Orchids In Bedroom Feng Shui Placement rules and Benefits

Orchids In Bedroom

Orchid is a flower of amazing beauty. Its presence in the home indicates the refined taste of the homeowners. The plant creates an atmosphere of complete harmony in the home, filling it with a wonderful aroma. There are so many Orchids types.  However, not everyone knows how to properly care for orchids in bedroom? and where to place it. This article provides advice on how to install it in your home so that your body is not harmed.

orchids Flower description

An unpretentious plant with an exquisite appearance and a favorite flower of many housewives is the orchid. It perfectly decorates the home and gives the interior a stylish look. Its inflorescences are called multi-colored butterflies because of the varied color palette. In addition to natural shades, you can find unique colors of hybrids bred by florists. The most unusual variety is black orchids.

For your referenceThe color of the leaves indicates the health of the plant. Darkened leaves are a sign of a lack of light, yellowed with spots – it’s excess.

There are many mysteries associated with orchids. There are conflicting rumors about the refined plant. All this makes amateur flower growers think about signs and superstitions before purchasing this luxurious plant.

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Orchid history and myths

The first mention of a flower dates back to the 7th century BC. e. However, some scientists suggest that orchids have been known to mankind for much longer. It is a family of ancient flowers that symbolize purity, chastity, perfection, harmony, and divine beauty.

A young flower was presented to unmarried girls. According to the further state of the orchids, the fate of the girl was predicted. The flowering plant seemed to say that she would soon start a family. If the flower chah, then such an unpleasant sign predicted that the girl would be lonely.

In ancient times, a knight presented an orchid to his beloved, demonstrating the purity of his desires. Healers and sorcerers brewed a potion from a mysterious plant. It was believed that the drunk broth endows a person with magical beauty and attractiveness.

Legend has it that during a heavy downpour, the gods Venus and Adonis retired in a coastal grotto. In a fit of passion, they began to take off each other’s robes. The slipper that fell off Venus’s foot turned into a luxurious flower. Modern florists call the plant “Lady’s slipper”.

Where to place an orchid at home

The duration of flowering depends on the correct lighting. The plant loves light, but does not tolerate bright sun. The best place for him would be the eastern or western part of the dwelling next to the window.

It is advisable to place the orchid in a ventilated area to reduce its harmful effects. An ideal area in an apartment where you can grow orchids is a glazed balcony or loggia. Lovers of a sophisticated flower can organize a winter garden at the dacha.

An interesting fact! 

Eastern sages believed that a gentle plant awakens thoughts in a person about the bliss of highly spiritual life. For this reason, even today, orchids are located in a place of meditation, a prayer building, a monastery.

can you keep orchid in bedroom? 

Many indoor flower lovers have a pot of orchids in their sleeping room. After all, magnificent inflorescences fit into the calm atmosphere of the room.

Areas where flowers can be installed:

  • windowsill – the orchid will receive the necessary rate of sunlight;
  • bedside tables – the plant will give the room a charming look;
  • dressing table – here a delicate flower will create an exquisite design;
  • a small coffee table, a rare chest of drawers, a stylish console – emphasize the luxury of a fragrant orchid;
  • ottoman – for stability, it is recommended to put a decorative tray in advance.

However, there are several reasons why it is advisable not to keep these beautiful flowers in the bedroom:

  • can be hazardous to health (their scent and pollen);
  • correspond to a bad popular omen;
  • negatively affect the human aura.

Let’s take a closer look at everything.

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orchid benefits in bedroom for human health

Almost all living plants are generators of positive emotions. Home flowers absorb negative energy, improve mood, fill the home with coziness. This list contains a fragrant orchid. It is very popular among indoor plants, despite its slight moodiness in the growing process.

But, as mentioned above, the negative consequences of the influence of the orchid on human well-being are noted, these are:

  • insomnia;
  • tiredness, lethargy;
  • depressive state;
  • irritability;
  • decreased concentration of attention;
  • headache.

A flower installed in an office, with its sharp aroma, can reduce a person’s working capacity. An orchid in your bedroom can be uncomfortable if it’s close to you. Some types of flower have pollen, which causes migraines, weakness, disturbed sleep, makes a person a little inhibited, as if lulls him to sleep.


The harmful properties of the plant can be avoided if the room is often ventilated and the air is not allowed to stagnate.

If you still want to decorate the bedroom with flowers, but the room is poorly ventilated, then you can purchase a painting or photo wallpaper depicting orchids. The idea is appropriate for high-tech design and classic style. Orchids – painted or live – will make the interior of the room cozy.

Negative superstitions about orchids

There is a lot of controversy about whether an orchid is harmful to humans? All prejudices about a wonderful flower are based on our own experience of our ancestors, which is worth listening to:

  • it is believed that the refined inflorescence is a vampire, which is fueled by the energy of other plants and people. Especially its harmful properties are activated at night, as well as when it begins to bloom;
  • orchid is a lady’s flower, for this reason it is undesirable to place a houseplant where a man is. He becomes effeminate under the influence of orchids;
  • some amateur flower growers note that, according to superstition, the plant drives the male out of the house.

Thus, it is necessary to take care of the men of the family. It should be that they are less in contact with this plant. Take the flower to a place where the woman is more often, for example, to the kitchen.

By the way! 

It is not recommended to give an orchid to a male chef, as this gesture will be interpreted by superstitious colleagues as a bad omen and bad form.

orchid benefits

If you follow some precautions, the orchid will lose its negativity. A delicate and fragrant flower will help you overcome life’s difficulties. It will serve as a reliable amulet for any woman, reveal her abilities and limitless creativity.

It is noticed that the orchid is able to heal the female body and prolong youth. This luxurious plant gives the lady a touch of mystery, enhances her charm, charm and attractiveness.


In order for a flower to be benevolent to its mistress, it needs care and gentle care.

With the help of a refined plant, you can cleanse your home of negative energy. The orchid will drive out a guest who is hiding an evil intent from the apartment, making him want to immediately leave your home. A secret enemy who will encounter a flower that protects its owners will feel malaise, fever, increased heart rate, anxiety, depression.

orchids in bedroom Feng Shui selection and placement

The orchid brings peace, inner harmony. A person receives aesthetic pleasure by contemplating the beauty and tenderness of an exquisite flower. In China, it symbolizes luxury, style, patronage. The positive effects of orchids are obvious. According to the teachings of Feng Shui, the plant brings well-being to the home.

Orchids In Bedroom Feng Shui

Color value

Representatives of the Feng Shui teachings interpret the meaning of orchids based on the color of inflorescences and buds:

  • purple – such flowers help to cope with laziness and disorganization, to overcome bad habits (smoking, drinking alcohol);
  • red, scarlet – fill the room with harmony, love, create a comfortable and sophisticated environment. Arrangement of red orchids helps to complete the business, postponed for “later”;
  • orange – energize, develop creativity;
  • yellow – have a beneficial effect on the thinking process of their owner, make him proactive. Such flowers will bring wealth, they help to advance the career ladder;
  • white and pinkish – symbolize peace. Inhaling their aroma, the body comes into harmony, problems are eliminated, the state of health improves, the psyche calms down;
  • burgundy – eliminate apathy and laziness, contribute to the development of the creative process;
  • catchy tones – saturate the room with the energy of life, take a person out of a depressive state.

So, it is important to choose the right color of the orchid, since flowers and buds of different shades have a different effects.

Today, a decorative orchid composition is not considered a privilege of wealthy people. Anyone can buy a flower since its cost is affordable. When choosing an orchid for your own home, get a feel for what suits you best. But keep in mind that Feng Shui orchids are dangerous for single people, but for married couples, a fragrant inflorescence will give an idyll.

Where to place orchids in bedroom on basis of Feng Shui

When growing them at home, you should take into account the purpose of the room. The flower is most suitable for a guest room. It is undesirable to keep it in the office where you need to concentrate. Although some people place an orchid in the work area, hoping that it will attract wealth.

Feng Shui experts share helpful tips:

  1. If you install an orchid in the southeast of the room, then the flower will bring wealth and success in any endeavors;
  2. Pots with scarlet orchids, placed in the southwest, will return wonderful relationships between people, restore lost feelings, establish peace and harmony in the family;
  3. The eastern direction will help to overcome many ailments, return vital energy and strengthen the body. In this case, it is advisable to choose white or light shades of flowers;
  4. A flowerpot with a plant, installed near the north side of the office, will bring a stable income to a businessman. His career will go well;
  5. A flower placed in the north-western sector of the house will strengthen the family union, help to establish relationships between relatives.

Thus, the location of the orchid can change the life of the apartment owners. If you take care of this luxurious flower, it will harmonize the aura of your home. It is advisable to grow an orchid yourself, then the flower will surely love you and give you joy and happiness.

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