Indoor Gardening Tools: Types And Purpose, Selection Tips

You can provide full care for your green pets only with the help of items and tools for caring for indoor plants. In the process of their growth and development, many different situations occur that require careful intervention. This is especially true for a group of several plants planted in one container. Timely manipulation with one of them, and providing assistance without harming others, is possible only with their participation.

indoor gardening tools

Items that can be used as tools for caring for indoor plants

Houseplant care tools are a category of special fixtures that serve to facilitate a number of grower jobs. Much of what is sold in the store can be replaced with improvised tools, but do not forget that high-quality and practical tools will bring special pleasure from the care process.

Unlike garden tools, this type of equipment must have high ergonomic properties. When choosing them, one should pay attention not only to the material from which they are made, but also to evaluate the ease of use, the degree of safety.

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Types of Indoor Gardening Tools and purpose of work

Inventory is classified according to a large number of criteria. Each of them requires special attention and is taken into account when choosing a tool. Depending on the operations performed, tools are distinguished:

  • for: loosening – rakes, forks;
  • irrigation – watering cans, drip irrigation systems, electronic systems;
  • humidification – spray guns;
  • transplants – scapula, scoops;
  • vaccinations – knives, pruning shears, patches;
  • trimming – secateurs;
  • cuting – scissors;
  • additional lighting – lamps;
  • temperature control – thermometer;
  • fixation – ties, clothespins, rope;
  • supports – moss posts, frames made of wood or plastic;
  • cleaning – brushes, sponges, soft lint-free wipes;
  • bonsai formation – hook, wire pruner, branch cutters, saw, scissors.

Each gardener, based on his experience and the number of plantings, selects the necessary items for personal use. Let’s consider the main ones.

Loosening and replanting

Manufacturers make tools based on existing categories of buyers. Quality and price indicators are closely related. On the market you can find expensive sets that consist of beautiful steel items with comfortable lacquered, wooden handles. They usually include shovels, rakes, forks, and dive pegs. They are durable, environmentally friendly, and provide the highest quality performance.

The listed tool can be bought separately, choosing the most necessary one. Metal equipment with thick rubber grips is a bit cheaper. Their advantage is that they do not slip in the hands, and also wear out rather slowly. The most affordable tool is considered to be made of polyamide. It is reinforced with fiberglass and is considered to be relatively strong.

Watering and moisturizing

The modern market for gardening products is filled with a large number of tools that make it easier to care for indoor plants. These include the following types of watering cans:

  • with a long spout – they help to gently water the plants without splashing water;
  • with a round diffuser that allows you to moisturize without washing out the roots;
  • a combined device – a watering can with a long spout, into the top of which a spray bottle is put on.

The volume of indoor watering cans is not large, therefore it does not cause fatigue in the muscles of the arm.

Sprayers are used to humidify the air, clean the green part of plants from dust, treat pests and carry out foliar feeding. The range of prices and models is huge. On sale there are both individual attachments and decorative bottles with high aesthetic properties.

Automatic root irrigation devices are an amazing assistant that will take care of green spaces while the owners are away on vacation. The irrigation system is compact, reliable, equipped with a timer. The models operate on autonomous batteries, and also have special controllers that provide continuous drip irrigation.

Pruning, leave cutting

The following tools will help to maintain the beautiful appearance of the terrestrial part of green pets:

  • secateurs – contact, flat;
  • scissors with short knives and straight sharpening, pivoting handles;
  • knives.

Pruners come in a variety of shapes and uses. If the florist grows delicate, compact plants, then you can get by with the usually flat or scissors. For taller representatives with a thick trunk and branches, more powerful equipment is needed – a contact pruner.

Scissors differ in the length of the handle, the length of the blades, and the material from which they are made. The most popular is the classic form, which cut offshoots, leaves, and faded buds. To trim the crown of indoor plants, equipment with wavy edges is used. By choosing the right equipment for the work being carried out, you can extend its life.

A knife is considered a universal device for such work. It is used for pruning, grafting, stripping. It is important for all instruments in this group to be sharp and clean. Only a perfectly sharpened surface accurately cuts off and does not crush or tear off the fragment to be removed.

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Selection Tips for gardening tools

To get yourself, reliable assistants, it is important to know the basic principles of choosing the right tools:

selection tips for gardening tools
  • for each operation carried out, its own inventory is required, since if it is used for other purposes, it quickly wears out;
  • the watering can should be made of high-quality plastic, with a comfortable handle;
  • cutting objects are made of high quality steel and are sharp;
  • everything that is bought should be convenient to use for the future hostess, lie well in the hand, not slip out;
  • it is useful to purchase an organizer, a box in which the tool will be stored.

It is also important to have additional items for the care of the inventory: a soft sponge, napkins, brushes, soap.

When purchasing items for the care of home plants, it is important to choose products from trusted companies. In addition to carefully choosing your inventory, you should also take care of its proper storage. Beautiful baskets, boxes or decorative boxes will help you to compactly fold your tools, as well as bring comfort to your home.

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