space and are quite unpretentious.

best flowers for small indoor pots

There are flowers that feel comfortable in a small container:



This plant does not have a capricious disposition and takes root well in a low container. At the same time, it is desirable that the container be rather wide because this is necessary for the root system of the flower, which grows in breadth. Sansevieria does not have a stem, and its beautiful spreading leaves are a wonderful decoration for any room and have a beneficial effect on the air. The flower will grow well in a small container; the main thing is that the soil is rich in nutrients.

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This plant grows and develops remarkably in a tall and narrow container. Its root is strong, strong and grows downward, so a tight pot creates a favorable environment for a flower. If the plant has grown, it needs to be transplanted into a pot a few centimeters wide. This should be done carefully so as not to damage the root system and bulb.


For this flower to grow well, it needs a heavy, small container and proper drainage from fine crushed stone or gravel. Only in this case will the best conditions be created for keeping this plant. Euphorbia does not like when water stagnates in the pot, because its roots are located close to the bottom. It is recommended to transplant it about once a year, replacing one container with another.


A flowering plant spreads its roots at the very top of the soil, and a large pot will not be useful to it at all and will even damage it, otherwise, the flower will spend all its energy on growing the root system. This situation will lead to a reduction in inflorescences, and the earth in the lower part of the pot can turn sour and destroy the flower.



For this plant, a container should be selected so that when transplanting its bulb is half in the soil. It is necessary to leave some free space around the root so that the flower feels good and blooms generously. There must be holes in the pot so that air and high-quality drainage from gravel or expanded clay can penetrate through them.

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This plant needs a tight pot for proper root development, otherwise, it will rot. In addition, a large container can provoke vigorous root growth, while the top of the flower will grow and develop poorly. Ficus should be transplanted only if the pot began to constrain it, but the new container should be selected so that it is not too large.


This flower has a very small root and is located almost on the surface of the soil, which contributes to the fact that the plant grows well. In close quarters, violets feel great and bloom wonderfully. They need to be transplanted only if the roots begin to rot and come to the surface. In this case, the violet should be removed from the pot, cleaned of excess soil, removed the damaged roots, and planted again in the same container. It is recommended to add fertilizer to the soil for better growth.

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Indoor plants, which are contained in small containers, are suitable if there is little space in the room, but you really want to start growing flowers.

best flowers for small indoor pots do not take up much space, do not absorb large amounts of oxygen, look beautiful and create coziness.

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