Best Indoor Plants

A green corner in the house with a lot of houseplants brings relief on hot days, fills the room with freshness, and simply pleases the eye. But there are a lot of indoor plants, and they are very diverse. What is the best indoor plant, what to pay attention to, what is best in season, and which place is best for houseplants? We share a selection for all occasions with names and photos! Answer every question-related houseplants.

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Best Indoor Houseplants For Beginners and Pro Guide

indoor gardening tools

Indoor Gardening Tools: Types And Purpose, Selection Tips

You can provide full care for your green pets only with the help of items and tools for caring for ...
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how do plants contribute to humidity

How Do Plants Contribute To Humidity? Best humidifier Plants

Indoor plants not only enrich the room with oxygen, they effectively regulate humidity. Moreover, they regulate, and not just increase. How Do ...
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indoor plants to grow from seed

13 Easy Indoor Plants To Grow From Seed at Home

Growing from a small seed into an adult plant is a magical and truly creative process. A beautiful flower garden ...
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best hanging plants for southern california

31 best hanging plants for southern California

Hanging indoor plants have a special decorative effect. They not only decorate the interior, but also serve as an original ...
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best plants for a sunny balcony

10 Best Plants For A Sunny Balcony

For townspeople, landscaping a loggia or balcony is often the only way to get closer to nature it is both ...
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small windowsill plants

10 Small windowsill plants for apartments and small rooms

Do you live in a cramped environment? But that doesn't mean indoor plants aren't for you! Here is a list ...
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best plants for bathroom window sill

10 Best Plants For Bathroom Window Sill (High Humidity, Moisture)

We are used to putting plants in rooms, but there are also best plants for bathroom window sill, which are ...
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what is the best ivy to grow on fence 2

What is the best ivy to grow on fence?

Fences on plots and homes are built in various ways, using different materials: wood, brick. However, even the most beautiful fence can ...
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indoor plants for north facing window

20 Indoor Plants For North Facing Window

A complete list of indoor plants suitable for growing in low light conditions. In fact, indoor plants for north facing ...
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best low maintenance hanging plants

15 Best Low Maintenance Hanging Plants

Everyone knows that plants are a natural filter for air purification. But apart from this function, they are a great ...
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best indoor plants for decoration

12 best indoor plants for decoration

Lush green plants literally transform the house, bring an atmosphere of comfort and positive energy. Some simply decorate with their decorative ...
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best feng shui indoor plants

16 Best Feng Shui Indoor Plants

According to feng shui, plants in the home are able to attract blissful energy. The presence of indoor plants in a ...
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best detoxifying indoor plants 1

20 best detoxifying indoor plants that kill bacteria and purify the air

Indoor flowers are not only about the perfect interior and visual beauty. It is also about clean air in the ...
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best indoor plants for dust allergy 1

22 best indoor plants for dust allergy

Indoor plants are a great way to purify the air from dust allergies in your home. The cleansing properties of ...
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beneficial plants for home

26 Beneficial Plants For Home

Many indoor plants have beneficial properties in addition to their decorative qualities. Beneficial plants for home help to improve the ...
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Plants For Very Small Pots

6 Plants for very small pots: Flowering and non-flowering

Every housewife wants to create her own greenhouse but living in an apartment, this is impossible to do. For this ...
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Indoor Flowers That Bloom All Year

10 Indoor Flowers That Bloom All Year | Extend Flowers Life

Indoor plants and flowers decorate the interior and delight the eye. And if at the same time indoor flowers that bloom all year and are unpretentious in care, then you will not find a better decor. Learn about growing room flowers blooming all year ...
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Leafy Indoor Plants

leafy indoor plants with and without flowers

Each houseplant is marked by nature, some of them are large leaved house plants or leafy indoor plants, others the ...
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Best Indoor Plants For Cold Weather

7 Best Indoor Plants For Cold Weather

Not everyone succeeds in growing indoor plants, sometimes they wither and die. If orchids, violets, and similar capricious plants do not ...
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House Plants With Long Lifespan

Top 10 House Plants With Long Lifespan

The ideal indoor plant for the home is one that pleases with its appearance, without requiring special attention in return. About ...
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