purple orchid flower: Varieties, Images, Habitat (Guide)

The first mention of orchids was quite a long time ago. Over 3000 years ago. But the age of these plants is even more solid, 15-20 million years:

  • The epitome of luxury and sophistication. For many centuries;
  • Today, representatives of orchids are found on all continents except Antarctica. More of them in tropical forests;
  • American scientist R.L. Dressler author of the latest classification:
    • He divided them into subfamilies, tribes and subtribes;
    • These are more than 700 genera and almost 24 thousand species;
    • On the territory of the former Soviet Union – 419 species.
purple orchid flower

Let’s discuss purple orchid flower varieties and from dendrobium, vanda, cattleye, phalaenopsis.

Purple orchids: photos and varieties

Purple colors and tones can be found in many orchids. Single colors are less common. And there are many color orchid options. Here you have lilac, and lilac, and maroon and many others. Let’s find out the cultivar names of some purple orchids.

purple Dendrobium Orchid

An easily recognizable species among orchids:

  • On a high trunk, consisting of segments, leaves are almost evenly spaced. They are elliptical in shape;
  • The peduncle completes the trunk with 10-12 flowers. On some types of peduncle at each leaf;
  • New leaf rosettes are formed on rhizomes;

Over 1500 species are known. Some dendrobiums smell like hyacinth. At home, a few species are grown:

Dendrobium Parishii

dendrobium parishii
Dendrobium Parishii

Nobile (excellent). Noble, famous this is about him;

dendrobium red emperor prince
Dendrobium Red Emperor Prince

Dendrobium phalaenopsis. Lots of colors. Including dark purple. Blooms for two months. Or even six months;

dendrobium phalaenopsis.
Dendrobium phalaenopsis.

Dendrobium kingianum. Miniature cold temperate plants from Eastern Australia. 30-40 cm tall. The flowers are small from pink to purple;

dendrobium kingianum
Dendrobium kingianum

Dendrobium starclass

dendrobium starclass
Dendrobium Starclass

Purple Vanda orchid

Quite a large epiphytic orchid:

  • Strong long roots;
  • The stems are overgrown with long leaves;
  • Vanda has about 50 species in nature. Not many of them were raised for rooms;
  • Including with purple colors;

These flowers, even cut ones , can keep their fresh look for more than two weeks:

Vanda is blue;

vanda magic blue
Vanda magic blue

Vanda sanderiana

vanda sanderiana
Vanda sanderiana
  • Vanda rothschildiana.
  • Kultana Very fragrant.
  • Vanda Fuchs Delight (Fuchs Katsura X Vanda Orchid).
  • Gordon Dillion.
  • Sansai blue.

Purple Cattleya orchid

Cattleya. She owes her name to gardener William Cattley. It was he who raised her in his greenhouse. And was able to realize;

  • About 40 of its species are known. And nearly a thousand varieties ;
  • Up to a dozen, flowers can be on one plant. They distinguish it among orchids. The lip is one of a kind. And large sizes;
  • It is she who can please you with numerous shades of purple;
  • And with an amazing smell. Maybe lily of the valley. Or Lily:

Cattleya Trianaei. Almost up to half a meter grows in height. And flowers up to 20 cm in diameter.

cattleya trianae
cattleya trianae

cattleya Bowring. Its height is up to 70 cm. Flowers in diameter up to 7 cm;

cattleya bowringiana
Cattleya bowringiana
  • Cattleya eclipse. Very large flowers
  • Margaret Degtnhardt Satyrn;
  • This is not all. Violet is also present in Cattleya Skinner, Ekland, and others.

Purple Phalaenopsis orchid

Flower growers consider phalaenopsis the most “non-capricious” among orchids and the most popular among them. They were considered to be fluttering moths at dusk. And they called them similar to butterflies;

  • The genus includes more than 70 species of orchids;
  • Sizes and colors depend on the species ;
  • 5-7 green leaves. They can also be marbled. Their length can be from 20 to 30 cm;
  • Velamen light green roots, clearly visible in a transparent container;
  • Peduncles few: one or two. Their length is from 20 to 70 cm;
  • And the flowers are amazing. From 3-4 to 20 pieces. Or even more;
  • All flowers look like butterflies. Multicolored;

Phalaenopsis has many varieties of purple. Veins of this color. Spots, dots, and stripes:

Phalaenopsis lueddemanniana miniature orchid. Whole view. Peduncle reaches 20 cm with difficulty. It has 5-7 flowers. 4-5 cm in diameter.

phalaenopsis lueddemanniana
phalaenopsis lueddemanniana

Schiller. Violet streaks on a white background are very visible. From February to May it blooms;

phalaenopsis schilleriana
phalaenopsis schilleriana

Pink miniature orchid. Flowers up to 3 cm in diameter. But there will be 15 pieces. And the height of the peduncle is up to 30 cm;

pink miniature orchid
Pink miniature orchid

Phalaenopsis equestris. Also a miniature orchid. Spring and autumn will give small flowers 2-3 cm in diameter. Peduncle dark purple. It has 10-15 flowers. The peduncle is cut only when dried;

phalaenopsis equestris
Phalaenopsis equestris
  • Phalaenopsis Cleopatra.
  • Phalaenopsis Amsterdam Jordan.
  • Phalaenopsis Elegant Debora.
  • Phalaenopsis Elegant Dream Diamond.
  • Phalaenopsis Spider Beauty.
  • Phalaenopsis violacea. Very pleasant aroma. Flowers 5-6 cm in diameter. But they are few;
  • Phalaenopsis Violacea coerulea “Malaysian” x violacea dark red “Norton”.
  • Phalaenopsis parishii: Several peduncles up to 15 cm. Flowers are only 2 cm long but last a long time. Fruity candy aroma.

purple orchid meaning: What do purple orchids symbolize?

What kind of epithets are not used in relation to purple orchids:

  • Magnificence and perfection. Symmetry is observed in all flowers. A symbol of human perfection that brings many children;
  • The personification of love. It came from them. The more exotic and expensive the flower, the stronger the feelings and sympathy. Orchid dealers have learned this well. Its use as a love potion is reported by many;
  • Fertility and courage. To all who look forward to the appearance of offspring, such a gift is highly desirable;
  • Pomp and grandeur. Rare flowers were quite expensive. They are still not that cheap. For the Japanese, they were a symbol of wealth.

As a gift to the boss, it is better to present a purple orchid:

  • Emphasizes high status, admiration, and respect;
  • It would be useful to emphasize this verbally;
  • And you begin to congratulate with the words “We all know that you know”. This will save you from the phrase “We all respect you.”

Purple Orchid Flower origin and habitat

In nature, their habitat:

  • Cattleya tropical forests of South and Central America;
  • Wanda southern regions of China, Thailand. North and East of India;
  • Dendrobium is imported from the Caribbean. Grow naturally in vast areas. China, Japan, India, Australia, and New Zealand;
  • Phalaenopsis His native places are the tropical forests of South and Southeast Asia, the north of Australia.


Choosing purple orchid flowers is easy. And difficult. There are a lot of them. With unpredictable shades and spots;

An exceptionally purple color may not be natural;

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