11 Yellow Orchid Flower Varieties With Name, Photos For Home

Looking for an exotic holiday gift? Moreover, as always, there is not enough time. A universal gift that is pleasant to receive will be a yellow orchid flower. And do not be superstitiously afraid of the “color of separation”, because a yellow orchid is a symbol of monetary wealth, not parting. There are thousands of orchids types and varieties in nature as well as hybrid.

yellow orchid flower Varieties

Initially, yellow orchids flower grew only in tropical latitudes, in areas with high humidity. Now they are found on all continents except Antarctica.

Nature has endowed the plant with extraordinary sophistication. Its shades range from pale (almost transparent) yellow to sunny golden. Each shade corresponds to a certain grade, and there are a great many of them.

yellow orchid flower plant
Lycaste yellow orchid

Lycaste yellow orchid

Lycaste petals of the buds are ovoid and have a waxy sheen. From two to ten peduncles can grow at a time.

Likasta varieties:

  1. Fragrant (Lycaste Aromatica) – smells very nice and has yellow-orange flowers. There are varieties with small buds, the size of which is 4–6 cm, and with large ones, up to 8 cm in diameter.
  2. Cochleata (Lycaste Сochleata) – differs in the yellow-greenish color of the petals with a sharply curved lip downward. The blossoming flowers exude the aroma of chocolate.
  3. Blood-red (Lycaste Сruenta) – the yellow-emerald color of the sepals is combined with a bright red spot at the base of the lip. It smells like cinnamon.

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Phalaenopsis with yellow flower

Phalaenopsis most common group of orchids. Their peculiarity lies rather not in the shades of gold but in the color of the core. Its color can be spotted, red, purple, white or speckled. The most popular varieties:

phalaenopsis with yellow flower
Stuartiana var Nobilis
  • Yellow Pearl (Phalaenopsis Yellow Pearl);
  • Stuartiana (Phalaenopsis Stuartiana var Nobilis);
  • Kaleidoscope (Phalaenopsis Baldan’s Kaleidoscope);
  • Pulsation (Phalaenopsis Pulsation).

yellow Cattleya orchid

Cattleya species are distinguished by the amazing shape of the buds, which prompted breeders to create different hybrid varieties. There are not so many yellow representatives among them, but they all have a delicate aroma:

yellow cattleya orchid
Cattleya forbesii
  1. Cattleya Forbesii – painted in a palette of dirty yellow. There are brownish, olive flowers with a whitish-pinkish lip.
  2. Cattleya Luteola is a bright lemon color with a red heart.

yellow Dendrobium

Dendrobium ranks second in popularity after Phalaenopsis and is the noblest orchid family.

yellow dendrobium
Dendrobium Fimbriatum

The most interesting yellow representatives of this species are:

  • Lindley (Dendrobium Lindley) – very long stems with many small golden-yellow flowers are characteristic. Only one leaf grows near the peduncle.
  • Fringed (Dendrobium Fimbriatum) – its size is impressive, and the flowers have orange petals with a yellow-burgundy hairy lip. They exude a sour aroma.

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yellow Miltonia

Miltonia petals are not only painted in any color, but also artfully painted on them, making them look like the wings of butterflies. The species is mainly represented by white-brown flowers.

yellow miltonia
Miltonia flavescens

The varieties of yellow colors include:

  • Yellowish (Miltonia Flavescens) – has narrow pale yellow petals and a white wavy lip with purple strokes. On a meter-long stem, up to 15 buds are located at the same time.
  • Gorgeous or brilliant (Miltonia Spectabilis) – the size reaches 9 cm in diameter. The colors range from creamy white to yellow.

Playone Foresti

Pleione forrestii is tiny beautiful flowers that you just want to constantly protect. But behind the fragile appearance, hardy and completely unpretentious flowers are hidden. Their color is lemon-yellow, and brown spots are randomly “sprinkled” on the lip.

playone foresti

Oncidium yellow orchid flower

Oncidium Delicate and fragile look. Blooms very long and profusely. There is no acute need for light, because the arrangement of the roots does not allow the production of chlorophyll. The family is represented by a large number of yellow varieties.

oncidium yellow orchid flower
Oncidium sweet shugar

All of them are characterized by small in size, but numerous yellow buds with a red or brown lip:

  1. Fine (Oncidium Spendidum);
  2. Sweet Sugar (Oncidium Sweet Shugar);
  3. Warty (Oncidium Varicosum).

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Promenaea golden yellow

promenaea golden yellow
Promenaea xanthina

Promenaea xanthina or Promenaea golden yellow. The species is especially common. It is similar in color to Pleione but differs in the shape of the buds.

Lady’s slipper with Yellow Bloom

Paphiopedilum most extraordinary representative of orchids. Outwardly it looks like a woman’s shoe and at the same time is very easy to care for.

ladys slipper with yellow bloom
Paphiopedilum Armeniacum

Varieties of yellow colors:

  • Apricot (Paphiopedilum Armeniacum) is a pure yellow “shoe” with an orange core.
  • Wonderful (Paphiopedilum Insigne) – the sepals are intertwined with yellow, green and brown, and the lip is covered with brownish-purple dots.

Yellow Vanda

Vanda is the queen of purple, brown, and neon blue palettes. By the nature of the color, some plants resemble a tiger lily. The view is interesting in that flowers do not need soil for their existence. The yellow color range is represented by the Natcha Princess Orange variety.

yellow vanda

yellow Cymbidium Orchid

Cymbidium leader in demand among novice florists. A very tenacious species that has a bright color and a delicious smell. The varieties are dominated by brown and red, but yellow is still present.

yellow cymbidium orchid

This is the Giant variety (Cymbidium Giganteum) – it can be greenish or yellowish with brown streaks. The size of the flower is very large, up to 13 cm.

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yellow orchid flower Care

Orchids are planted in transparent pots. For some species, no primer is required. And for those who need it, choose a substrate that will retain moisture, allowing the roots to breathe.

For the habitat of the flower, it is better to highlight a non-solar windowsill. A number of varieties are generally adapted for life in artificial light conditions. It is very important for a plant to observe the temperature regime, watering and transplanting.

Orchids in yellow colors are very popular. They are happy to acquire both for themselves and as a gift, and caring for these flowers is no different from caring for their relatives of other flowers.

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