Red Orchid Flower: Varieties, (Cattleya, Vanda, Cymbidium)

Orchid is an exotic, sophisticated, and majestic flower of the sultry vegetation of the tropics. This plant is called the queen of all flowers. Of all the various colors of orchid, one can single out the most luxurious and royal color red.

After buying an orchid in a flower shop, blooming buds should immediately be red. However, the real shade will be clear after six months. Very often, for the sake of sales, colors are painted with paint, because there are not enough red orchids in nature, but there are plenty of their hybrids.

red orchid flower

Such flowers turn yellow and die after six months because toxic paint gradually destroys the plant. In order not to think whether you slipped a fake or not, you need to know a few names of the most popular and beautiful red orchids.

Home-grown scarlet orchids are most often referred to as phalaenopsis. The most quickly adapt to apartment conditions and please their owners with flawless flowering almost all year round, with good care. This exotic plant has strong bright green leaves, a long and neat peduncle with several buds.

In addition to phalaenopsis, there are other types of red orchids vandas, cymbidiums, cattleyas and others, but only phalaenopsis has such a rich scarlet hue. Consider the most common types.


Buddha (Phalaenopsis Buddha’s Treasure)

This is a novelty-phalaenopsis, so the flowers do not differ in particularly large sizesbecause they form one lush inflorescence, like a cap. Up to 10 flowers can be located on one peduncle at the same time. The flower has only five petals, the shape is ovoid.

phalaenopsis buddhas treasure

Phalaenopsis Red Jaguar

It is a monohybrid of the giant phalaenopsis. This variety has very large buds of a juicy red hue. However, it is this species that is distinguished by its amazing capriciousness in home care, therefore it is extremely rare in the collections of flower growers.

phalaenopsis red jaguar

Phalaenopsis Everspring King Lee

The size of this orchid can vary from small to large, but the color is always spotted. Spots and stains are perfectly visible already at the bud stage .

phalaenopsis everspring king lee

The color of flowers is always different, even on the same peduncle there can be different colors of buds: from slightly reddish to bright scarlet.

Phalaenopsis Kimono

phalaenopsis kimono

This is the most beautiful flower that amazes everyone with its deep color, who has ever seen it. The height of the orchid is up to 70 cm with a pair of arrows that have branches. Red-burgundy flowers reach a diameter of up to 10cm. Sometimes a soft pink tint is visible, with the two side lobes having a more saturated tone. The tongue in the middle is painted maroon. Depending on the conditions and care of the plant, its saturation may vary.

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Vanda Magic Red

A large flower with a long peduncle, on which there are 4-8 flowers. The petals are bright red, turning into burgundy, ovoid in shape and wavy at the edges. The uvula of the flower is yellow.

vanda natcha magic red

Doctor Anek X Kultana Gold

A stunning variety with up to 20 flowers on a long stem . Their diameter is from 10 to 15 cm, the ends of the petals are wavy, and the tongue is colored yellow-orange.

doctor anek x kultana gold


Apple (Cattleya Chien Ya Champion ‘Red Apple’)

The buds of this variety have a rich dark red hue. The shape of the petals is ovoid, and the tongue is also red with a yellow center.

This species is constantly blooming and does not require special care at home.

Carousel (Cattleytonia Why Not ‘Roundabout’)

This tropical hybrid has fiery red petals and a small, white-spotted tongue. Cattleitonia does not bring excessively low temperatures and grows and develops well at moderate temperatures.

cattleytonia why not round about


Cymbidium red kerby merlot

The flowers of the variety are painted in a dark red hue, sometimes with small yellow and white patches. The peduncle is long, reaches 40-50 cm in length and up to 10 large splints 10-11 cm in diameter are located on it. The lip is unevenly colored white with red stains.

cymbidium red kerby merlot

Ruby (Cym Rich wealth red ruby)

The variety has an unstable peloricity, shaped like a butterfly . Petals have a luxurious dark red color with white spots and streaks. In size, this orchid is quite small and compact.

This variety blooms easily with a small temperature difference and is not whimsical in home care.

Orchids are stunning exotic beauties that will brighten up any room. For a change in the interior, you should add a bright accent – a red orchid. The eyes of the guests will definitely be riveted to your windowsill, where the tropical beauty of a rich red hue will stand.

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